Thursday, June 11, 2009

what's so with the Cleavage ????

Disclaimer : Please read it at ur own is completely a fun post with little adult talks..and readers are advised not to sue me for the contents :) 

I read all the times everywhere especially women bloggers about our ( male community ) fixation with the cleavage....and really never found out the reason for that.....rather I found people calling as perverted for that....  :-|

So in a search for truth ..I fst checked out what the famous OXFORD dictionary says about the cleavage..

The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English | 2009 | © The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English 2009, originally published by Oxford University Press 2009. (
 cleav·age / ˈklēvij/ 
• n. a sharp division; a split.
∎  the hollow between a woman's breasts when supported, esp. as exposed by a low-cut garment.
∎  Biol. cell division, esp. of a fertilized egg cell.
∎  the splitting of rocks or crystals in a preferred plane or direction.
 Unable to find answer ..I googled it...and I found the following image

Oh ! not that one!!!!!!

No ..of Course I m not talking abt this....U kno me better :D....
:D :D


So going back to the point.....

Actually..I never gave it a thought I normally don't think...but last day boys of my labs were oogling on one cleavage and whole day they were discussing that to me coz I was busy in other works...leading to missing of the gala event of her bending down and that too wearing the low cut....But the fact that surprised me was the fact that i was feeling so jealous of them even when I got a fair share of free Cleavage shows....

So I got to my infamous thinking.....and found out the reason.....

The reason behind the curiosity is the reason why every damn Scientist spend their entire lifetime working on some freaking project...
it is damn interesting...

But today I read in one of my frnd's blog...that we shouldn't stare them ...

But see per Oxford only
 "the hollow between a woman's breasts when supported, esp. as exposed by a low-cut garment"

Here it is clearly mentioned that " especially as exposed...and I don't think if woman find it derogatory they wouldn't have dared to expose it to us the normal oglers ...they flaunt it ...they go for wonder. and what not...

so why we the poor men are called perverted....

If god made beautiful things than he did gave us the sense of appreciation.....

We are just mere appreciating...and moreover is in human nature to be curious about something protruded forward....


So u say women won't stare if that guy got a bulge in his shorts checking her.....???


Thank god!!! I m so relieved.... I thought she noticed mine today :D..

PS: This post is dedicated to all those guys who silently admire the beautiful creation of  god..." The cleavage "


PSS: This post was not at all for insulting women..was written only for crude humors and my apologies goes for all those women who felt offended reading it even after the disclaimer.... :) with a line that i really admire hot women or women with hot assets :P
Pic Courtesy: All links intact :)


  1. I doubt if m gonna get any comment here

    but see

    someone advised me not to write blogdom post

    as it creates chaos here :P

    Ciao :D

  2. ha ha!!all i can say is tht men and their fixation with cleavage will go on forever!!

  3. i never read this post count me out of here :P...


  4. There are two types of cleavages in this world, me thinks.

    1. the bold cleavage where the woman shows off on purpose and manages to catch the man in the act of staring. Kinda like a power play thingy.

    2. the innocent cleavage, obvious by the name, where the despos usually fall for.

    and for the man's bulge, I think the only bulge that catches a woman's stare is the derrière, but ofcourse there are exceptions too ;)

  5. I's a thing of beauty and there's nothing wrong with looking at a good's natural for men to do that, unless ofcourse he's gay.

    BUT, there's a thin line between a quick glance and a blue-in-the-face-OGLING session! That's where most men make mistakes. They just cant control their hormones they just stare n stare until the woman feels really embarassed. It's disrespectful and very un-gentlemanly, if u know what I mean :)

    The difference between a MAN n a MANIAC is in the way they admire a cleavage. If ur Ted Bundy, u'd get inside the cleavage lol!

    I did a Cleavage post long time ago, the same topic. Im sure u'd love that one :)


  6. Ria :P


    I so least mine will last forever :P

  7. Hemanth

    I kno I kno
    u must have skipped the post after reading the disclaimer :P

  8. J


    oh mu god!! that was awesome observation...
    bold and innocent .....I guess I can be convicted for committing both the crimes... and I agree despos like me has an obsession for innocent one ;)

    and wat a word 'derrière'

    it is been real long I heard sumone use this term :P.....

  9. Sissy

    thank god...u said it normal..I thought I was being the perverted :P

    staring till she normally don't do that ..i typically rely on quick glances increases the chance even with the boldest of women..they admire the guy whi dint get caught staring her's :P

    every man have a ted bundy embedded deep inside ..I guess I m in control of my ted bundy desires

    and yeah I read that...I remember :D

  10. **
    I kno I kno
    u must have skipped the post after reading the disclaimer :P

    reading the title only i skipped :P....


  11. @ Keshi: Brilliant!

    @ DayDreamer: One day you'll irritate some girl so much that she'll kill u! :p

  12. Bro I know ur a gentleman.

    **every man have a ted bundy embedded deep inside

    Not really. I know a guy who wouldnt even look at a practically naked woman down the street, even if she flashed it all infront of him. I guess he's the opp end of Ted Bundy!

    And ty Kaddu! :)


  13. kaddu


    yeah yeah!!!

    I is a long list already and if u wanna join ..then u gotta wait for ur turn :D

    I already have couple of bounties on my head :P

  14. keshiii

    are u sure he won't stare JOHN's ass in the newly coming Newyork movie

  15. innocent bro i am not....ur mistaken...if guys in india are innocent the population wont be it :P..


  16. Hemu

    it is large only because they are so innocent that they don't know abt how to chill giving her a pill :P

  17. sissyy

    keshii >>>>> sissyyy

    it was written keshii instead of don't mind as it was done fast..but I m acknowledging the mistake if that counts :D

  18. I'm alive, yes.

    Lol couldnt help but laugh at this post, even though I find the staring part disgusting. I liked "J"s comment up there...actually his observations. Nicely done...I never observed that bit about cleavage before :D :D

    Haan haan dekho bhai...aankhein di hai to jo dikh raha hai dekho....par aankho ke saath muuh ka istemaal karna zaroori hai kya?? (Bak bak i mean... tu kya socha? :p)

    Chal abhi yahaan se phut rahi hoon...ninni aa rahi hai...kal aaraam se aungi aur dekhungi ki tune kya likha hai....zzzzzzz

  19. Oye hoye

    aap zinda ho :P

    ab toh jashn manaya jayega :P

    staringis disgusting :O

    pata nhi yaar kiun lagta hai..mujhe toh unhe stare karna kinna pyara lagta hai :P
    and j's observation rocks :D...

    btw u never observed that bit...wat do u mean..u r observing cleavages too :O

    abey tera bf padhega toh kitna dukhi ho jayega :D

    and oh my god
    aankhon k sath muunh ka istemaaal :P
    thank god tune bata diya ki kaun sa istemaal :P
    but yaar...karne kaha deti hai ladkiyan munh ka istemaal :P
    kuch bhi bolo...toh naraj ho jati hai :D

  20. risk leke padh to lia but eeksssss that girl in the pic has got horrible cleavage. :o :p

  21. stuck in the cleavage still? ok!

    I just came to check on any new posts :)


  22. lolz..nice one dude..well, as everyone says it's 'natural' :))

  23. Preeti :P


    horrible or u r just J of her :P


  24. Sissy :P

    busy in works plus I m going home preparing for that too :)

  25. j........ not at all. it was so eeksssssssssssss :o

  26. there is nuthing eeeks abt it :P

    it is all yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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