Thursday, November 05, 2009

Rising Prices and Prostitution in India ......

India is going through a delicate phase when we all want to do some changes and sadly it all ends up in wanting only...very few of us actually tried to do something but we all spend a lot of time bitching about how politics is draining us up..... As John. F. Kennedy once said...

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

And pathetic enough, we are still not learning to use our resources...

As the title says... yesterday Mr. Pawar told in one conference that this year the Kharif crops got mostly affected by rain n drought and the rising prices are not gonna come down till  Rabi crops comes in picture and that may be in March- April 2010 and he told media that government has taken loads of measures to curb prices ( funnily enough !!! I found Potato was Rs 16 a month ago now it is Rs. 20 :D and veggies quadrupled in 4 months )

I was thinking other day , I earn some 666.67 bucks per day and live alone..and still I am reluctant to buy that Reebok which caught my eyes a year ago...what daily labors are doing then with 100 a day and family of mostly 8-10 members??? The basic food like Rice and Flour cost some 20 bucks each, of the most ordinary type and with potato being 20, what poor people are eating...veggies are off the table that I know for sure...??? So why crime not gonna rise ..why people won't turn toward terrorism and heists and murder and prostitution.

In Mumbai and New Delhi and in other metros , the living cost is so high that several of call center and office going girls are turning toward prostitution to support their lifestyle of some basic necessity. I even heard that since anonymity is a turn-off for the money spenders these girls have to carry their CV as a proof of they being working middle class girls and separate themselves for ordinary call girls. And the most pathetic enough is that even school going girls have found this way suitable for supporting their extravagant expenses. I don't know what is happening but we are again going to the medieval age where women term was used in tandem with physical pleasure. and believe me if you go to metros you will find male and transsexual prostitutes too catering both males and females.

I thought places like Varanasi , not a very big city are still untouched... when I was proved wrong...As few days back when I was strolling in ghats with my camera ..a guy approached me and asked if I was interested in playing games..I took it lightly and asked about it..he immediately handed me a photo album, and you can't imagine what I saw over there...loads of pics of girls scantily clothed in some modern fashion-wears with age ranging from 11 to 30. Can u imagine 11 and these girls were not only locals but some international tourists too who don wanna go back and found it as an easy work...I do admit ..I did got a stir in my undergarments but all thing went cold when I thought about the girls of these tender age being used and bruised by monsters. So I told the guy to go away politely giving him an excuse that I can't afford 2000 bucks to fuck minors and others are all overpriced and that is where I went wrong that guy came down to some 500 bucks for the youngest of girls and I was literally pissed at the cheapness of that guy. I firmly denied him but he was very pressing on that..soon I saw some duty officers patrolling... Yeah !! you might be thinking that I handed him to Police but no!! I just asked him politely that meet me there a place like 500m away and I will come with my bike and fetch the girl  after paying him there and yeah!! I fled the scene...not because I didn't have bucks to fuck but I found it morally disgusting to do so...but I don't think that guy didn't found any customers that day coz I know the world is full of perverted people and if he din't had those underage girls as an attraction in the album I might have chosen one lady for myself and talking to POLICE seemed vain as I know how their racket incorporates local politicians and police and local thugs.

I was disturbed a lot...but soon I realized it is not they who are wrong it is we who are making them live wrong. We for our pleasure indulge in something like this and encourage more people like those pimps to fetch girls from all the contours of poverty stricken India.

I don't know what we can do about prostitution is not a recent phenomena it was there since ages and the underskirt fantasies are not gonna die soon among boys. Do u kno what we can do with these rising prices ????

PS: I tried not to be explicit but sumtimes nudity is needed for attracting people to see the actual cause.. I hope u understand and read it with discretion.



  1. i dont have words to comment bro...just left out wordless...


  2. When God created universe money was the idea or not???
    If not, then we the over smart, over intelligent.

  3. Well said!i so agree with u on this post, with each and every word that u hav written.

  4. i think most of the girls get into prositution is because they like it

  5. HOBO..

    i surely guess so... if not smart but sure over intelligent :)

  6. Uncommon sense...

    I don't think any human being like to be ravaged and violated just for fun except in some fantasy sex stories...

  7. Prostitution is easy money dude. At times it's the temptation to earn big soon, at times it's the desperation to make ends meet.

  8. P.S: This template is much much much better. And no intrusive ads.. and no I ain't clicking on any.. unless we have a 50-50 deal ;)

  9. J
    Bhai... sometimes it is because of the atrocities... :)

  10. hehehehe ..the links in the posts are not ads... these are apture link for giving u a better picture like definiion and the real context so that u fdon;t have to go and google it side wala ad k liye 60 40 ka deal i think is not that bad :D


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