Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Vacation....

I was off for few days in month of june...As I decided to spend my complete time with my mom n I switched off my mobile...and left my internet connective gears here in Varanasi only..As usual the trip to home is a wonderful experience and this time when I detached myself from the external world including the idiot box..I beautifully woven the relationship between parents and their kid most of the time I spent gossiping with mom in kitchen and going in field trips with my dad..

The journey to home was a complete mess as my train was 5 hours late in varanasi itself and reached Howrah 10 hours late...anf from there I had a 4 hours ride more to it actually ruined a complete day of mine..and the ruining of one day during vacation.. pains a lot..coz I had saved each and every day of my 30 days grant of leave very carefully...even wen my hand was fractured..I dint missed any class and wen my leg was fractured I just took two days leave from that I can have a wonderful and long holiday in home later rather sitting in pain in hostel doing nothing...

As soon as I reached home..the monsoon got in full bloom..I loved each and everyday more than any other day coz as we reside in dock township near the sea, it was raining there cats n dogs... and what can one man ever desire more.. if he is safe in home away from all the workloads..with his head on mom's lap .... gorging on the spicy pakodes while watching the raining clouds... waiting for the dad to come home in his jeep and running to him with the umbrella coz his sweet dad always manages to leave that wen it requires the most...then eating hot Khichdi flavored with desi ghee with Beguni bhaja, fish fries, Papads and the sweet tomato chutney.

A day later me and my dad visited a nearby bonsai plantation which I never thot wud be so beautiful with loads of fruits jus waiting for my hands to reach to them and the big fishing pond with ducks and swans..and I actually ended up fishing as the owner was all prepared with all the gears coz my dad had priorly informed him of my visit..though my luck was not that good..I did caught a fish..and I was so reminded me of 'Cast Away' only thing different was the Tom Hanks actually had no gears there :P..then we went to steamer ride to a nearby INS war vessel who was there for refueling but didn't docked on the dock coz of security reasons..since dad and I both had a defense clearance of quite an upper order..we were allowed entry to the magnanimous destroyer...and it was an awesome first of a time event for me...I was thrilled beyond the imagination...

As it was the month of my mom dad's anniversary..I planned an all expenses paid trip to a nearby sea beach named Digha..the detail of which I will give you in my next post..

Till then take care..

love n carez


  1. wow! awesome yaar! where do your parents live, btw?

    photos mast hai!

  2. I am so glad to see you had a wonderful time while going back home!

    Spending time with family is a must for me! I cannot wait to hear more!


  3. welcome, na na na na na na na...welcome....wleocme...welcome...

  4. Wow sahi! Looks like every penny must be worth it.

  5. Hey chhagol, darun narration chhilo !!

    You had a gala time,eh ? So happy for you buddy.

    Btw, tui without phone ki kore survive korli ?!! Amazing and kudos !!

    The khichdi and the begun chhana loox yummy !

  6. thanks ashu..
    I missed ya too and I m still missing the ur dedication part that u promised after the cupid post :)

  7. Kash Di..

    yeap..the trip was really awesome..nd m so homesick nowadays..

    Mom n dad are in Haldia..its 4 hours from's river port for iron ore and petroleum jus 2 k from the Sea

    photos..abhi ayenge dher saare aur..waito thoda sa :)

  8. :P
    khannna..mast bengali thi....poori maar li language ki ek hi line mein :P..par haan bahut maje kiye :)

  9. Mom n dad are always my toppriorities and since m their first priority the trip becomes auto uber kool..

    I will post the details soon connection is actually bothering me a lot ..

    love n carez

  10. Sneha...
    yeap...I saved each day n pennies only for this..and it actually was a blast... :)

  11. Cindy bhindiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P

    it was an amazing vacation
    fone off korata ektu tough kintoo ek baar ghore gele..I actually don't care worlde ki hochhe :P

    aaaro aaro onek jinish baniyechhilo..sob likhbo ..they are really so yum yum :P

  12. ooo...bhaiya...aapne to bahut maza kiya jahan hum HW or tests ke liye prepare kar rahe the....scool khulne ke baad Holiday HW shuru kiya LOL!

    AUnty, Uncle ko no tlk abt bro..or sis?? U alone??

    Kuch pakore humare liys bachaye ya sab thag gaye?? Bhukkad bhiaya LOL!

  13. Bukkad bhaiya :O
    meany weany behna...:P

    arre yaar laye the na par raste mein bhook lagi na toh kha liye ab tum kaise bardasht karti ki tumhare bhaiya bhuke aaye..hai na..maine pehle se hi guess kar liya...
    hoon na main smart :P

    aur rahi baat padhai n homework ki beta wo stage main kab ka paar kar kiuya hai soo mera tohkhushi k din hai..meri umar ki aao tum bhi inni hi maje karogi..and holiday hw hum bhi holiday k bad mein jo week time teacher dete they ..usmein hi karte they :P

    and meri ek didi hai par uski shadi ho gyi hai...diid k ghar bhi gya tha wo bhi likhoonga... :P

  14. arrey wah! ye hui na baat! welcome back :)

  15. anjuli di...

    mera toh thik hai...aap kaha khoi hui ho????

  16. @DD

    gosh yur the third person today where i am leaving this post...can we stick to the name Mia plsssssssssssss can u edit/ del the comment now

  17. I promised my mom I would take her to Hanoi n Halong Bay in Vietnam this year.. but phuket seems like a good place to relax too, aiyooo I need to save money starting today!!....

  18. Mia :O

    inna pyara naam kahe kisi chinki rajkumariyan k naamwa se badalat ho :O


  19. Diva

    wow it's a wonderful idea...m also planning my next trip to Andaman islands..

    seeing the parents so happy is such a wonderful experience...

    btw I still didn't got ur euro trip expenses detail... :-|

  20. aquagurl...

    thank u so much...u kno getting a compliment from a gal wen one is actually single is so much exciting ..I jus hope u r not committed :P:P

    jus kidding

    thx...but keep dropping by

  21. @ sourish,

    thnks for visiting, ur blogrolled too!!

    about being single, lol, you got some good guessing skills there :P

    Rock on=)

  22. aquagurl..

    lagta hai..there is a little miss-neeche-khadi-hoying..

    wo single main u ko nhi me ko keh raha wat's the need of guessing there :P

    jus go second post from top..u will get the answer :P

    and thx for honoring :)

  23. Dear Sourish

    Loved this post of yours. Yes mom's lap is softest and most secure place on earth.

    I loved your description of bonsai plantation and sea shore. I felt as if i was also there, this the beauty of your description.

    Best wishes

  24. enjoy ur vacation buddy!
    khichdi with desi ghee..yummmm!!!

  25. hello mam...

    yeah no one is sweeter than mom..the selfless love no one can give other than mom...

    thx mam..abhi digha tour ..I will write.. i kno u will love it more :)

  26. rahul..

    ghar aao phir aur bhi dher saaari cheeze khilane ko..u will love it..waise bhai mera vacation khatam ho gya hai..yeh purani yaadien hai :)

  27. cool...mazaa kiya...

    will wait for you next post...happy anniversary to your parents...

    and why does it say that you are absconding again???

  28. thankx for the invation man!
    vaise u r in delhi rite, we can meet someday!!!

  29. ceedy bhai

    thx for the wishes

    wo absconding coz m gonna shift to a new place leaving the hostel..

    so it will take due time to establish every other assets

  30. rahul...

    bhai delhi mein toh hoon in ITbhu varanasi..kabhi aana hua toh pakka milenge :)

  31. Great pics bro! LOVELY.

    Where r u off to now????

    Why cant u see my slide show?


  32. I n changing my place so no net for few :)

    and my net shucks so no slide show :(

  33. where's my last comment? :(

    I dunno abt u, but electricity and the net r my Oxygen LOL!



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