Sunday, February 14, 2010

For my Valentine...

A year back.. I was all heartbroken at this particular day...and with a low confidence that I am good for no one.. so that year I stayed drunk on whiskey but this year things are gonna be sweet like summer wine ..So I am gonna be drunk again in her love....

Really is a bliss ....

The following video is gift for my valentine.. It is song sang by legendary singer Sourish Karmakar himself and he has got a pathetic voice which his girl friend denies...but still in love ..the real test is when a person rise above himself and love the love... so I am going to be all immodest and pretend that I can bear with me

yeah yeah !!! I know my singing sucks...but if she likes it then it is fine for already most of you all hate

So here comes the video...  (Don't laugh :P )

Annie's Song- Sourish Karmakar ( originally sung by John Denver )

PS: Happy Valentine's day to my valentine and all of you..I hope things go well with you and carez

PPS: All rights resrerved..if u need to hire the singer.. You can reach him through this blog.. :D


  1. voice song ...anything is not imp bro..the imp thing is the emotions the love todays the valentine...happy valentines day to both of ya :)..


  2. Very sweet thing to do. :)
    Happy Valentines' day.

  3. he he.. i wud have wished to hear but my sound card has gone crap

  4. how sweet!!really happy for u. :) Nice dedication.

  5. haha....I agree with the blog author, this singer really sux !!!!!

    On a better note Happy Feb 14th, I'm glad things have changed and spring is here again mate. God bless.

  6. HE HE HE HE HEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhha

  7. I am happy that things are looking better for you again .. Best of luck ...

  8. LOL.... thanx all of you... Sorry for not reaching you all as I am busy in a nuclear energy conference and it is really exausting me out.. I will get back to you and your posts the next thing when I can..


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