Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sachin's 100th 100...

A letter to Sachin Tendulkar!!!

Hats off to you Master Blaster!!!!

Sorry was couldn't see your 100th 100 ... but anyways I totally loved the way you did your 100....

Thanks to the media!!! for not letting me miss the moment....

Do you believe what people are saying that you took 138 balls to get the 100 and that made India lose the match....and you need to retire??? How mean isn't??

BTW... I have different opinion....if India lost to Bangladesh...then it is a high time the Team India should quit playing altogether...Bangladesh???? It is a matter of utter disgust...

Anyways!!! Play whatever time you wanna play like...!!! After if India have starting losing to Bangladesh...then playing a 88 year old grandpa in the team will not do any worse....

But Anyways Congrats!!!!

yours once fan!!!

PS: : Letter is written in pure humor... I am sure hitting a ball with 4 inch wide bat is really a big work that Indian Cricketer's do for India....!!!! After all we all need someone who can represent the Ad brands...See even the Bangladesh team is celebrating that Sachin made 100th century!!! LOL

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