Thursday, November 01, 2007



  1. OH MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I DONT BELIEVE THIS! these r sheoli???????????????? OH GOSH. coz u know wot? my living room window opened to this tree.. and my and my bro.. wen we were kids.. have picked these flowers... Ive spent so much time alone under this tree wen i was a kid.... omg I miss my old home .. and the childhood things u know.. :)

    I so loved the way these flowers are... I mean.. they stem is so weird and so nicely colored. theres no other flower ive seen with such beauty and decency :P

  2. we call it sheoli in bengali
    In every onstart of winters..dis is da fragrance ..I always dream of.. :)
    Sho shweet dat u too love it ..see place doesnt matter its all abt roots from we were always makes a bond close dat u havnt imagined it to be existing before ..

    pata hai dese flower is cursed..dere is story dat dis flower was so cute and it always dreamt to be in God's head instead of feets..and got cursed to be stamped under everyones feet..and if some one holds it it wud melt dere only...but she was so sweet dat her curse was lifted a lil and it still found to be in pujas...

    Wen i walk in the morning in pujas da road is all filled wid da flowers and da smell..ahhh
    I m missing my home too :)

  3. shefali gache suapoka thake ...

  4. suo poka sojna gaache o thake bole ki sojna khabo na :-s


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