Monday, July 14, 2008

My Vacation - II

Mom n Dad

As I wrote in my previous post.. i planned a vacation to a nearby sea beach with my mom n's beautiful but artificial sea beach named as.....

it's just in the border of orissa and bengal ..Orrisa has a wonderful coastline full of exotic beaches but west bengal lacks it so the govt. prepared an artificial beach by dropping boulders...

Mom n Dad on My Red Pulsar ..r no they so romantic. :) ???

We went to the beach...but our whole journey went all haywire ..I wanted to book a SUV from Haldia to Digha but my sweetest dad who is all economical wanted to go by a bus ..though the bus is cost effective but this bus was luxury coach so I agreed to it..but as I said..the journey was all a mess...sumone gave dad a info that bus leaves at 5:30 am so we reached at 5:15 and we found the bus was actually at 5 and we are jus late by 15 minutes..the next bus is at 6: 45 I said.." dad ..let me call the SUV ..I have bucks to spend' but dad said , " it's just an wait .." at 6 i saw a third grade bus which was marked as express was standing there...Dad said.." son look this is an express we will reach fast" but I had my shares with the my B.Tech days..I actually avoided coming home in express coz unlike meant it will stop in all possible places even wen sumbody shows a hand from his home to stop the I kept mum coz dad was feeling guilty that we missed our fst bus due to his lack of i took one seat and waited for the bus to move...I din't slept the the nite before coz i was euro cup quarter finals nad then actually I wanted to surprise mom n dad by making after watching football I prepared loads of sandwiches..and mom n dad were so happy abt it :) I decided to keep on gorging in the bus...but the bus was so crowded that I dint had a single piece to eat...anyways I ate wen I got down 5 hours later of a journey which was supposed to be only 3 hours :P"My sweetest Dad playing tabla..he can play any musical instrument ..guitar..harmonium..synthesizer..sitar..harmonica..dhol..piano..apart from guns n ammunitions that he plays wen playing the role of supercop"

Since I was new to the place and mom was busy talking to my elder sis on fone..and dad was actually thinking that the bus will have the last stop in Digha itself..we realised soon the we actually drifted 3 kms from he dropout point. was all furious on mom was on dad..and I was laughing on them and was searching for an arrangement to go to the destination point..and I found a motorised thele the only option... :P we searched for a hotel ..I wanted it to have a sea view but dad wanted it to be be economical and said.." son..wat's in a sea view ..we will be in beach from morning to noon ..then we will sleep and go out in evening and will come late and sleep again..:)"...i jus smiled..coz it was their vacation and I want them to be happy so...we found a place in between from where we can hear the sea roars :P but the place was soon as I entered the room..i got the revelation..that no one actually packd my gears...and all i have clothes that I m wearing..i was so angry and soon so mom abt to cry...and I said" ok mom...plz don't start crying..I will hit any pantaloons and will find sumthing to wear... :-s"..then dad said" if u had this in ur mind..y did u shouted in the fst place :x"..I was like ~~> :O

anyways I remembered to pack my swimming trunks but dad said "'s a indian beach..u need to wear a half pant atleast..otherwise people will laugh at you " and I was again~~> :O
so I wore a bermuda and went to the beach...and it was so crowded yet it was so soon as I got in the waters..i just went on n on..and soon all my water fears went off my mind..and it was so much fun..i was splashing punching jumping floating with every waves..and soon i found a two girls also interested having fun..and we joined team..both of them were actually hot( oh! I got nd hav their numbers too :p) and mom got all worried ki " bete ne yaha bhi ladkiyan dhoond liya :O" ( my son managed to find girls here too :O) my mom too joined company..then i went to my dad and said...." Papa! take mom with you please" dad who's very frank with me started laughing then he called mom and mom had to go there unwillingly :P..After few minutes ..their parents called and both the girls left telling me their hotel and room number( i din't go of course wat will i tell their parents there :O) and told the beach time for the next day ...

we went to hotel at 2 ..I was so hungry...we ate our food in a nearby restaurant and they served excellent meals..I was so tired ..I slept like log till 7..and...
Old Digha(Rocky evening hangout place)
Then we went to old digha to have fish was a happening place wid loads of couples and then I realised " oh man! I need to marry soon "we sat on near the beach had coffee and fish fries and then had dinner and planned for the next day..
Fish Fries

Next day I booked a SUV for a trip to visit the temple and nearby beaches and found an Ambassador waiting instead..and got to kno dad has changed the vehicle coz of economic reason... I just laughed but ambassador was comfortable too ...

We visited nearby Chandaneshwar Orissa( there i remembered my frnd Cindy coz she is oriya too :P) ..we wen there and offered Puja ..there we were caught by infamous Pandas..who wid mantras said.." ek sau tanka nivedayami" ( Devoting 100 rupees)..I was in splits but managed to control the laughter ..jus wen i was going to take out 100 bucks said..grr pay only 21 :x..I was so amazed that the Panda initially refusing to take took it out..and then he said donate sumthing for the temple development...I was going to take out my purse and dad said...grr r u fool" but i did slipped out a 20 rupees note to the guy.. :P..then we went to Shankarpur a nearby crab mating place..and found it so lovely wid so many crabs playing wid sea waves burrowing holes...then we visited a fishing dock and i don kno how dad managed..a steamer owner invited us for a lunch of freshly caught fishes in his trawler..and it was such a sumptuous treat...and that too absolutely free :O..i told na my dad is great :P

Then we came back to hotel and hit the beach again and bathed till 4.. and i found both the girls too..i did had a censored play with the elder one :P..she was naughty so was me.. :P and we did all those things possible under the veil of water and of course wateva possible so that her lil sister don't notice any anamoly..we exchanged numbers..though I din't called them back coz of my then committed status :P nor m gonna coz m afraid of starting sumfink new :)

then we again went to old gorge on fish fries and to my amaze..the vendor gave us a discount :P...

the next day we left for our place...but soon our bus was stopped coz of nearby road block by angry villagers caught in flood..the whole area except the highway was flooded due to breakage of a dam which the people were alleging that the ruling part workers broke it coz this was of opposition..we had to walk 3 kms to cross the roadblock to catch a bus from that end and i was really sad wen i saw the flooded villages nearby the highways..we then reached home and found that except our dock..every other place surrounding it is under water...and trip ended at 1 am third day of the tour..
Mom n jijaji(sis's hubby)DIDI on her honeymoon in Puri

After two days..I went to my sis place from where I had to catch the train back home..i gifted her a pendent and she stuffed me with all those new items she learned from the cookery classes ..I played a lot with my My munnu..Nephew
nephew and then returned back the next evening..the train journey though was comfortable but since I was on upper bunk..I cudn't sleep coz my laptop was there with my luggage under the lower berth..and there were loads of children shouting crying throughout the journey ...

This was the exotic layout ..i talked abt in my prev post..

So that was my trip to home..and i enjoyed every piece of it..hope u did enjoyed reliving it with me through this post..I can't share fotograffs of the tour coz we believe in having still printed fotograffs tucked in album rather than having it on a comp in digital mode..though m sharing a few from sis's D-camera..


  1. It seems you like you had a wonderful time, and when family is around it is even better!!!

    Your parents looked so cute! What all did you do under the water???? tsk tsk!! haha

    Your nephew is a handsome gentleman!

    Sometimes cutting cost means more pocket money!!! or shopping money! hahaha!!

    Hope you had a great day!!!


  2. ah nice holiday DD am sure yur all rejenuvated n all eh.....nice....i wanna go for a family holiday too now....

    never been to tat side of india but i wish to see the weastern indian too....

    BTW where r u from originally eh?

  3. Ne was a wonderful time..and with family u jus feel so secured :)

    under the water :O

    few touch here and a few touch there... :P

    hehehe isn't my nephew so cute :P

    it was all my was actually cutting of pocket money to spend the money :P

    day was grt but the nite was not one....howz urs...??

  4. Princess

    yeah family holiday is actually great fun...and wen u see the happiness in their jus vanishes all ur exhaustion and make u elated...

    Eastern India especially beaches of orissa and hills of bengal nd north east and the jungles are exotic my guest...I wwill b honored showing u around...

    me originally from Bengal..m a bengali boy :)..though dues to dad's service..i got raised up thruout the india cochin to kashmir and dhanbad to very fewppl can guess my origin..m fluent in bhojpuri n can understand gujrati n marathi..and also conversant with all the languages of north :)

  5. Hi,
    First time commenting here. Nice pics! Seeing all things Bengali made me fully homesick :)

  6. Great post. Loved photo of your nephew and sis the most.

    parents too make a great couple.

    What about your photograph?

    Best wishes

  7. wow ur FAMILY photos! HOW NICE TO MEET MY BRO's LOVED ONES :) Beautiful faces there!

    Ur parents r damn cute aww...and ur sis love n hugs to em all!

    Im sure ur missing all of em now ha? *HUGZ*

    w.o. Family we r nothing. Great to see u hv such a close-knit family.


  8. What a vacation!!
    But why did you expect someone else to pack YOUR clothes?
    And why half-pant? I thought only girls had such issues.
    Also WHAT did you do under the water with the girl? :o

  9. yaar ye fish ki foto dekh ke muh mein paani aa gaya

    sab aapki galti hai
    ab bhejo fish idhar

  10. P didi..
    ab toh doctor ban gayi ho aap..jaldi se ghar jao..and homesickness duur karo ..
    btw aap bengali ho ??

  11. ever hopeful mam,

    thx for liking the post...asal mein I have a film vacation ki foto toh ghar k album mein hai..yeh toh didi k digi cam k fotos I was nt in home ....

    meri foto lagi toh hai wo jo hero type ki :P

    I will send u few in mail :)

  12. sissyyyyy

    yeap they are so nephew is the best :)

    having a close knit family removes all the i's actually fun spending time with them

    yeah .. having such a wonderful time home..makes one miss home a lot :|

  13. Sneha..

    yeap it was a wonderful vacation..bahut maje kiye maine...

    arre yeh eastern sea beach mein chaddi peheno toh log immodest samjhte hai...

    and ne actually mera luggage bad use kiya tha...and I dint thot ki mera saman bahr rakh k mom dad apna saman rakh denge and not mine :P
    and under water adventures :P
    hehehhee wo few touch here and few touch there...jyada kuchh nhi kiya...uski behn bhi toh thi na :P

  14. sardar :P

    ab toh I m gonna stay outside..ab ki baar banaras ki plan bana..tujhe jee bhar k machhli khilaoonga :P
    tension na le :P

  15. btw I came back to drool on that fried fish!!!!

    I know..ur nephew is a cutie! So adorable :) Give him a HUG from me ok?

    btw, it must hv been hard to leave em all n come back..


  16. sissyy....

    ohh then come to india ..I will take u there and u can have plenty of fishes...with spicy flavors :P

    my nephew is cute but a naughty brat..but since he is my only nephew..I neva even scolded him for doing mischief..rather i help him break things :P

    it is hard..m living outsid for last seven it's actually very hard wen I hav to leave for here from home...but wat can b has to live his life and digest his part of life's misery :)

  17. you had a wonderful holidays dum dum....

  18. :)

    Nice to visit so many places and so many people, and thanks for sharing them! I loved this journey!

    And kudos to your Dad for being true to his love for music. I hope you keep that spirit alive, not necessarily in music, but in whatever you love.

  19. ashu :O
    i agree that I had a wondaful vacation but
    Dum dum :O

    whose Dum dum :O

  20. Alok

    thx for the wishes bhai...

    yeap dad is great..not only he can play any music instrument..but he can drive anything with wheels and fire any gun which use ammunitions and defuse any bomb hat clicks...he is a supercop B-) and m proud of him :)

  21. I had a good night! I guess! Today was a alright day! I dunno.. I did have a freakin lousy day!!! I was a biotch! lol

    Was today a good day for you????? Get you some rest!


  22. Wish I could go home, but life is much more complicated than that when living in a foreign land. Sigh.

    And yes, aami puro mach-bhat loving bangali :)

  23. your fasmily is so sweet! and ur sister looks so so pretty!

    glad to know u had a nice time...:)

    mujhe bhook lagi hai, mujhe bhi fish khani hai :(

  24. Nehya

    rest is not my cup of tea i it eludes me most of the it was raining so hard and in the way my bike tyre got punctured and I had to walk it nearly 2 km to a nearest shop amidst heavy rain...

    and walking the heavy 200Kg bike with a punctured tyre is tougher than walking in hell :-|

    wat else happening..learned that u r no more single ??is it true??

  25. P didi...

    wow u r a bangali...yippieeeeeeeeee

    life complicated :O
    why didi...ab toh u r the highest degree owner..u can start fresh anywhere...isn't so ??

  26. anjuli di..

    thime mil gya bhai k liye..busy didi :(

    fish khani hai :O

    hmm chuttilo mere ghar aa jao..innnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sara fish khilaonga :P

  27. hehehe....

    tere liye to time hi time hai re...will call u over the weekend...

    take care!

  28. nice pics yaar!
    never been to that part of the country, will surely someday :)

    man, food is enticing :P

  29. anjuli di..

    hawww fir se jhootein vaadein..karne wali toh aap ho nhi :P

  30. rahul

    if u really want to enjoy some exotic delicacies ...this part will serve you the best... :)
    so time nikalo and aa jao :)

  31. dum dum was for you my dear

  32. so dear, how many bong bloggers have you found and what are you goin to make out of that info ?

    achar daloge ya papad taloge ?

    makes me curious to know :))

    say it say it

  33. ashu

    DD se Dum naam hai..

    total bong bloggers...hmmm


    aur info ka soch raha hoon achaar daal doo:p
    aap toh pichhe hi padh gyi bachhe k...mafi de do galti ho gyi...ab likha aapne naam subarna tha waha..maine socha ki shayad aapka naam hoyega...aur bengali agar aap hoti toh puchhta kolkata aaoge toh milenge...kiun ki mumbai mein toh aise mere rehna ka koi thikana nhi..upar se thakrey unkle toh mujhe dekhte hi bhadak jayenge :P

    aur agar ap bengali hoti toh yeh bhi puchhta ki ilish machher bhapa kikore banaye :P


    grrrrrrr aap milo ek baar phir main aapko gurup kar k kha jaaonga :P

  34. ahhhhhhhhhhH!! You just learned this Sourish??? hahahaha! I guess I am a mystery now!

    HAHA! I am you had a bout with your Bike.. I however Love rain.. Don't care how much is coming down.. I freaking love it!!!

    oh and hey come a lil closer and I will let you in on a secret!!!!

    rain drowns your tears, and noone knows your crying!!



  35. **rather i help him break things

    haha cute!

    I know...its so v hard to stay away from family. I did that for few years, during Uni. It was so hard, I cried almost every single day thinking abt mum. *HUGZ*

    where r u going now? man u move alot! :(


  36. **rather i help him break things

    haha cute!

    I know...its so v hard to stay away from family. I did that for few years, during Uni. It was so hard, I cried almost every single day thinking abt mum. *HUGZ*

    where r u going now? man u move alot! :(


  37. ki holo. kemon acho?

    thats all i know about bengla :)

  38. Nehya...

    I love rain too..but biking in rain is quite painful ...coz the water hit like needles...and then u cry coz of it...

    hello u can't b is copyrighted domain of mine :P

    omg u knew this secret...i thot only I had discovered it.. :|

  39. sissy..
    i used to cry abt it in fst year...but now m quite habituated....

    but everytime every vacation leaves me homesick and duration of the sickness increase everytime...

    moving out..i don have much option sis in this case...and i have to settle all things well before i think abt net...

  40. Buzzzz


    aami bhalo means m good... look now u have learned another line of bengali :P

  41. My bro's got ants in his pants! He cant stay in one place. :)


  42. sissyy..

    even m not interested...but have to go :(

  43. heeeeeee such cute pics :):):)
    family issss the beshtttttttttttttttt!!!

    n that nephew pf yars is a cute bug :)

  44. pics are great, Sourish :)
    you had a nice time, right?
    how are you?
    take care!!

  45. Sneha

    I have moved to a new place outside hostel..with no net and occassional electricity..let's c if i Survive o chicken out

  46. hey jane..
    yeap family is the besht :)

    and my nephew is a naught brat too :P

  47. Lena..
    yeap the vacation was very nice..
    and if u leave that I have a dysentry and slight fever and not getting prope sleep for last two days..than m ok too :P

    how r u???

  48. Hey! When you get back, read my post on Warm Fuzzies. It features some comments that Stupidosaur wrote in response to your comment on Short and Sweet. :)

    Its very very funny!!!

  49. Oh I just read your msg to lena that you not feeling well. :(

    Get well soon!

  50. I read now...and my god it was hilarious...the way he expressed i was feeling to make a morning after pill for boys too :P

  51. thanks sneha...I hope things don't worsen any more..

  52. Hi Sourish!
    Was asked by Meghna to visit your blog :)
    New here..and hopefully I'll be welcomed :P

    That was an extremely heart tucking post,dude!
    And you're nephew is a really handsome guy! ;) don't get shocked if their are already smitten souls :D

    lovely space!
    would be glad 2 have you at my blog!

  53. aayushi

    u r very much welcome here...and it was very sweet of meghna to introduce readers to my blog...
    hehehe..yeah my nephew is really dat cute...I agree...

    i have visited ur blog prior too..but havn' left comments...and u write really wonderful :)


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