Wednesday, March 07, 2012


No, I ain't gonna scream like Pink..singing... "I'm still a rockstar, I got my rock moves and I don't need you now..."
But I really love that is the first time Pink really sang something so good....

Actually, I was thinking to write about my latest found love for romantic movies especially the movie "The rockstar"... I have realized one thing that for really appreciating a chick flick you need to be heartbroken...When you are in relationship, you end up comparing your life with the movie.. I know every boy want their loved on to go dead with some deadly disease that he can cry on her deathbed..Weird!!! Isn't??? But I talked with many boys and all wanted their girl to be dead and dying after their ordeal with a chick flick...Sometimes they want to care for her while other times they actually wanted to care the dying hot chick of that chick flick.. ;-)

Many of you are getting my updates in your mail box (if you have subscribed to my feeds) and have started wondering " why the hell this guy is spamming up our mail box with some sheer stupid posts?"
Answer is " I don't know"...

Actually!! what I am nearly realizing that.. internet world is of losers only.... the guys and gals who are lonely...scramble up their image and move to internet world... sometimes they are here to find someone to talk to without actually getting judged by them...but most of the time.. it becomes.. I will only talk to you if you talk to me.. in Blogger can be said as.. I will read your blog ..only if you read mine.... or in more shameless way... you will find a comment..."It is a wonderful post and I can connect to your post completely"..Now, how the hell you can connect all the time to my posts when I am in love and When I am here heartbroken.. ??? LoL..I know that actually means..."I increased your comment come increase mine.."...

I just realized I have a habit of repeating the word "Actually" over and over again... lol...!!!

Coming to the point!!... recently my mind is so much cramped up with thoughts that I am getting I am here just to scratch all the thoughts from there to this page....


I was here to talk about Rockstar!!! but I ended up whining again...

I really loved that movie!! And I really love the sound tracks of the movie... I have never seen such a beautiful Musical classic in recent time... The movie is so well paced, well edited and well shot...that I ended up watching it twice in a same is a rare phenomenon..coz I never watch the same movie back to back without fast forwarding it....The movie started with a boy who wants to be "Heartbroken" and ended up with the line " Please don't let my heart get broken".... and he actually got cheered up when he showed his middle finger...A really wonderful movie....!!! So do watch it if you haven't already....And AR Rehman.. you are simply awesome....!!! So you are Mohit Chauhan!! and you too Irshad Kamir... and yes !! Mr. Director Imtiaj and Ms . Editor Aarti.. you all are simply great..

O eco-friendly, nature ke rakshak, main bhi hoon nature
Rivaazon se, samaajhon se kyon
Tu kaate mujhe, kyun baante mujhse iss tarah
Kyun sach ka sabak sikhaaye, jab sach sunn bhi na paaye
Sach koi bole toh tu niyam kanoon bataaye
Tera darr, tera pyaar, teri waah, tu hi rakh (rakh saali)
Saadda haq, aithe rakh



  1. Oh yes I absolutely loved the movie for 3 ppl, Mohit Chauhan, A.R Rahman and Ranbir Kapoor. :)

  2. Lol!!! ranbir was the only reason..I didn't see the movie at its time of release.. :P


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