Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love song

I know many of you pictured me as an a**hole ..some pictured me as a very busy soul... but only God knows what a lazy bum I am.. I don't have any reason why I didn't blog for whole damn month or nor I visited any of yours except that I am pseudo busy somewhere torn between mafia wars and my research tension...

I so wanted to update you about a nuclear energy conference , the hot chicks there, my Navratri fasting and how I gained more weight by fasting only... but I couldn;t find words nor the enthu to write.. I guess that is what people called Non-writer's Block ( Yeah!! Non writers do have blocks.. though it happens most of the time rather than rarely as in case of writers...

I wrote a song for my sweetheart and came up with a tune too but the crazy response from my previous singing halted me to post the audio of that track.. so be happy with the lyrics...

I am going to visit all of you today and wish me luck for my future endeavors and I don't know when will I e blogging again.. may be pretty soon may be again after a month if sweetheart continues to kick my bum to update my she is real pain when she keeps on insisting otherwise a sweet creature whom u can pamper the whole day....

So here is the lyrics..

If u wanna hear the audio too then do ask me :D

Ps: I know I offended you all by not visiting your blog so u r not to be blamed if u don't visit mine


  1. baby... i cant write songs...:(

    but will a simple "I LOVE U" do???

  2. waah what a comeback!! Good to see u here after a long self imposed exile. :P

  3. LOL@ Anjuli's comment!!!

    Well I think the song is gr8! And no Id dont wanna hear it. This should only be for her ears. :P

    God to see you writing MAfia wars obsessed human!

  4. Ha ha.. Of course you'll gain weight from prolonged fasting... Nuclear energy conference ke kisse sunao janeman...

    About you being an ass and all , i've never thought that way... Yes but earlier.. A few of your posts led me to think that you were a super lonely person.. Sorry if that makes you feel bad.

  5. You are not an Azz you are a jerk remember?? and I am the SNOB! lol I loved the words and I loved this blog.. glad you are back to doing what you love..


  6. I like your blog :) Check mine out: :)


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