Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Three Back to Back Posts

Last few weeks..i was hell bz wid my papers..Today ..it ended up wid a blasty seminar...i fink i shud write abt it too :p but will write it tomm...
One of my sincere blog reader..Red Soul wanned me to pick up a tag from Sardar's blog..So fst I m picking it up..dough i don think it wud show any of my creativity coz every boy will hav a same story to say...:P

It's known as five tag...and its full of stupid questions...I hav seen a similar thing sumwhere...yeah ORKUT ( Grrrr) I neva found 5 items to write about..and hav seen many people include oxygen..water, some even chappals :P ( slippers)

Better I start it..


5 things found in my room ..seems like income tax people hav just raided my room..and they hav a list of items found in my room..wats dis found in my room means..dat whether it was dere in my room and now sum1 else took it. :D okies no more fun...:P

So 5 things one can find in my room
  1. My P3 system fitted wid my 5800 watts 5.1 surround speakers...I love to be in my room only because of this system..Coz it's 24hours net connected..connected wid our internal network of 10 TB (1 TB- 1024 GB) of datas ...wid lotz of Music..wid lots of movies..lotz of porns ( hey I don watch dem ** fingers crossed** :P)Khikhikhi..The speakers are the one dat u can die for wen u r hearing rock ....
  2. Second thing is my Bed..normally u wont find bed sheet on it...coz it neva stays dere in its position and once a while wen sweeper sweeps da room...he takes it out from under of the cot :P
  3. 2 chairs and 1 table as furniture..wid loads and loads of dirty laundries and newspapers. :D
  4. My Almira..fitted in the wall..so that none of the hostel guys take it to their home :P..wid lots of clothes..more clothes..and more clothes.. and so many clothes dat i cant decide which to wear..and ultimately ..i neva find anything of my choice from it and I end up picking clothes from my chairs ...khikhikhi
  5. A Wall fitted bookshelf..better shelves coz all the books i hav packed and kept them inside a box under my cot :P and now it has all new bottles of creams gels oils dat i neva use...but buy them wenever i get chance..and most of the time i don throw da expired one..it really pains to throw a new bottle..even if its expired and u hav two more on que to use :P...yeah here u can find the secret to get superpower.....I m sure one day dey will make me spiderman :P
Don't laugh ..Ok :| dis is how an engineer lives wen he spent 6 years of his study time doing engineering in hostel and now wen all his engineer's instincts are living wen he is doing PhD ...once again in the hostel :P


Bag...Are you talking abt skool bag. ...coz i neva used after 12th...and den also it was 6 years back :|
and if u r talking about bag dat i take up to work ( department) wid...I don hav any :(
mommy I need one bag jaldi se :((


  1. Two ATM cum Debit cards..both are having balance below 2 k :|
  2. Lots of ATM slips..so that i can hav track of my money :D..though i neva check dem
  3. My I card...I need it for taking discounts from Hotels..coz we engineering students..gets 10 % off on showing our card :P
  4. Lots of visiting card...dat i keep from oder peoples and neva get in contact wid.. :P
  5. Lotz of cash.. always above 300 ..coz hav to fuel my bike..take my evening food out and money for spending on emergency purchases ..like fone cards...and spending dem in hotel's bill..coz i don believe in payment by cards..( wat if he swipes out whole my account :|)

Tag completed...chalo any1 interested... take up da tag..and
Amrita its not for u..coz i kno u wont ever complete the tag...last two are still pending :P

Take care



  1. =)) hahahaha. people include slippers on orkut 5 things!! never heard that one before. and hey, my friend says she could never understand how people include "parents" in orkuts 5 THIGNS!! :)) lol. she has a point thow, parents are not things :P

    I dont even know who is that last paragraph for. must be some of ur new friend. LOL.

  2. whoa. speakers of that kind. I have simple Bose ones. connected to my ipod.

    ewww whats the bedsheet doing UNDER the cot :))

    OMG u r s PhD student. Im gonna faint. And I never knew this until NOW!!!

    u shud have a cool bag! a really stylish, vintage, one that suits ur personality. I will buy one 4u if I find a cool enuf bag.

    "what if he swipes out whole my a/c" ROFLOL....
    its gud not to use credit cards coz of the % they charge u...........

    this is my longest comment ever on any blog. KHI KHI KHI

  3. Bose are awesome.. i love dem...i had one..but sold it few back..

    bedsheet..wo bed par hi sara din raho toh wo bhi cot chhor k chala jata hai :P

    khikhikhi..i kno...it sumtimes surprises me too ki how my doin phd :-s

    and plzzzzzzzzz buy one cool enuff bag ..wo bhi jaldi se... will send my address to ya :P

    nd last para :P lol...yeah its for my new frnd..:P Amrita

  4. bhaiya..mereko gharwalon ne abhi tak atm/crd card/debit card...etc kuch nahi diya...n m sure dey wont evn give it 2 me

    u also kw y :D

    so can u plzzz prtty plzzz give me one of urs :D

  5. wowowowow mujhe apna wallet de do :x

  6. Asha
    Mujhe bhi nhi diya hai gharwalo ne wo toh bank wale hai jo aaj kal 500 k balance par bhi ATM de dete hai :P

    ek hi wallet hai mere pass..:| plz usse mere liye chhor do...:|


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