Monday, July 21, 2008

Few events connected......

1) As few of u kno and few of u don't and few of u don't give a shit to kno..I have shifted to a newer place leaving my hostel. with another frnd..the place is awesome..the rooms are quite big though not that neat due to my recent moving in there but it's airy..comfortable and helping me to learn to survive amidst troubles like electric load shedding ...and low signal for my phone and of course no net connection...and of course a flatmate ..yeah the house do have a kitchen but I lack utensils and the flame to cook the it's the house is surrounded by other taller building with cute chicks but they have a good visibility to my nearly open room due to its large nowadays i can't sleep naked...yeah I kno u will say wat's wrong ;)..u might get lucky..blah blah...but wat if they threw any tantrum on it and it vanishes away...m not taking any risk :P....

2) My ex gf but yet my present Love got in MBA...and she sounded wonderful finding fun back in her!!! ye!!! I kno m miserable...u don have to say it loud .....but if sans me she is happy ..m happy for her too....

3) My bike had it's first was naughty nail which penetrated my back bike's tyre and then I had to walk nearly 2 kms with the 200 kg bike with a flat tyre.....and then i got to know why dad said.." son..this is a heavy piece of machinery..u might get screwed up :P"

4) On of my blog mate decided not to be single anemore..and guess wat she chose the Justin timberlake of the blogworld to be her life partner..yeah m talking abt Nehya..who pronounces tomato in her unique way..and the handsome yound lad..Samby..Oh Samby have a nice new blog on wordpress which he made after an embarrassing episode wid me removing his earlier blog from blogger..getting removed from my blogroll and removing me from the blogroll and of course his life...but who havn't found him on blogworld ...yet..can find him there..oh by the way..i fink this blog is lucky for him...coz he used to crib a lot in his earlier enduring spirit and now with a new version of 2.0 ( why 2.0 i don kno may be he can start new subblogs of 2.1 ..2.2.. :P) his most of the dreams came true..he is now committed and a gentleman cadet Indian army...but he lost his mother and m sorry for that...but he did have an Enduring spirit...and now he will have to eat loads of Tomahtoes :P..good luck to both of them...

5) Few of my blogmates have started to ignore me...though I can't find any reason but the things do hurt..but aneways..wen I was here to blog ..I din't blogged for making blogmates..i started to blurt out my feelings..and now I have decided to do the same..and may be..may be will make the blog private or shift toa new id...b it's may be..coz I do love all those readers..who take out time outta their busy schedule.. to read..

6) One of my favorite and sweetest junior a a wonderful job and sounded so smart ..but I do miss her and her dufferish deeds :P..wishing her luck in life..

7) And I m ill ..and the disease is getting aggravated and have been advised to undergo MRI and CT scan...but from within I kno..I will be ok soon...

love you all and will keep u all updated


  1. kaha shift kar gaye?
    hostel kyu chod dia?

  2. thanks for this update :)
    am sure you will have a nice time in new appartment
    how are you feeling? still not well???
    My best get well wishes for you!!
    take good care :)

  3. Khanna

    HG pa ek flat le liya hai...yaar bike ban ho rahi hai and is bar hostel room shortages ki wajah se double seated thel rahe the so..maine socha ki bahr hi reh liya jaye jab HRA milta hi hai toh :)

  4. lena

    u r welcome the most...I m e it already..atleast it's not that much troublesome as it is now in hostel...

    thx for the wishes dear..i do hope that ur prayer won't be in vain :)

  5. Dude ! Didnt understand the topic of the post thought.

    Its monsoon and abhi bhi load shedding ho raha hai waha ?!!! Kaunsi sadi chal rahi hai waha ?? I hope you settle yourself well...and I tell you bachelor life is fun, you're gonna have loadsa fun !!!

    I'm glad that you're glad that Sarah's glad about her new found life n happiness. This is way it should be - keep the chin up !

    About the bike puncture...awww...thik ho jayega, tension na le. Btw your dad was right. I mean they're dads right, licensed to be right every friggin !!!

    Goodluck to Samby n Ne from me too.

    And why is everybody so damn exasperated about bloggers ! Dude, ets blog - tor real life nei ! Jaake chinhina - janina - kobe dekha hoyeni - hobeo na, taar jonno eto thougt ! Shhesh ! Get over wouldja ?

    Bloger kachhe life ta shesh hoye jabe na, taar age khub bodo kicchu acche n its called life, ektu samanyo bloger jonno matha kharap korchis ?!!

    All the best to your junior...Swati.

    And I wish you stopped all the dope n weed of yours. Perhaps then you could have a good health. Par I know you wont heed. Get well soon buddy.


  6. sahi hai re, enjoy the new place:P:P

    btw bloggers ignore kyun kar rahe hai re?? chood re unko. tu itna accha likhta hai!!!agar blog shift kiya toh bata dena :P:P

    And ur ill haan??? well i guess m more of ur recent blog readers isliye pata nahi, but you know what u'll be ok, so dont worrie:)

    congrats on that award thing re!!

  7. Kya ho gaya itna that you have to go through those tests? Do not delay it much.

  8. Hey you!!! Don't sound so down!
    I have been thinking about you and was waiting for you to post again!

    You are going to soooo enjoy your life in your own place. I do when I am there!! The girls neighbors seem to be a plus!

    Congrats to Sarah!! and Swati!!

    Thank for the warm wishes for Samby and I! You are my blog mate and I will always come to your blog and check on you!! When I am not traveling!!
    be good! stay positive and know I am thinking about you!!


  9. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GET TO FEELING BETTER!!! Prayers are on the way up!



    I hv NEVER ignored u, so I hope it's not me that ur talking abt.

    Altho alot of ppl that I had so much faith in, turned out to be terrible friends in real. So Im not gonna place so much TRUST in people in furture.

    **My ex gf but yet my present Love got in MBA...

    hate to say this, but didnt i tell u u'd get back with her? :) Im happy for both of ya!



  11. i got this award long back

  12. and kya hua terko babu moshai ? ki holo?

  13. gabrooo jawan dheela kyu pad gaya?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. cindy :O

    teeko kuch nhi samjh aya :O

    events connected connected to me...

    aur loadshedding...kis sadi mein nhi..banaras mein hoon ..and beta yaha aise hi lite nhi rehti:p..max india ki city k ek hi haal hai

    baap re eto boro lecture...oi particular para ta tor jonno e lekha hoyechhe...koto din por ashli amar bloge nije dekhechish :x

    arre doping and weeds chhara toh pain kome e can't stay out....

  16. Aqua gurl...

    yaar bloggers ka i don care re....aise hi selected readers hai mere...wo close hote hai and unhe sab jagah dekhoo and mere blog par nhi toh hurt hota hai :( and pakak se nayi jagah gya toh i willdefn pass my id to you :P

    aise hi tabiyat kharab hai...muft ka hai toh toh doc saare test likh dete hai :P

    thx re..bada hi unexpected award tha :P

  17. Sneha..

    aisa kuchh bhi nhi hua lagta hai...doc pagla gye hai mere...main aapke paass bhej deta hoon unhe :P

  18. Nehya..

    yeah gal I kno u keep on checking...
    and very very good luck to both of u...once u get to my guest...offer is on for both of u :)

    and thanks for the prayers...I kno god will at least listen to u :)..
    btw m ok :)

    but u take gud care of u :)

  19. Keshi... that was not for u...
    I kno u r too sweet to ignore me :)


    btw we r not getting back..that's why i wrote my ex gf :)...

    the tests are for...mmmm mmmm

    let the result come fst:O
    how can I kno :O

  20. Ashu....

    arre yeh aapko mil gya :O

    par main waha nominate kaisa hua yeh mujhe pat ahi nhi [:0]

    jus tabiay kharab hai...dekhe result kya ata hai ...doc ko toh paiso se matbal hai :P
    muft k tst likh dete hai..waise mere liye toh free hai :-s..par wo adaat se majboor hai :P

  21. ouch!! so you feel disconnected in your new place huh??

    Dontcha worry, in no time the same place will make you feel at home.. life has a way of sorting itself out :)

    Punctured bikes are murphy's best creations!! they will puncture when least expected (at least in my case)

    Which bike is it again!!??

  22. Krazy

    hey buddyy..u said it write...they get punctured wen u r least expecting it to ride is a 150cc Bajaj Pulsar

    I hope ur words be true in this case...I want it to b home soon :-|

    welcome to my blog :)

  23. Kano re...amar jonno kano ? Babare koto raag !!!!!!!


    Tu khud hi bola tha you'll be outta blogdome for a month !! Dekho toh ab mujhe daant raha hai...!!!


    And tu toh online bhi nahi aat...bu I understand that...internet fix ho jane de. Miss the gossip sessions with you.
    And there is so much to tell you. par tu toh pata nahi kaha hai !!!!!

    Take good care of yourself buddy ! Concerned about you.


  24. HUGS and do let me know how u g with the tests.

    **My ex gf but yet my present Love got in MBA...

    u said BUT YET MY PRESENT LOVE...? :)


  25. CIndy...

    Raaag korbo na toh ki korbo....last poste kono comment chhilo na :x

    aaar interneter kotha aar jigesh korish na :(
    ekta bhalo service provider nei ekhane...:((

    yeap..I miss our sessions too...nowadays eto bore hoye jayi and none of the frnds are there...
    taratar niye nebo...aar tor ki khobor bol...biye kobe ???

  26. Sissy


    yeap!!!!! As soon as I get them I will defn inform u abt those...

    And duffer ..that line means ..I haven't stopped loving her but our relationship is over that's why the ex...

  27. OH BTW I love that song!!!

    How are you doing??????


  28. Nehya

    yeap the song's is as lovely as Dido herself...

    me doing not so fine..but yet good...

    WAT ABT U???????

  29. hey mate

    hope u setlle into the new place soon

    n hope yur feeling better now...cheer up buddy....i dunno if weekends make u happy, but TGIF!!!

  30. Plz biye kore ki korbo ?!
    Jibon ta shesh hoye jaabey...amni thik just got started. Kinna kuch karna hai abhi...

    And sorry I was budy and couldnt comment on the previous post, aar raag korish na..plz !

    Tor eyi je sis acche na, koto kichu kaand koreche tui jani ? Amake aim kore eto bodo post lekhche. Tui online aashle toke bolbo. Toke mail koreni ?

    Anyway, fix up your net soon buddy.
    And tor shorir khobor ki ? Tests korli ? Kichu bolli na je ? Bhalo acchish toh ?

    I'm concerned buddy. Taratari bolbi. Nahole mail korish.

  31. mate could u pls stick to the name mia on yur blog roll n get rid of u know what pls.....

  32. princess mia...

    nahi yaar yaha toh weekend bahut boring hota hai..educatonal field mein kya weekends...
    health is well pehle se...

    and ok I will make the suitable change in my blogroll

  33. Cindy...

    aami bhalo achhi re..test ekhono korayi ni...time kothaye test korte jabo je :-|

    aar sorry bolte hobe na...the only thing i believe and adaped from eric unkle's famous book...wid lil sourish touch..
    save ur sorries for the person who don't care abt u :P

    aar ebaar tor shathe ki problem holo or....aamake kono mail toh kore parle maile detail ta likhe patha...or matha ta majhe majhe kharap tension nish na...

    aar poisa kori shob net dekh kobe nite paari :(

    laptop department niiye toh aashi kinto ekhane eto online ashaar time e nei... :(

    aar tension nish na re...take care of urself..jaanish toh?? beshi tension korle dark circles pore jaye...

  34. Lena...

    yeap m ok ok ...but not tht well...
    how r u ???

  35. congrats for the award :) , r u like lovesick?? uske liye CT scan :O (yup im playing dumb)!!
    as for the cute chicks having a good view , go & sing *jab se tere nainaaaaaaa* gauranteed they'll run away .

  36. lol

    u r so cutely dumb :P...really u lifted up my spirits...par main gata itna ganda hoon ki mujhe apne hi gaane se bhagne ka mann karta hai :P

  37. tagged :O


    kinne ssaare tag karooo :(

  38. Kehsi i see... that u have gained some gray matter in my company :P


  39. chal koi nahi mat karr:(((

    kaisa hai ab, hows the new place, ur health?

  40. aquagurl...

    new place toh mast hai...and health ka koibharosa nhi thoda cautious but shyad thik ho raha hoon..tests k result kal aane hai...radiologist se baat hui toh..aur usne uss din kaha ki koi prob shayad nhi hai :P

  41. aur main karoonga na tumhara tag...:O

    sad sad mat ho :|

  42. ok I am one of the "blog buddy" who ignored not only you - but normal blogging too :)

    what happened - dude MRI and CT scan are dangerous...cause you might just realize "its all empty"...

    hope you feel well....

  43. bhai...
    majboori and ignore karna do different issues hai...

    and main usi liye worried hoon...pehle mjhe hi pata tha..and ab sabko khabar ho it's all empty :P


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