Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Blog update....

 Sorry!! couldn't find any pic of I searched in google and liked this relevant one :P 

Are u gonna read or what..Stop ogling and read the post...

Blogging ain't any fun like before......... Stop staring the girl :-||.....

Yeah!! so was saying and this is not my view but a general view of loads of my fellow bloggers. Many of them are already off for soul searching or are busy in their own life and some started being a silent reader which has advantage of not commenting yet getting an excuse if they miss one or two post like meself :D.

There are like 100 tags lappy is filled with loads of posts which are either left unfinished or are too personal to be published here but are published in my private blog. Don't worry I don't abuse you there as you already might have known by now that if I have a grudge on you I abuse you here only :D...but I won't tell if I fantasized about you there :P..

Ok boys !! Don't get excited...u were not in any of my fantasy.... :-| but if u wanna be ..ewwww... let's leave this issue here only....:P

Coming to the point... so see blogging ain't any fun like before... but I won't least not in near future

Now as I promised ..Here is another person from my blog list...which I m gonna talk about!!

This girl when I first met here on my blog was very impressed of my poetries...hahahaha...that might come actually as shock to u but I did write few rhythms and verses here and there...

What...??? Check the tags of poetries ... :-|

But that girl is a beautiful liar... :P She writes it more beautifully than anyone can ever...but I always take my advantage of being a moron in poetries and dissect her poems to pieces..:P I asked once..who is the hero of the love poem  ...ur postman ??? hahahha :P ..

She is a sweet girl and she is supa hot :P but......but damn!! if only she was not going for the world record of longest span of being committed before tying the knot :D..
Can u believe she is hooked on with a guy for 10 can anyone do that???...same stinking pheromones for 10 years :-O..none of my relationship would ever agree to bear my stink for so long  :P... and I m glad never they did..I changed 11 in last 10 years ..ok !!! 7 dumped me...but I dumped 4 ....that should get a count ...4 ain't low :-||

So coming to the point that girl is supahot...supa sweet and knows what is the meaning of commitment with a lil bit of poetries too :P...and she gossips with me all the time least used to do all time before she thought to change herself and kick me out of her daily talking list....and believe me ..she can gossip a lot :P...and if I leave a chat that I have a gossip to share...she will defn reply in nxt minutes which she otherwise don't... ;-) hahahhahah

Yeah!!! Cindy... I was talking about you....a lil suggestion were a sweet bubbly Shakespeare better than the smart moron u r trying to be now.. love ya... 
and u kno I was kidding in the part about him.. he must be great guy least having you in his life is sufficient enough... :P hahahahhaa

Cindy is there with the name of Pallavini in check her out...oops her blog out ;)

 Pic courtesy: Weblink intact.....Gosh!! I won't ask permission..btw who asks anyways :P

PS: This might be my last post for the I m going home on next saturday to my mom n dad....Love you all and have a nice time...

PSS :and since today is 9/11 do pray for the victims of that terror strike followed by a prayer for all those soldiers and innocents who got killed due the blind American  retaliation...


  1. that pic...hmmm..:P...

    nice thing u wrote up abt cindy :)...and yeah most of the things i know :)...few more i came to know through ur post...:)...and yeah u have done a gr8 job in describing her :)...that was a nice post and yeah i knew she was committed from past 10 years :)...


  2. Hey, I still think blogging is fun :) Super fun! :)

  3. Kya bey saale...aisi sexy pic lagayega aur bolega concentrate on the post.

    mera no. kab aayega? ya aayega bhi nahi...

  4. nice post...and yes i read the post, coz i had nothing new to see in the pic. :P

    Have a gr8 time at home. :)

  5. wah kya relevant pics hai :p

    on serious note... i too feel it that blogging is not the same anymore. few days back only me and lena were talking abt the same and we do discuss it quite often. and just now before reading this post of urs i myslf was thinking abt a post on it. :D
    my 2nd blog anniversary is thr on 17th sept and i am not at all excited and enthusiastic contrary to wat i was a year back.
    i can tlk nonstop abt this topic :p

    silent reader: well i am one and by any chance are you hinting towards me? :p but ye u r one blogger on whose blog i do comment. may be a lil late but i do in evry single post i guess... ek do miss ho sakte hai :p

    and well well abt ur poetries... i so agree with cindy. after all remember maine sare read kiye hai... so u hv to accpt i am one of ur bestest blog reader. n trust me i miss ur poetries. n so wanna read more of them.

    reading abt cindy was a pleasure :)

    enjoy ur time at home. :)

    bhalo theko :)

    *my prayers for 9/11 victims and d soldiers*

  6. Hey you that pic of mine looks seriously demented ! Aiwei hi to chhoti chhoti aankhe hai meri upar se yaha tedhe ho gaye hain !!

    Anyway, I am honoured to find meself being written about here buddy. And I am still the same girl. Just kinda grown up a lil :)

    Blogging world has changed beyond coherence, I am wondering if this drastic shift took hardly 2-3 yrs to happen what is it gonna be another 5-6 yrs.

    Well I'll be around to see ofcourse. Hoping you will be too. Aye ? I knw you will be.

    Have a gr8 gr8 day !

  7. Hemanth...

    tum kis k baare mein nhi jaante ho wo bolo toh :O

  8. Dhanya... :P

    glad to know that jus remember..never ever take a break...if u gonna take to check ur fan;s loyalty..u will find none at ur side :D

  9. abhsihek... :D

    concentration test le raha tha...

    and aayega bachha tumhara number aayega...buss pehle ladkiyon ka number paar ho phir :D

  10. Ria...

    lol...Yeah I agree :D... :D thx for reading it :P

  11. preeti...

    Don't blame me...blame the google..maine toh search kiy aur relevant hoga google ne jo kaha hai :-|

    and no that was not at all my intention to hint on I know u do spend time reading here..I was talking abt this general thingy called silent reading :D

    2nd anniversary..mujhe toh yaaad bhi nhi hai ki iss blog ka bday kab hai :O

    and I know u r my wonderful reader that's why I always forgive you when u lie about my writng skills :P lol....

    and next number tumhara waito :P

    tumio bhalo theko and durgapuja te potkha phatiyo :P

  12. Cindy :D...

    haawwttt lag rahi ho...and aankhen teri waisi hi hai chinki type so tension na le...tu khoobsoorat hai and all of my readers will defn agree on that...

    grown up grown up in all wrong ways.. like what u were..I liked u then more...

    and 2-3 years is a long span..though will be in touch...but still a long time..may be teri shadi par tujhse milne aaonga :D

  13. i still dont know few people bro...just trying to know wats there in their heart...well i cant be normal all the time and people sure will be gone missing in life...and yeah i wont leave u...:P...


  14. LOLLL
    Nice post..
    When are you going to write about me?

  15. Hemanth...

    thx howz life..and how was the honeymoon... ???

  16. harini

    aayega baba aayega tumhara bhi number aayega


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