Monday, March 12, 2012

Writer's block

Sometimes you desperately want to write something, yet you can't..I so want to write something but I am not getting what to write about...

Anyways Budget session is on.!!! I guess I better go watch TV.... lol

Hey !!! do hear the song from Tere Naal.... Piya O re Piya..!!! Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghosal at their best.. :)

My mind is getting cramped up with I don't know what thoughts... Have you ever faced this or I am just going in depression ???

Me in Depression... LOL....What an irony of life...LOL...

Oh!!! I hate you... not particularly you... but I hate you all... LoL.. "I  AM getting in Depression".... Got to go and Smoke

C ya....

Oh!!! btw there was another gang rape in Delhi....Kudos to you Ms. Sheila Dikshit for making a Safe Delhi... Safe Delhi for Gang Rapists!!! LoL...Seriously!!! I am all fucked up right now...Blame it all to my writer's block..block of good for nothing writer's all gtg!!!


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