Friday, November 27, 2009

love and my lovely

I so want to write about our new relation but I am scared to write about it ...

But then I promised her that this post will be all about her... :)

but then... let it be a bliss... many of you already know her and many of you don't...but I guess it is not high time to spill the beans...

but then add me in facebook and you will know :D and don't forget to add me on your farmville and mafia...hehehehe.. :D

okiee enough of masti...
it is her first letter of love.. just a few lines about what she feels about this relationship :)

Raat jegechilam.. tomar chokher aloy bhor kore
Aar brishti..
Se to sara raat dhore, janlar gaa beye amar aanchol rangiye chilo"

The fluttering of those soft petals, when i touched them with mine, invoked the deadliest of rain that day. If you hadn’t embrace me in your arms, i would have been washed away... washed away towards an unknown horizon

OH!! yeah we have planned our honeymoon in Alps ..but then I thought...honeymoon pe Alps jaake karenge kya... don't you think wastage of bucks when actually u will be busy in sum rather important sports than skiing..but I guess the snowboarding holidays then will be handy :D ....

oh btw .... she is lovely and she loves me very much and apart from me being a lousy busy bee she loves every other bit of mine...I will come back with more..  :)..soon... and for the bengali translation...please ask me if you need to know :)


  1. he he!!sweet post. Good to knw tht u r so in love. :)

  2. I love the bangla piece! Its beautiful!!

    Preeti you should write more bangla poetry girl.

    God bless you two.

  3. really cool bro..congrats..came here after a long long time..sory for that..was busy like hell...very happy for you!!

  4. Ria...

    thx re..tum logo ki well wishes hi hai.. jo mujhe inni understanding and sexy gf mili hai :D

  5. Cindy...

    i loved it too.. but for not the obvious meaning :D

  6. Abhishek...


    don't worry... teri andheri galiyon mein bhi sooraj niklega ek din... tu ek baar koshish toh kar :D

  7. rahul...

    koi baat nhi bai.. i undersand work pressure... and I so buried in one :D


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