Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mixed bag....

I have not been writing for quite a long time.. and I am really sorry for that.. this world cup was so time consuming followed by some mafia war... life is tough...
My flatmate is living for hostel and I will have to shift somewhere smaller.. as the rent is too high for me..but the real anger erupted last day when he started what will you do with the invertor.. Pay my half..I was like.. I am not going..until and unless I sell it. how I am gonna raise the money for it... Ridiculous...!!!!
Anyways... life is shit and never whatever...!!!!
World Cup was was Waka Waka.. I religiously play it everyday like a true Shakira fan.. she was looking so pretty that she looked like a goddess among the surrounding Africans..
Spain was a blast.. as I already told  you that they were a team to watch.. but I supported Klose's Germany and they were outplayed with Muller.. and so right it was that he was given the Golden boot with 5 goals in lesser matches and more assists...In one TV interview I forgot who said.. that World cup changes world football and I am so sure the generation of formation playing is back.. Brazilians followed it  but Netherlands fouled their heart out which they used against Spaniard but they forgot Spain was another Barcelona and they play the game with fouls and fouls...And the best team won.. Ghana was so unlucky but I truly prayed For Gyan to score in the last moment Penalty and I am sure he will have nightmare throughout his life about this.. but they played well..Forlan's Uruguay was better and the hand of God by Suarez.. lol.. he was so a criminal but he made his team to Semifinals but surely they missed him there where Netherlands thrashed them..
France, Italy and England.. lol.. I am not gonna say anything about them .. and bad luck for Argentina continues ..they always come as favourite and get kicked out in early stages.. Realy international football is way tougher than Club..and playing for world cup is honor and every one burn themeselves until all is left is their ashes...and Paulie the octopus retired... lol..and money the Tota.. lol.. he is gonna be caged for quite a long time....
Oh by the way.. nowadays I am fan of guys in leotards they way they move their body ..ultra sexy.. just watch the new video of Lady Gaga.. Alejandro.. you will know what I am trying to say...Gosh!! these boys were really hot... Naah Naah .. I am not turning into some gay ...I still love camel toes...and have no love for banana except mine.. lol.. no offense...but watch them move... they are really hot and elegant...
and Eminem is back.. admitting that his last CD was rubbish.. and now he is gonna concentrate on the types of singing that made him super star.. Do watch the video " Not afraid" ..he is rapping is awesome.. so are the words....
Hey do you remember the little girl in that Disney channel...Selena Gomez..of .."Another Cinderella story" .????.Her new pop single is round and round is also good... so sharing all the videos...for ya frnds to watch... 
PS: Yeah!!! I know that you think I don't go to your blog  but this is not the case.. only one thing is I am not commenting.. will drop one or two when needed..



  1. Aha. You're back!

    I will not talk about soccer, since I donot have the expertise to comment on nor do I remember the players names..but I did follow it as much as I could with work hammering my head and schedule.

    Waka waka...? Seriously? I so digggg 'freedom' much much more. That deserved to the the official theme.

    I think Eminem is back. Like really. Love the new song.

    Update more often dummy.

  2. Back ka toh pata nhi...but aaj blog kane ka mann kiya... nowadays I blogging kar raha hoon paison k liye in another blog.. so time wahi de deta hoon kabhi kabhi

    No comparison with freedom it is still the best.. that genre is completely different from that of waka waka.. they both excell in their field.. have u listened the original is way better than the fifa version...

    and if you love hip hop u have to love Eminem and his new video is awesome...... did you the video of Alejandro... awesome.. it is running top on lists ....

    I will try to re.. but i do read urs regularly..

  3. Hmm...chalo theek hai even though u dont comment on other's blogs, atleast u posted something. :) Good to see an update abt a lot of things that u wanted to talk about. Paul the octopus is definitely got famous now. There's an application in fb for him!! :P

  4. fb application on paul :O

    lol fb is crazy... hahahhaa.. nice to see you here Ria.. ur blog is one of the few I drop in.. so ur visitor count will defn find an increase always with me...

  5. I am talking about the original version of "freedom". Its amazing.

    The videos is gr8 no? He looks hot as ever. I hope from now on he disses ppl a lil

    Will watch Alejandro. Wonder how come I haven't spotted it on VH1.

  6. yay you're back to blogging! yay im back too. again. :P

    im not much of a football fan but i love waka waka :) :)

  7. Cindy...

    video is awesome... but hot I can't say...but cool ..yes he was in that video...

    Watch Alejandro.. it is indeed awesome...


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