Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This post is written by my sweetheart..released for general benefit of all ghar k inside lovers :P

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My love triangle's fourth angle.... my family

This is one angle which you can't avoid yet u must escape from their suspicious eyes.

Presenting few tried and tested ways which are valuable to all those ppl whose love life is now nd den threatened by the fourth angle.....

1.Mmmmmm! love such a wonderful feeling....fells evry song is sung for u BUT NEVER try to dance while you are standing on a high raised tool and REMEMBER if you fall ur bf/gf wont b thr to catch u [i envy those heroines who were caught timely sigh!]

2. You mind seems always lost in his thoughts ...remembering what he said giggling like a fool even in d middle of night BEWARE nd do remember your moms fav anecdote and do sound convincing ...u were so cute mommy!

3.Nothing beats the early morning wake up call to ur sweetheart u give d brightest of d grin when he says i love u [err technically one shd bllush but oh wel!] and OOPS DAD walks in looking suspicious "tadaa be extra loud and clear nd say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR, I AM SOOO SORRY I COULDN'T MAKE UP THE CAL LAST NIGHT".

4. LOVE makes everyone go blush blush [cute!] not really when d devil himself walks in bearing d look i know whtz going on [read as ur big bad brother or sister] make d most weirdest face on dat nd say "its d lastest facial excersise even Ram dev baba vouches for it "

5.Writing love letters nothing beats the feeling to telling him how much he is loved YET DO NOT write them if u have a tendency to forget whr u have kept them.

6.WHEN LOVE HAPPENS ....studies don't happen so atleast if you are pretending to be studing PRETEND it well! turn the pages once in a while ...do imagine ur lover's face in d book so dat wud keep d neck hung on [ just dunt try nd kiss it ....it gross]

7. NEVER whisper on the fone ...the more u do the more ur parents enhance their hearing abilities [grrrrrrrrr!!!]

8.LAst but not the least , your parents are much more smarter than you think they are ! .
they already probably know everything and are waiting to catch you red handed so if caught........... yet DO nOT feAR [pyar kiya toh darna kya]

Proudly sing "hai agar dushman..dushman, zamana gum nahi gum nahin.....hum kisi se kam nahi kam nahi" nd before u are able to finish d line you would realise .....
you have been grounded again. :O ...:(....:((

maybe for ur entire life .....:D
TILl next time
stay in love.....


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