Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A lil renovation...

Yeah!!!! Thrown off all the junks.. I was hating my blog.. it took so long to load.. and my net was down and I was busy playing mafia....
Was thinking of writing something but then I thought leave it alone for today ..will update with something good tomorrow.. I am thinking of writing two series... one on War and one on Religion...I dnt know how much I will succeed.. but I am gonna be regular in reading many blogs and leaving my comment.. will have to clean up the blogroll who don't visit here but I guess I already did that... the few of you who come here quite a often will have a good treat coz I m gonna update a lot in coming months..

For now a Joke to lighten up the spirit..

A she ant said something to an elephant and he got a heart attack .. what did she say???
I am going to be mother of your child...:P

Same ant went up to Tiger and he too had a heart attack..what did she say ??

I am just having doubt who the father of my unborn baby is .. elephant is claiming it his and I know from my heart it is urs..


Watched.. My Name is Khan.. and yeah it was a wonderful movie... but I was happy I took long time to watch it as only now DVD print has been released and it is not worthy enough to watch in theatre...


  1. oh nice nice!!ur blog feels much lighter now. :P

  2. thnk god!! u finaly chnged ur blog layout.

    lol @ d joke but ye to maine pahale bhi suna hua hai. :p

    now strt ur series soon.

    love :)

  3. Nice clean layout Bro!! and also as I glaze across the blogs I don't see Countrigurls!! :O hahahah

    Miss you Bro!!


  4. I love the new look! Simple yet appealing!

    Behcara elephant, i can't imagine what he must be going through :P

    MNIK is a nice movie, coz it has SRK.Period.

  5. Lol nice :)
    But your blog looks so pink pink now na? ;)
    And i was missing you so much dd!! I was going to come and write on your fb wall today and i saw you'd updated :D :D

  6. I was liking it till the moment harini said.. it is pink.. I am so gonna change it..

  7. Preeti...

    maine hi sunaya hoga... :O and mera ek template design karo.. gf ho kuchh toh :O kaam karo bf k liye

  8. Ne..
    lol.. it will be ur nth blog... it is not added yet because I have subscribed it in mails.. i thought u wanted to make it private..but I am sure it is not the case now...

    miss u too sweets..

  9. Akanksha...

    heheheeh SRK ki wajah se hi movie chali ..nhi toh main teen baar so gya tha movie dekhte hue.. hall mein paise k barbaadi hai yeh film

    and thx for liking the template

  10. Harini.. :O

    PINK... :O

    I didn't noticed that...I am gonna change it again :O


    how are you sweety ???

  11. Ria...

    I read ur blog ..first reply was for you.. btw 9 saal committed.. mere toh 9 saalo mein 11 badal gyi... :D..

    *** preeti don't read *******

  12. LOL. Now this is better, I was wth is he doing with a pink template. I hate hate hate black templates...cz thwy put a lotta pressure on the eyes...so this is much better as the beige works really well.

    I havent yet seen MNIK, lets see, jab tv par ayega dekh lenge. Going to see Date Night with frens tomoro. Girls Party time again !!!!

  13. ab yeh beige kaun sa color hota hai.. u women and ur color names... lal pila nila hara yeh sab nhi keh sakte.. :P

    date night is a good movie.. already watched it ..kaho toh kahani suna doo :P


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