Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Social Network and Me

Good news for all of ya :P

okkk!!!!! don't be happy this blog is not banned .... :P

My Institute has banned facebook again :P and if u already didn't hide me from ur facebook status ..this will come as a state of relief as it means no Mafia updates of me flashing on ya news feed but I will still find time in evening to play...or I will take my own internet connection after all I can afford one....hehehe

Naaah!!! I m not gonna take internet who were my orkut frnds knew that I was one who used to update 500 scraps a day and was a complete addict... till my then gf told me to stop flirting around and be exclusive to her before she dumped me to loneliness... I was away from all social networking for a year or two before someone told me to join facebook  and Voila!! my social networking skills came alive and within a 1 and half month I have over 2000 frnds online and 149 levels in Mafia wars... :P and I know I can be over it as I got over from orkut, messengers and blogging..

And I got some really good frnds there... and they been more alive to me than many of the girl is ANNISA ISNAINI  ...she is an Indonesian rock star or may be one day she will be and I never met anyone so multi-talented.. and she promised me to save me from all animals if we do any jungle trip.. she plays guitar for three bands and she can cook...:D
But she got a shitty net connection and I couldn't get more time knwing her otherwise I might have flown to Indonesia to meet and propose her...who won't like a girl who can play 'Stairways to Heaven' when u feeling low and fight with ya if u r in trouble... :-) and hahahaha she don't have my blog ID I guess her praises will get lost with my next update but I know she made a place deep in my heart....

There were few frnds who were stupid enough to play movie games ' whose wife is this' but shouted aloud when it comes to mafia wars... but I guess now they will feel happy if not they already used the hide me option...and if they think they don't want me to be occupied and happy .. I guess they should get a life for themselves and stop being around in any of my profile...

Social networking is a funny thing...I might not meet anyone of you ever as I don't travel except needed and love spending my vacation with my family..but I was lucky enough to know many of ya or may be have a conceived notion about ya which you wanted to project of ya...but I like many of you... and I really hate some of u for ur attitude of behaving a smartass to me...and thinking me as a waste of time...Hey!!! I m already Masters of Technology and doing Ph.D. and I have more maturity than ya as I m deeply respected in all my circles.. but aneways u r entitled of ur stink-ass downside of democracy...

Apart from all my frnds in orkut whom I kno by their nickname , email ids and  voices ... there are few in blogger world who needs a mention... and I m gonna write abt them now... as I don't know wen I m gonna get time to write about here is the fst person who is nowadays quite close to me...

H. NEHYA. M. KOHEN - A beautiful kid who claims to be a woman now flaunting her matured attitude in her blog and facebook . I don't know how she got so close to me but I really like her and love rescuing her out of troubles which she commonly finds herself in. There are so many things about her that I love and I might have said her Love you more than hundred times from core of my heart but always with a tag that not all love relations need to end to a bed... there are so many beautiful things about any relationship if u r not concerned about having one all for ya..and I really cherish her frndship and love..

Gosh!!! did ya all come reading upto this ??? Such a long post..... see Lena ..that's why I don't write nowadays....too much to write  :D

PS: The chronology of my blog mates to find a place on my blog is completely based on closeness and their recent attitude towards me... if u don't find urself now..u might find urself later for sure as I m updating one at a time and really respect you all who are still here with me against all odds and if u not ever than seriously stop banging ur head and think u deserve a place here after so much of ignoring attitude ... so......... 'STFU' and get a life !!!!!  U can't be shitting on me and thinking I will lick ur ass clean... a quote... :D.. love you all...God Bless ya


  1. hey that was an interesting post. :) So good to c u post something after a long time. And yes i too feel u shud post more often.

    And i just dont seem to understand the men of fb being so obsessed with mafia wars!! :P

  2. honestly speaking i don't have a proper account in fb but now I am really thinking of having one...
    that was an excellent post..and man you are doing phd..(which branch??)..

    I liked you blog very much and that is not only because of the template used...
    do visit mine and see if u can find something useful..

  3. Ria..

    Interesting :O

    padha k nhi... kya interesting laga ya pe ???huh :P

    and post quite often..mat bolo yaar..I really feel like repeating myself wen i post sumfink ..I seriosuly need some new things to cover...

    and Mafia wars is actually like sudoku.. u get 5 points after each level and u have to use ur brain and tme to cross the 100 point needed extra for the next level jump...and I kno a lot of girl who are die-hard-crazy fan of this game:)
    u should also start playing :)

  4. R S

    yeha u should seriously open ur facebook account and join me in mafia wars :P
    PhD ??? kaun me ??? hehehe

    Biochemical Engineering...

    and I will defn find ur blog and keep coming here ...and thx for liking it

  5. Kyun jhooth bol raha hai, you feeds are all over my page all the time. So your dept couldnt have possibly banned FB ! Liar !!

    Aur yeh last mein kya tha woh ! LOL. You dnt have to explain all that, why'd anybdy be pissed when you're sayin smth nice about some fren of yours. And even if anybody is how does that matter ? The very reason you're sayin that makes it looks like you're aimin it at someone. Are you ?

    Just chill man !

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Just so you dont make any assumptions, wo comment do baar publish ho gaya do deleted one, okay.

    Have a gud day buddy.

  8. I get the comments in my mail box too :P so u really dint have to explain the reason for deletion... :P

  9. :O my feeds all over facebook..hadd hai....wo automatic aa rahe hai ..subah se ek level tak nhi jump kar paya :P sham ko abhi ghar se logged in hua hoon :-|

    I din't explained i just added a PS.

    like I do it every time...and I m really pissed off of some ex readers of my blog...

    and it really dint matter if sumone feel pissed...but I felt awesome ranting out my feelings for them..hehehahhahaha :P

    but why are u thinking I will make assumptions :O ....Cindy did ya pressed the hide button *raised eyebrows*


    I m avoiding pills :P

    drugs lene paap hai nadi kinaare saap hai :P


  10. so many ppl to love.. :)
    m to adicted to Fb adn orkut. I love playign gasmes IN FB
    esp. MAfia adn farm ville.
    any ways.. nw wht wil u do as no FB ??

  11. Nice post! Even I was addicted to orkut, once upon a time...but, 500 scraps a day, hats off to u man!

    Even my college blocked orkut as they came to know of the widespread use of it during lab sessions:( But luckily, I had an internet connection to sustain my love for it:)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. He who has angered u, has conquered u.

    rem that bro :)

    Hope all is well with ya. Just hopping ard my fav ppl's blogs today after a long time :)

    TC be well, be happy
    til we meet again..

  14. Nidzii

    ok !! how drunk u were wen u wrote the comment :P

    spell ki toh tumne maar hi li :P


    I never met sumone who is not addicted to anything....especially wen it comes to social networking


    and why u r not my neighbour in farmville and gang member of mafia ????

  15. Akanksha...

    lol...heheheh that was my online maniac days... nowadays i don't even check my account for months...

    we have other means to access block sites after all engineering degree kab kaam aayegi :D

  16. Sissy's been real long.... :)

    yeah !!! I got ur point but see I kno one too..Never let your anger boil inside, flush it out. :P and I did that only...

    and start writing again....or are u seeing sumone so u don't have time to see ur blog n blogmates...huh !! *raised eyebrows*

  17. Social networking websites can be very helpful in expanding your social life IF used properly and carefully... some jerks also exist out there, so girls will have to be extra careful...

    But then the same kind of complications exist in the real life too right? Dunno why so many people still find it awkward about getting introduced to new people online...

  18. It's farmville that's eating up the news feeds lately, about time the mafia wars took over ;)

  19. Dhanya

    jerks are always there.... and people who can't communicate are the one who spreads the propaganda against social networking...

  20. J

    hahahahhaa...yeah but mafia wars is better than u iced sumone sounds much better than oh you found a lost cow :O

  21. facebook banned??........ :(

    ovr 2000 frns in fb and 500 scrps per day on orkt...... omg :o

    bcoz of my bad net conxn i toh cnt play games.. :(

    but it was so nice to read abt nehya and annisa :)

    @ p.s : lol :D

  22. Preeti..

    yeah re facebook ban kar diya hai..but still i managed to bypass it...

    thik hai na kuchh hi dino ki baat hai phir tu kamane lagegi and phir tere pass mast wala connection hoga and phir tu mera mafia join kar lena :P...

  23. they banned u....ooh sorry fb :P..arey yaar i really never played mafia in fb...i am enjoying my new wii console actually ..:P...

    500 scraps a day u cant beat me in that:P...i used to complete more then 9 k per week :P....

    socal networking is never bad...well i found many frnds good ones tho...and blogging helped me find more actually :) none can block me from them at any place...even tho they ban i find a solution :P...

    well nice to read ur blog after days sorry months...and nice to read abt the 2 girls to :P.....have a gr8 sunday..


  24. Accha hua ban kar diya.

    gand me bamboo kar diya na.

    mujhe dusre ki gand me bamboo ghusa dekh bahut maza aata hai.

  25. Hemanth

    9k per week...hahahaha..that's awesome and believe me I don have any grudges of u not visiting here..I kno where u r busy nowadays :D

    and still I m in facebook...after all engg degree do have its uses :D

  26. abhishek..

    apne gaand mein daal ke aina kiun nhi dekhta...24 hours achha feel hoga :D


    I use proxy see.. no bamboo :P

  27. LOL you so had me laughing with your add about long posts :D

    Btw now when fb is banned and orkut is less fun you sure have a lot of free time na? :P

  28. Lena... :P

    free time..naaah... actually got time to do my research whaich was pending for long...and watch the missing third season of 'Lost' :P

    I always keep myself occupied :P

  29. I commented on this I know I did! but anyway.. I love you also! You are great friend and a great brother to me..

    You make me smile when I am down and you make me call on G-d a lot when I want to kick you! hahahah

    All in all you are the greatest and I am glad that you are I bonded on blogger.. I could not imagine my life without you now!



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