Thursday, November 01, 2007

Loved it

I was searching the song for the past 1 year..but never got it coz I neva actually knew da song name..I heard it on FTV...and suddenly i found it..Hopes u will like it..Trust me..It's mesmerising


  1. oh god I LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!
    even what they say at the background.. its so lovely...... like the girl leaves her home.... her dads home.... I jus luv these lyrics.....d music too.

    I had this on my ipod. u shudve told me u were looking for it ;)

  2. hey thx for uploading the video. I never saw the video, just imagined the picturization with the lyrics that I heard... and now wen i saw the video, I have to absolutely say this that thx! Im so touched. Im gonna show this video to my papa wen i go back home.. :)

  3. i commented on sheoli flower post too... read it.. and btw, we called it "paarijaatak" wot language is sheoli?

  4. hey no need for thx :)

    you wont believe sdat i heard da song in FTV ramp scores..nd i used to humm da tune most of the time..kahi nhi mila... bahut mushkil se i was in random search..nd i found da song ........nd i quickly blogged it..
    loved dat u too are a great fan of this song


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