Monday, August 10, 2009

Nostalgia ...

Sorry for the last post..I know many of you got disturbed reading... but that's what I am .. I don't pretend and I don't lie... 

I m suffering from a mild flu attack...  Naah! not the swine flu :P..u ain't gonna get rid of me so easy :D and moreover my lab is leading the research on no way I am gonna die  of swine flu...

Few weeks back..I visited my folks..and was going through the family album...and you won't sweet I was wen I was a kiddo :P

So sharing the pics with little introductions.... 

My fst year in Cochin.. and don't enlarge the pic to see the wee-wee ..u naughty girls :P ( just FYI is not that small ) 
My Annaprashan.. an occasion when the child is given whole cereals for the fst time ..and the other sweethearts are my cousin sis and right extreme is my own sis..
My fst sports award :P and I was sweetheart then too :P
My fst drawing and calligraphy awards 
My fst shot to fame..He is CMD of IPCL Baroda..and I played the role of engineer of a petrochemical plant in lower kindergarten.. 

My fst award of a metallurgy's quiz ( left is Diptendu, centre is Amartya, and I am the right one ;) Class IX)

My fst National level debate prize of Rs.1000.
My fst sanskrit drama..I was playing the role of Vishnu in the centre
My fst english drama ( the man with the gun..true mafia guy :P ) 
And Believe me I am a sweetheart now too  :P
PS: Don't go to crowded place without any mask...Swine flu is spreading fast


  1. cool pics there.. am i proud of you or what.. those accomplishments mean a lot.. you are a talented soul.. god bless..

  2. awww....great pics, thnx fr sharing :)

  3. Awesome pictures buddy !!! had a gr8 time seeing them. Beautiful nostalgia,eh ?

    Nice nice !

  4. Rane...

    thx a lot...not being immodest... I have a two cupboards full of certifcates and awards... :D

  5. Cindy

    Nostalgia is always beautiful :)

    bhindi tu online kiun nhi hai ?????

  6. tu to champion nikla boss??

    Accha tell me 1 thing, one you contract swine flu, what's the mortality rate?

  7. aww.. get well soon!!and those pics sure took me down ur memory lane.:)

  8. Nice pics :) Get well soon!!!!!

    And heyyy you have similar expressions when you got your prizes in the third and fourth pics :) :)

  9. abhishek

    hahahaha... champion toh nhi but got some talent... :)

    and if u contract swine-flu.. mortality rate depends upon ur condition..if u r taking loads of water and proper nutrition with medication ..u r gonna live 100% any thing less..u r gonna die for sure.. :)..just maintain some precautions's been flashed in TV and newspapers... like washing ur hands ..using a tissue and taking proper food and rest..

  10. Dhanya
    thx :)

    and yeah I was in same class lower kindergarten and was not accustomed to give versatile expressions then :P but see Pant size changed...I m in full pants in one and half in another.. :D

  11. Rakesh

    yeah brings me smile everytime :)


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