Thursday, August 20, 2009

I wanna be oblivious....but I might not ever :-|

There are so many things swarming my mind...of which my longest score on loneliness and being single...down with flu...getting backstabbed by dear frnds...left alone in darkness and all the negative vibes are topping the list.... but I guess each one has to live his own life...and u can't expect that all will help ur cause... at least wen I m not shifting  my gears in their direction.....

I'm so jealous of their obliviousness towards life.. :-)

Nowadays...loneliness and nothing to do is killing me... and the serious shit is this flu that I m caught up with...son of bitch  is not letting me even smoke a fag ..leave alone joints or other things...

oh!! btw there is a new party drug available cheap is named YABA... and believe me the kick it gives on and after taking that is seriously awesome....thx to Headlines Today for its free even I ..who is living in a small city know abt it... just one added is addictive and it affects ur sexual is not ecstasy it is sexctasy so beware it might make u impotent without it for ever.....and a lil overdose can burst ur nerve if u wanna do this high illegal stuff... then look before u leap....

today I got a phone from a long lost frnd...and she was getting married and guess all time she said u were so coward then...u could have proposed me at least once...and I laughed...she laughed and we changed the everyone is getting married....I guess it is high time for me to join a job and settle finally...oh btw my fellowship is gonna increase to non-taxable Rs 29,000 per month...and I am eagerly waitng for the hike.... I guess now I can buy scotch instead of buying whiskeys in pub ....

love u all ... and if u have skipped to the end of  post..avoiding reading all the above...u did a great shut my blog off and move on  to the next blog.. lol
PS: the pic is a low resolution cybershot...if u need a higher resolution u can always ask for it mailing in


  1. loz..dude yar tunne too drugs pe bhi Phd. kar rakhi hai:)...stay away from them bro..and the hike calls for a party..delhi kab aa rahan hai??

  2. congrats on the hike!!and i cant lecture u on loneliness coz i am soon gonna join the gang of lonely ppl. :(

  3. rahul....

    Drugs par PhD.. lol...kind of...kabhi tapka toh bhagwan yeh na bole ki beta tune wo drug nhi chakha...tera toh prithvi par rehna bekaar tha :p jaa wapas janam le...

    and haan as soon as hike comes..i will make a trip to New delhi... phir treat pakki...and kabhi banaras aaja...kitni door hai delhi se...and mera apna separate place bhi hai so rehne ka bhi koi tension nhi...

  4. Ria.....

    kya hua.... lonely kiun ??????

    is everything okay ??

  5. sourish!!i dont knw wat to say as i myslf is going thru similar things.

    how us ur health now? hopeu r bttr thn bfr. anyways get well soon

    and i must say that d pic is a nice full of life :)

    thz headline todays do more bad thn good, many a times. ppl wud look over the site effcts and jump into try it

    get well soon and take care

  6. That's some update mister @ YABA.

    Congrats on the hike.

  7. i missd typing CONGRATULATIONS though i wished u straight from the heart.

    accpt my wishes :)

  8. Health is okie dokie.... and and right u r abt the whole media...which publiscizes things for no reasons ...

    how r you..and why u in a down phase... :)

    and thx for the cngrats and liking the pic :)

    u kno it means a lot to me :)

  9. J
    :P I guess u won't try after bluntly hearing the sideeffects

    and thx for wishes :)

  10. YABA...huh?

    Dekhna padega.

    Congrats on the hike. Yipee!!

  11. duur rehna YABA se... waise highway par truck walon k dhaba mein pata kar lena...waha chances jayda hai ...:P

    and thx for wishes :)

  12. LOL @ the end of the post!
    i read it all btw..
    and huh.. did you really have to give the drug some more publicity that it already was exposed to??

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. LENA

    thx for reading it to end...:P

    I said what they missed saying blunly...that it can make one impotent...and do u kno what a guy or gal is more afraid than death ...

    yeah !!! u guessed it right :D

  15. LOL @ end of the post !!!

    Bw I read poora ka poora. Hindustan times ne jo kari so kari tune toh aur free advertisement/counsellin kar di !! Why blame them man ?

    And you know what, you gota choose..biwi chahiye to naukri karni toh padegi hi. aur kinne dino tak stipend ka lobh rakhega,dummy ?!!

  16. YABA >?? Gandu naam hai nahi ? LOL... X hi acchi hai.. par who bhi gandu hai... bahut mehngi..Is liye pot jinda bad...

    Aur yeh high resolution ki kya show off chal rahi hai eh ??

    Aur scotch mai bhej deta hu..father ki police quota nahi le sakte to mera fauji quota le lena... :D

  17. Are.. phone ki baat yeh nahi ki mai busy hu aur time kam hai..time to kafi hai free but yeh pco bahut door hai yaar... jaise hi time mile jake karta hu.

  18. cindy :D

    ahhh.. at last u came and commented... tu toh poori eid ka chand ho gyi hai :D

    tune poora padha :P
    :P wo hindustan times nhi duffer headlines today tha :P
    About the publicity stuff... if they are gonna take the drug which is quite freely available at one can stop it..and the fst part ...that about the euphoria they will be told then and then they will experience..but no one will tell them the side effects which they will come to know once they get thought to give a lesson on that...aneways... who is gonna read my blog to get the info...


  19. samby..

    yaba sasti hai..ek tab 200 ki aati hai :P

    and high resolution ka show off nhi dumbo...I have turned into a photographer :P

  20. and I understand tere phone ka tu apna khyal rakhna... and hero banna par apne safety ka bhi khyal rakhna samjha...

  21. Nothing to write about?

    anyways I am just dropping by to say hi :)

  22. No, you arent, jealous of their obvliviousness.

    you just need a good challenge.

  23. Lena...

    got a load to dispose off...but can't find any quality in them....

    and busy with m thinking of doing MBA next that time my PhD will be on completion

  24. T

    I guess getting in MBA will be a good challenge :)

  25. Honestly - I exercised coming to your blog - I skipped a few paras then read the last para - skipped back and forth.....phew now am tired ;)

    Dude - why do you have drug news? Are you trying all of them out?
    Is this why you are virtually MW training? And might never want to graduate if they keep hiking that fellowship :)

  26. hey hey......howdy here after so long.....take a chill pill ya...

  27. Ceedy bhai

    seriously bataoo toh I also not read my blog full:P bahut boring hai :P

    drugs..trying nhi tasting...:P..atleast kal koi mujjhe bole yaar Yaba khane k bad katrina baahon mein hoti hai... toh main usko hadka sakooo :P

    and fellowship sahi mein mast ho rahi hai...thx to UGC :P

  28. Princess...

    chill pill :P

    m taking loads of nowadays :P

    and welcome back

  29. pakka Bro..banaras ke program banata hoon..and you make a Delhi trip!!


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