Monday, August 17, 2009

So it was Independence day on15th... and I wrote no patriotic I was down with fever... so thinking of writing a patriotic post....

Naaah!!! I don't feel like writing one...though I so seriously wanna update the blog...but right now nuffin is coming in my mind..moreover I 'm having terrible weakness. and don't want to type anything....

AHH!!! Monday is such a pain in the ass....

Let me try out a 55 fiction then

She was in tears beside him and blood was oozing fast out of her veins. It was just a revolution for some but instead it blooded out her whole life. She knew he is not going to smile anymore and she knew that no one gonna part them ever now. She kissed him final goodbyes.
PS: It is my first attempt writing a 55 fiction...and gosh! it was tough...


  1. the fever and weakness sounds ominous, tho. get it checked.

  2. I m not gonna die of some flu of some swine's.... I m gonna die royal :P

  3. Wow!!nice one there. But why hav striked it off?

  4. u tried :D

    me to dsnt feel like writing, blogging- nothing comes to my mind thz days. puro khali. i feel so empty within.

    happy independence day. i knw i knw i am late.

    p.s: i do read ur blog. an i hv read all ur posts long back. its just dat i dint commnt. so sorry. just wanna let u knw that yes i do read ur blog. pls accpt me as ur silent reader for sometime now.


  5. hey

    Happy independence day to you too and it ain't a problem that u can't comment...just don't forget to buzz around as it feels good when u kno sumone close is reading ur thoughts...

    and start writing..I m missing ur literary work:)


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