Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hey m back..as if u all really missed me :P

While I was returning from home...I was thinking of updating my blog three ideas flashed instantaneously(after three unsuccessful attempt to rightly spell da word..i really thank my firefox dat it has got inbuilt spell checker to correct dat word for me :P ) ..
yeah!! On the ideas on updation :'P

I was thinking to write either on
i) My broken leg's autobiography( it narrated me in my dreams :| )
ii) My return trip with five hours late train
iii) Nazism in today's society

But i fink i shud go for Nazism

Sorry i know it sucks...but believe me after reading this shit..if u say it dint sucked ..even Mika wont say he dont hate da judges :P

Was going through the share markets jump and recent disclosure dat Mukesh Ambani is da world's brand new richie rich wid an estimated value of USD 68 Bn ..greater dan Billy...
Da strength of my new thot that Nazism has engulfed da world
and Hitler may not be worshipped in the next century..but his dream of getting da perfect world is gonna come true :|

jus proving it to u by a serious example........

Wat Hitler wanted always..he wanted world shud be devoid of the poor..and jews..thanks to Iran israel wont get peace..and look at every rich people dey are getting more richer..but look at those poor people in Africa..who are world's richest nations in terms of resources ( u don believe it..read some thing about blood diamonds or conflict diamonds ) still rich people are making dem fight and devoided dem of markets to sell and dese nations are dependant on helps..Oh! u don kno y dey are helping coz dey are fetching on dese resources ( watch da movie ..Nicholas cage's.. i fink it was named "lord of war" ).
So one day u will see the all rich people getting rich and dese poor eliminated by war if not hunger kill dem :)

Now why I incorporated here :P

It's becoz Hitler's second dream..

Dat all goodlooking men and women shud marry and kill da ugly ones...:-s
Look today its getting true
every beauty is marrying a hunk
or a hunk is marrying beauty.. every good looking girl is already engaged in da class ..in bigger aspect in college more bigger in da society wid a hunk punk..and oders r watching dem..
By genetics
ugly marrying ugly will give to an ugly race and beauty marrying beauty will give to a beauty race dat hitler called da superior..so if beauty becomes da stronger

dey will eliminate da ugly ..like me.

and if ugly wins dey wud eliminate da beauty race

den wat wud i be living for :-s

So please... I plead all the beauties to marry the ugly coz dere is nuffin to plead to da ugly ones :-s :P
and save da world and me :P
Oh by the way one beautiful gal jus got agreed to marry me..so I plead her parents to let her marry me:P ( oops! dat beautiful girl is my princess saraah..who at last showed her pic to me and ...she is mind blowingly beautiful...and how humble :P!! she don believe it :-s)


  1. just a random thought

    just like dat

    y do nazi's had dat anti-swastik as dere nazist sign?

    is it same as an anti-cross?

    n talking of africa
    darfur get 100 t.v channel glued to it 24X7
    wat else an underp reveledge country can want ?
    city like parague dont even get dt kinda attension

    n talking of isreal
    do watch " munich "

    i some how felt jews + concentration camp

    was the best blessing a community can have
    n hebrew were not that polite as they are thought to be now
    namadic cruelty was dere utmost armour
    which they are following even now
    but have lost quite some sheen out of it .

    n talking of gurl+boi shenistry on beauty
    i m dumb ugly so :d , cant comment on dat

    n talking of ur marrige
    bulaya nahi to jaberdasti aunga
    aur aaker khub nachunga :P

    chota hu to blessing to dae nahi sakta
    only will pray for ur life

    it's a thought only a thought


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