Saturday, August 01, 2009

too many chick flicks

Nowadays I m watching too many chick flicks...and feeling more lonely ...I guess I have to stop watching them...

Oh btw ...! if ya had switched on ur TV earlier was all about the Assamese woman beating shit out of the army guy who tried to molest her.... and that I call a hot chick....

and above all...I am feeling all jealous of Hemanth as he is leaving our single boys group...

Yeah!!!! he is getting married


Congratulation Hemanth... and I am not getting reservations on or before the day...So till now it is a May be :P


  1. ladies are there in a every frame.. lol.. and yeah Hemu is getting married.. I wish a great wedded life for him.. :D

  2. The only chick flick I totally dig is Redeye.

    And why do you feel lonely watching the chick flicks? On the contrary it should make you feel better not to have someone breathing down your neck all the time.

  3. you j of hemanth??
    zara si intezaar ki toh baat hai. :P

    and i havent watched a proper movie in aaaages!!

  4. coming here after a long time i guess.

    btw I love chick flicks. I just don't tell anybody.

    and good luck to hemanth on his torturous journey :P

  5. Harini...

    yeah yeah


    star movies is having a fest of good movies.. do watch it on 9 and 11

  6. Abhishek...

    lol... yeah they are sweet and somtime fill me up with so much oxytocin that I keep watching them again n again

  7. yep Hemz is so v busy with his chick now. Maybe he's watching too many chick-flicks with her? :)



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