Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love and the wedding...

Yeah!! I am so happy... can't tell u the reason if u ain't smart enough to know that...okie go and read the prev post... u will get the hint... :) so this post is gonna be all happy happy..no crappy :D

Few days back I had been to Kolkata to attend a marriage ceremony of two of my classmates....Anirban Dutta and Payel Ghosh Dutta. As u guys know that I am not so ceremonies type guy...but this was actually imporant for me as I was gonna reunited with college buddies whom I never seen in these 4 year after passing out... and the other reason is that we have shifted to Kolkata and it was a wonderful time to meet mom n dad out of blue... but there is also on reason which actually compelled me to do so was Anirban saved me from drowning..which he politely admits to not remember but  I saw my death there and if he din't have jumped in to save me..I would have drowned there and then only.... So it was necessary for me to be with him on the day which meant a lot to him...

Okiee now let the pictures do the talking....

This is Anirban and he is the most coolest guy u will ever see.. who was not evn dressed up 1 hours before this pic....

The Wedding bus...supposed to be Partha sarathi.. the name of Lord Krishna..but eventually ended up being Paratha Sarathi... kinnda suitable for the wedding bus :D ..bus which leads us too loads of Parathe :D

The two classmates..Payel and Anirban finally tied together in the wedlock ..No prize for guessing that it was a love marriage arranged by their family :D

Like every story there is a guy who takes the fallout... :D he got devasted ..but yet he can't refuse..when it comes to eating in a wedding and both the groom and bride invited him..and he couldn't refuse either :D

Lovable gals of my college..yeah the guy in extreme left 'Sanyal' was too cute then and too cute now to be removed from lovable gals category :D

My mom n dad..so happy to see them married...Mummmaaaaaaaaa Meri Shadi bhi karwaogi ya nhi ????

Yeah!!! Bengali  marriage and that too without yummy food is not possible... oh btw the finger in the left side is mine... so don't think about eating that up too : D

So this was the marriage ceremony .. and believe me the fun we had together was so awesome... meeting all my frnds of B.tech days and the lingua we used to use...was awesome...I so want to get married... :D and no prize for guessing that I finally found the gal... :)

Ps: I am not disclosing the name of my 'soon to be'...because she wants me to go slow now ..at least when it comes to the final declaration...but no she is not taking our relationship slower...Muaaah !!! It feels so  good to be in love... :)


  1. oh wow!!congrats i shall wait for the name too. So happy for u and bengali food...please dont remind me. Its been ages since i had bong food. :(

    Anyways, glad to know tht u had fun!

  2. i am so happyyyyyy for you:)

    gud luck :):)

  3. Ria..

    name's withheld for confidential reasons ;))

    kabhi kolkata aane ka plan banao and ghar pe aao...mom's a great cook...

  4. still hiding the name from me :P...gogo..dont tell :P...

    the wedding was awesome seeing the pics i could say :)...

    well i think ur wedding will be in the same way with the confidential girl :)..:P...


  5. All the best.

    Infolinks.. ain't clicking on them either.

  6. Hemu...

    I don't think so...her father's a strict guy .. :P:D

    I guess I have to run out with her

  7. J

    bhaiyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa..ek click se gareeb ka bhala hota ho toh aapka kya jata hai :-|

    and thx for the wishes :P

  8. sahi hai...jaldi se shaadi karega to bulana zaroor...

  9. well, about time! Congratulations!!
    And let me know when the marriage is.


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