Thursday, October 04, 2007

I hate spams and popups

Since I already told ya all dat nowadays m using my college computer in da lone AC lab in our department................okies!! :| ..................I admit :P ......................dat m here for da AC only :P and since I don hav nuthing to do I thot better to blog....:P KHIKHIKHI

So I opened Internet explorer.....signed in my blog and clicked on the new post..and dere came a button less Text box in which u can't do any decoration { no bold no italics nuffin :( }and if you want to do that ..u really hav to be a comp geek and high level html programmer....( oh yeah! dat I m .. But rite now was not in the mood to exercise dat skill :P ) So i opened Mozilla firefox .........BOOM!

" I don't hate Mozilla Firefox but you use IE or I will fuck your comp every time, like what I am doing now "

And dere was a 30 second timer and my computer got restarted..I checked out my Antivirus and found dat it hadnt been updated since it was last updated by me during its installation :D...So I thot chalo isko update hi kar liya jaye ..

As soon as I pressed da update button..I got startled ..a loud cry of a baby and the message popped up....
" You hate me so much, that you want to remove me . Go fuck your ass den "


Holy shit! dat was the most abusive and still hilarious virus i ever encountered..and guess wat..yeah dis time also 30 sec ..and my computer got switched off....

After dat I used every other trick i knew to shut down dat program but dat SOB shutted down my every attempt...So at last i created a new user in da comp with no program installed..downloaded da firefox..and at last I am writing down the post...

I hate spams and popups Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! now u kno why !:x

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