Thursday, November 26, 2009

The story of a nobody

That morning.....

I am a average looking person. I am 5' 6"" , kind of fair but I never felt so but my mother always said I am one. So, I guess you have to believe her. I earn quite a decent but I need to take trains still to reach my office. I so dream that one day flying cars will all over the city and I can fly anywhere in a second but till then I guess I should grace the railways. I am very happy as she smiled yesterday. Yeah! she smiled at me. Can you believe that she smiled ?? I thought she never will know that I like her but today i am thinking to ask her name. I should take it slow . i don't want her to think I am desperate.

10 hours later.

Shitt! I am late ... The boss is such a moron ...what was so necessary about the meeting . I knew he was not going to attend that anyways. She must have left by now. I am such a loser , a girl smiled at me and here I am coming late when I was supposed to ask her name. I am taking it so slow. I know this is the reason none of the girls in my college liked me. Hey!! thank god !! There she is. Should I go to her??? No, I shuld wait , I should not look desperate, but it is just the name .. no I am not going, Oh god!! she is looking at me....Should I smile or not??? ....What the hell was that sound?? What is it??? ..My god!! what hit me?? Shitt!! is this blood?? Oh God !! it is blood... it is paining so much...Shitt!! my head's all shaky , I  can't stand ...why this is happening to me ...why I am hit?? Oh god!! am I going to is so paining. Why is the darkness all around???...

3 more hours later...

Where am I?? Why I am in hospital??? Was it mom?? No no !! I want to see my mother.. What the hell they pushed in me... ??

9 days later.....

how long I was asleep. Why I am feeling so weak...? Why I am feeling sleepy... Mom!! I can see her.. why my hands not moving???

44 days later......

The doctors discharged me today and told me that I can go home.. I am going home in taxi.. it has been so long since I rode home in a taxi...I heard they caught one and is now in jail..

365 days later.....

I am scared !! They said in TV that it can happen again tomorrow..1 year... And I still don't know what was her name... I never saw her friends say that she was hit very bad bullet to her chest and one grazed through her throat..I don't want to believe them...but her smile still haunts me...and the killer is still sitting in comfort...

This was the story of the nobody... who survived the 26/11 but lost a lot of blood and is scared, yet he embraced his life once again. all he wants to ask what was his fault that he was gunned down without any reason and why the criminal is still sitting in comfort in jail while he can't sleep in night and can't move unscared in a crowded place....

Once again condolences for the deceased and admiration towards the survivors who are still fighting the odds and moving on in the 'land of opportunities' ..yeah Mumbai..the same land where a MLA was beaten by fellow MLAs as he took the oath in Hindi instead of marathi ..which is crime for some Marathi Manus who are bullying weaks yet pee their pants when it comes to fighting the real enemy...the land for which whole India cried and still prays.....This my tribute for the brave soldiers and commoners who laid down their life as they felt themselves Indians...

PS:I so wanted to write about my new relation.. but I guess today is not the day to .. and God bless you all.... JAI HIND.. Stay safe...

Pic disclaimer : The image used is completely random and bear no resemblance with the character of the fiction, anything else is purely coincidental.. weblinks are intact and if objected will be removed ... thank you...


  1. god bless their souls....its been a year and nothing has been done...well nothing will be done also...hmmm..anyways there are so many nobodies survived so cant write all the thoughts...but nicely penned take care bro..


  2. Bhaiya.. it was a nice piece of writing.. May Lord Bless all the lost soul & give courage & peace to all the survivor..

  3. nice
    I was so hoping its on your new relationship!!!
    write about it fast!!
    Me wants to know!!

  4. RIP all those who lost their lives on the fateful day last year and all those who lost somebody in that mayhem.

    Gold bless our souls.

  5. loved the way u wrote the post. I was tongue tied hence i wrote what i cud.

  6. hey thats nice,,, waiting to hear abuot ur new relatioship

  7. i am very touched by this post.

    Aqua gurl

  8. hemanth...

    Yeah !! I thought I should do my part to honor those who were killed without any fault of theirs ... :)

  9. well done dear. so very well written. simple and so real and so darn effective. m proud of u.



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