Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I don't show mercy ???

People have often asked me about why I don't do donations and have mercy on deprived people..most of the time I prefer to stay silent on that...but today i will let you know the secret or rather secrets behind these acts of cruelty of mine.......

Once I offered my seat in a long bus ride to an old lady knowing that my co-passenger will get off at next i let her sit on mine but to my surprise that old lady started shouting for his son who was standing in front to be ready to occupy the seat when my co-passenger get off..when I tried to sit on the seat wen my co-pass was leaving..she actually started arguing with me that she has seen the seat ..and thus old women got off my mercy list

A little girl may be just below 7 was working in a household . As I read about child labor a few days back..I called up the Police and found that whole society got against of me ..coz I scared  all their servants who were all below 14 ...and found the whole low class community hurling glass bottles on our window panes... and thus child labors too got off my mercy list

Few years back, I  got the news that some girls were kept as slaves and traded for prostitution by some goons operating racket..Me and our NGO with the help of POLICE raided the place and rescued 8 underaged girls who later filed sexual harassment case on our NGO guys with the help of a lawyer who was hired by the goons..and few of my cooworker got arrested..and then we had to settle the case...outside premises paying a hefty saving prostitutes got off my list

I saw a helpless beggar on a station..paid him 10 rupees thinking where would he get..he so can't move..only to find the next moment he was crossing railway tracks for the next train which came beside our track...Man he was so fast that even couldn't have crossed that with his no beggars at least on rail stations are needed to show mercy...if he can cross the tracks ..he can do anything...

Apart from that there are several little incidents like Flood relief fund getting used for political campaigns and all...forced me on this path of no mercy..and I am sure ..I am not gonna show any in  near future too ..

Btw I hate pets ...coz one of my frnd's.. bit me on my hand when I was caressing him..ugly Spaniards x-(

Ps: I am not heartless...when women talk of gender equality why they damn need reservations in bus and train....anyways :) as I said earlier...I am not heartless..I work with differnt groups spreading education in deprived areas...I think that is enough for me :)


  1. Your talks made me think of an infant who fell down while trying to walk so he gave up on walking.

  2. hmm...thats the sad truth!!ppl here keep shouting tht htye dont hav a roof over their head and when govt gives them a house, they rent it out and continue to live in shanties!! So hw do u think can we help ppl who dont want to help themselves.
    I think i hav started to believe tht god helps those who help themselves.
    And btw i used to give alms to beggars especially those with small children....only to realise later on tht the child doesn't even belong to tht lady who was begging!! It seems they hav this group as shown perfectly in Slumdog Millionaire,and they knw tht having a small kid in had will evoke sympathy and hence ppl will give more money. Isnt tht disgusting!!

  3. Good one! I can relate to practically everything in this post! You can't change ppl unless they want to chng.

    @ Ria above: Have you seen beggars on traffic lights carrying hurt children, asking for money to get them treated? I actually saw, with my own eyes, a mother (if she really was the mother that is!), smashing the forehead of her kid with a big stone, by the side of the road, and then rushing towards the waiting traffic, asking for alms!

  4. Dekh bhai maine to life me bas ek bar cigarette shop me jake socha ki 100 rupe ka packet nahi.. bheekh de di.. kya masti thi pata nahi... jo bhi hai.. us din ke badd us area me hi nahi ja pata hu...

  5. Slumdog dekhne k baad, really have gotten very skeptical of beggars on the road.

    A fren of mine n I once offered our seats to an old couple on a bus, and got 2 chloromints in return. isnt that cute ?

  6. But that means ur generalising all ppl who deserve compassion and care as not worthy of it all, just by few personal experiences u've had.

    Look at it this way...hvnt u ever met at an old woman that made u feel all teary? Hvnt u ever met a child that longed for help? Hvnt u ever met a beggar who's eyes spoke hunger?

    u've got to see the bigger picture here. d u just drop all ur friends just cos one friend hurt u? :)


  7. Ms. R

    LoL ..yeah yeah!!!!!
    presumed this too... :P..or better heard this before :P

    come with sumfink unique:P

  8. Ria

    though I said I was not much motivated by Slumdog but fact still lies that slumdog actually came very close to reality....

    yeah I ve seen those women scantly clad in tattered clothes inviting attention from sex starved people in roads with a baby which they hire for the purpose and in night they join the prostitution rackets..being part of NGO I've witnessed it more than once

  9. Kaddu

    I agree....people fst themeselves need to change... :)

    and it was indeed horrible thing that u narrated to Ria...

  10. Samby...

    tu bheekh dene k baad uss gali nhi jata :O

    tu toh popular hoga waha ???

  11. Cinderella

    fst thing fst..u r looking very beautiful :P

    and secondly that was indeed cute..I will also try sumthing like this with Alpenliebe :P...

    btw usne puchha toh nhi na ki hum cholrmint kiun khate hai ????

  12. Sissy...

    I'm not generalising..I m saying why m not compassionate enough....

    I agree with everything but when u show pity u r actually making them more dependent on the current path they are on.....rather one should bring opportunities to them....

  13. Haha...nahi !

    Poochta bhi toh kya matter what I'da said... whooosh my face woulda gone into some bucket !

    And thnx for the compliment.

  14. :P


    wo naya wala ad dekha..sallu and uska bhai air plane mein air hostess se puchte hai ki wo chlormint kiun khate hai :D

    it was funniest after the paanwala :P

    aur abt tu jo aajkal inni khoobsoorat ho rahi is very wrong u kno... u r committed tujhe baki single logo ka dil nhi jalana chaiye :P

  15. well, had kinda bitter experiences, but there are al ot of NGos doing awesome work like the Udayan Care with which I am associated..they provide education, shelter etc. etc. to orhan kids, and the kind of facilites they provide to them they are no less than we middle people get in our homes!!

    btw. my mail id :

  16. you have some solid reasons..

    ill search for some reasons too..


    thanks for participating in the competition.. still one more day and a few more options left..

  17. i dont give ppl money but i rather give em food / clothes n all...

    btw i just started teaching these street kids....from today.....n am having an aweosme time.....its a total stress buster...

  18. i dont know bro but i just offer some money to old people who are begging but i never give anything to the kids ....sometimes helping them is also a curse...


  19. Rahul.....

    Ahan NGO...Udayan care....and good facilities...why don't u bring them to me..see I also need special care... :P


    jokes is a great thing u r doing...and I m really proud of u :)

    email noted... :)

  20. Chriz:)

    lol should always be ready with excuses :P

    ur competition rocks...but I can't do mind is too vulgar for that.... :P

  21. Mysterious Mia....

    that was indeed great of ya to do sumfink like that...they must had awesome time too with such a beautiful teacher .....

    do share ur choco love with them..they will be more happier...

  22. Hemu...

    I agree....better to provide opportunities than alms :)


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