Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I just wanted to do some blogging.. and my stupid page took hours to load.. thanks to the free net Institute is providing us..Hey no complains!! it is free...

For last few months, I am blogging for myself.. contrary to me saying otherwise..earlier days my blogging was all about the readers reading them.. my whole thoughts.. my whole processing were all about the readers who will read the blog.. though the comments delighted me ..believe me.. the phony blogs now piss me off too.. I do not blame others who still do that.. but I am now gonna write only what I feel I wanna write...

Trip to the five star was great...I have the photos in my camera but I am too lazy to upload them but will do soon...this trip was like a soul search for me.. and I realized life is really cool when you have the comfort and the money to buy get to interact with decent people and decent women will wannna join you if you are sitting alone...all you need is have money in your pocket and decent brands on your body....

Nowadays!! I am getting out of the addiction for is a serious addiction and need serious rehab methods.. orkut addiction took two breakup to get off.. and facebook is more tougher than that.. and leaving a mafia profile is more paining..but I am glad I have plenty of time is good to see frnds updating in facebook.. and if I went to homepage I see a great variety of people who are frnds with me in facebook updating their life from every nook and corner of the world.. it is so colorful ..but sooner I realized life can't run on feeds of facebook it needs proper feeding of its own.. and now I am slowly deaddicting myself ...

I was so proud that day when commonwealth was inagurated.. India was shining with its bright colors.. the balloon which created so much controversy was the hero of the show.. though I really disliked  the commonwealth theme song but Jai ho was awesome...the colors of India and the little prodigy Keshav who was shaking his head while playing tabla was just beautiful..the smile he had on his face was the smile billions shared thoughout the was really a breathtaking experience to witness such a gala event...

And India won against Australia... one wicket!! can u believe it .. India was down to 122/8 and it rose itself from then to victory.. thanks to the Very Very Special (VVS) Laxman who showed all of us what a true sportsman is and how devoted one can be for the honor of the country....

Overall !!! a mixed week.. with joy and emotion...

PS: if you are in a party flavor.. do listen to Taio Cruz's song Break your is this weeks no1 in my list.....

Youtube link is...


  1. He he the comic strip was good. :P Nice little random post. :)

  2. LOL The comic was awesome!
    And I guess you just need to get a major overdose of facebook, like you see people updating statuses in your dreams and then after that peak, you'll slowly start finding it boring.
    :P Thats what works for me :)
    And yeah the balloon was amazing :D

  3. Ria...

    thanx for liking it... kisi aur ki mehnat hai :D

  4. Delightfullness..

    welcome to the blog.. and went to your blog too but your comment form ain't loading...

    the only way for facebook rehab is to cut the net connection...

  5. Harini..

    thx for the welcome
    hehehee facebook .. I did play mafia in my dreams :D

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  7. Thank you my friend... it is a pleasure to have such a nice appreciation... :)

  8. Greetings : )
    Buying on the web or in-store? which would you like? just wondering lol.. i love in-store because i hate waiting for it to arrive!


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