Monday, December 17, 2007

Before and After

As the title says..the feelings I had, before and After i met her.. for the first time....

This is the
first of the set of Poetries that i was talking about click.

It was a long dark night,
No moon, no star & no light.
The first me was sucking blood,
To survive amidst the flood.

There was no day for night of days,
When my first me gave me the shape.
The shape of the life,the shape of my existence,
To soon count me in the universal attendance.

It was there so dark and tight,
I was all engrossed in fright,.
I thought this is my only world wide;
But soon found a ray of light.

That's the day when opened my eyes
Found a pair of eyes staring me in surprise.
Caressing me with joy and pride,
Having a face so benevolent, so satisfied.

She was caressing me whole day,
found her always engulfed in deep bay.
The bay of joy, the bay of satisfaction,
watching me close in every action.

I was like a parasite,
sucking her blood off at every site.
but she never expressed any pain,
rather joyous on nourishing my veins.

First I thought her a mad,
but soon realization made me feel bad.
The woman I never cared then to bother,
She is the source of my life, My Mother.


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