Saturday, November 03, 2007

All Hail To Bhaiyaas of U.P.

There is correction to make...some time's back I had a train journey which i mentioned too..All hail to Indian Railways...i had a similar experience on another train which got a lil late and reached UP at daily passengers.. ( its a term used to describe those monsters..who will enter in your reservation compartment and say dat dey hav the right to sit on any seat , they like).. time.Guess wat :P

Again people pulled chains to stop the train in front of their offices and house..and guess wat happened..da air brake which is not made to tolerate that much stress..succumbed.. and whole sytem got collapsed..No train dint moved like a jammed da brakes ....rendering its move impossible :-s ..making the already 2 hour late journey longer by jus 3 hours..

So I interpreted , it's not Indian railway to blame..its Bhaiyaas of U.P. who can make u all hail about dem :P


  1. oh god what a funny and freaky thing! the jammed break jus added to the misery. imagine how those ppl mustve felt who pulled the chain :P

  2. dey were nt dere at all to see us in misery :P
    dey are so bz ppls.. lol

  3. hey i replied to ur comment on my blog! i hope u enjoy the OLD version. i get so happy wen i get to hear the old old originals of new remixes.


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