Monday, May 25, 2009

FCUK POST*****************

***Adult Contents** *NOT FOR MINORS*** 

I am now seriously in some NON WRITER'S BLOCK..... it is similar to WRITER'S BLOCK ...but it is different in the sense that it can happen to those people too who don't know how to that they don't feel segregated... ...anyway now I kno u will all say no u r a good writer and blah blah


U agree to me that I can't write.... ?????????
now what the hell....U should be saying u write well...that's why I said I can't write.....I was being modest here....  :(


Now that I call Nonsense Ramblings.......

There are tits and bits of information ...oops not that tits...stop being perverted.....

so bits of information about my life.....

1) I am in NON WRITER'S I don' know what to write....

2) Dad's been transferred to KOLKATA....and now after so long I can write it my official residence...

3) Saturday I cooked Chicken and Rice...and I know U will all hate to see the i am not showing them :D

4) I am freaking tired.....mentally exhausted.... and sad that I am done with love.... and wat makes me freaking disgusted that.....those friends who called me brother and best friends....are still there in my ex's new account's frndlist....and the wat the fuck fact  was I had to search her from their lists....anyways..I was not going to add her....but it freaks me out wen I find people supporting her even whne she is the dumper here....

5) My mind is clogged up with work ideas which I left them pending for long....and now I am so tired that I am thinking to quit before the deadlines.....

6) One good news is My Sir's son and my closest little selected in IIT JEE and I am very happy for him....

7) And last night I went to ORCHID and the fucktards didn't gave me my ITBHU discount.....Son of gun told me that bill is out so they can't give any......

8) BTw what the fuck is Son of gun.....I never heard it sounds like kinnda appreciation than a slang...

9) What....u want more...there is nothing left in my life....and I m tired using my hands...I am thinking to buy sumthing that I can use as alternative.......No Buddy... I am not talking about Hands-free for my mobile....

10) OH! fans of Samby...u can catch him on his blog through my blog list....and believe me those wants to take training on military slangs...u can find it there...oh btw dad's a military guy and I know a lot too.....

11) seriously I wanna fuck sumone inside out.....may be thrash sumone to death.....and I am so freaky rigt now........Yeah even if U give that HOSE or wateva the fuck his name of MTV wassup...I think I might do sumthing good for the world.....Man he is so disgusting.....thinking about him makes me more disgusted....wat the fuck ...somebody pleasemake that guy shut up....ridiculous....


Anyways.....sorry for fuck words ...but I know ....wateva the fuck u pretend to be...u say it fucks or sucks  more than that the post said....


and Don't give me any lecture on slangs..I know it by heart....


  1. I was lost mid way through the post, but two things, nah forget it, no lectures, right.... ;)

  2. 1) I think your life must be going normal... nothing exciting.. cause you mostly wrote about your life like me.. that is one reason i kept checking up your blog even in the period we had a spat.. sum pervert pleasure..

    2) I should be in calcutta soon to meet up with a old school captain.. his marriage.. lets see.. you can come to the party too if u promise not to patao the girl who i will be targeting if any.

    3) I told you we had a same plan..but it was not sucessful.. so we had to eat maggi.. its good that u din put up pics.

    4) you should know hote hai kuch chutiye.. kuch to propose bhi kar dete hai peeche se.. aur fir jab unhe poocho to gand me dam nahi hota manne ko.. chuttad!

    5) this is a dangerous feeling... u need a joint.

    6) He will learn how to make joints lol..congrats to him.

    7)ORCHID is a restru.. pub what ?? and discount to dete hi hai agar paas me ho university ke to..complain to kar nahi sakte lekin... din kharab tha shayad.

    8) Bandook ka beta.. daring baaz.
    wo waiter daring baaz tha ki aapse panga le liya.. gand mar lo abhi aur bandok ki pichkari bana do.

    9) LOL.!!! Sahi hai .. try those dolls or sumthing.

    10)Yes and you know those ones also which i am not writing like..parade theek nahi kiya to gand me jaadu dalke mor bana dunga...fir yeh naach dikhana ..abhi parade karo bhenchood. ...

    11) Oh you read my post and that is what I want to do right now also.. and I will.. soon.

  3. Hey You!! You used that word so many times, you call me young and you use those words in front of me.. Damnit Sourish! lol

    Don't worry about the ex, she is your ex for a reason whether you wanted her to be or not.. SO MOVE ON! ok? Sorry I am here and there, there and here so on and off here lately..

    Don't see you on that much...

    See you around.

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  5. Quite an AGGRESSIVE post LOL!

    u cooked chicken and didnt give me some? :(

    **OH! fans of Samby...u can catch him on his blog through my blog list

    I know he has a new blog and for ages now. The fact that he didnt drop by to say HI for so long tells me he prolly doesnt want me there. :) So I decided to give him that space bro. I get these vibes from certain bloggers (past blogmates) who dun visit me anymore but continue their blog-life, that they dun want me there. And its ok. I hv to respect their wishes and really I hv moved on from all of that :):)

    Nothing affects me anymore.

    btw, u call that non-writers block? LOL good one there!


  6. Thanks for the disclaimer!! :P Omg wht a post....wht were u thinking when u wrote this! :P Anyways, hope u get over this block soon.

    And chicken curry sounds yummy...

  7. we all go thru this state yet we deny it, you are lucky enuf to have that un-named element which made u put all this down in the form of a post.
    Take a deep breath and do not try to write until u feel like writing, not even if there is something worth writing about!

    *wait for the feeling to return, not an event or happeneing*

  8. Samby

    pervert that was one good punchline :D

    about pataofy ladki...hehehe u know my taste..and u know u will hit on those u need to put ur hands away...not me :D

    hehhee about joints I told him the same yesterday :D

    Chicken se maggi :Plol u can send this to my maggi contest :P shyad tv par bhi aa jaye :P

    jhadu dalke mor bana yeah I heard a similar one from dad... military wale mast gali dete hai :P

    lol....I know..perverted minds think alike :D

  9. Nehya

    hey lil girl :P
    there was a disclaimer on the top :P
    and it was meant for u can I write it not for will sound odd n harsh I said not for minors and kids and u r one :P u should get the point...hehehehe

    I understood the point and and I know ur current state of u don't need to say sorry for anything...but I m not getting ur updates as what was promised to see u need to give me ur updates on those fronts which evades ur blog...

    I normally stay invisi..going thorugh some phases..hope I sort them fast....but I don;t see u that much too :P

    we'll defn see each other around :)

    love n carez

  10. sissyy...

    for chicken ...either u have to come here and u need to invite me over to ur new house :P

    last night I dreamed ur new house see I wanna go there and cook chicken and watch some bikini clad babes :P

    about Samby...
    he was going through some phase and he is still going through some transitions..I don't think he vist many and this blog is not that old...give him some time and he will bounce back on ur blog again..see one can;t always evade beautiful u :P

    and non writer's at least we non writers should have some excuse for not to blog :P

    love n carez

  11. Ria...

    hehehe...disclaimer....was needed ..u see..even I wasn't able to read the post twice coz my browser blocked it for parental guidance have gone insane actually...

    u r cordially invited...kabhi banaras aao and I will cook chicken for offer... :)

  12. Zainab

    right u r...but I am so addicted to blogging...even if i don' t have sumthing to write..I need to vent it out sumwhere and there is my pvt blog. for that...but this baby of mine gets angry if it doesn't get a post least a week..hhehe

    I understood wat u said...and i second ur views completely

  13. lol @ keshi... Try acknowledging any mails of mine first! Just leavin comments on the old blog doesnt mean that u care... Once u told me that it gets lost in the copious amounts of mail u get... Maybe this time too... Dnt bother replyin! I have got used to that from you...

  14. @ sourish... Girgit se chu*** ke paida huye the jo lal peele ho rahe ho... 2 round aur bhago.

  15. Man ! That was some aggravation or what !!

    1.Who cares. Write when you feel like. Not cz its time you wrote smth.


    3.I made pav bhaji sunday night.

    4.Why dont you leave her alone ? I wonder why are you obsessing over her and in the end hurting yourself !!

    5.LOL ! Talk about deadlines to an architect. Deadlines are meant to be post poned dearie ! Shift them na !!

    6.COngrats to your Sir's kid.

    7.Whats ORCHID btw ?

    8. I dunno wth is son of a gun either...a replacement for sonovabitch ?

    9.I am ignoring this. Didnt understand a thing.

    10.Glad to see Samby bk here on your page. :)

    11. I am telling you HOSE is the right guy for ample butt smashin from you right now. That guy irritates me no ends, I wonder wtf is he doing on MTV !! Koi producer ka bhai ya sala types hi hoga.

  16. Oh btw,tor !!

    Whatta sorry ass deep shit non-entity !!!!!

  17. Still not over your ex. ...tch...tch...fuck you man!!

    and double fuck you back at anything you say back at me!! haha

  18. umm... bad mood, huh??
    i was curious to see the pic of rice and chicken :P

    The Colors Magazine

  19. i am a minor :P....i read its only for adults is the pic i definitely want to see if its still alive :P...hey bro just relax ok :)...


  20. lolz..fuking awesome post bro:))..straight from the heart

  21. Samby

    waah mast gali thi :P

    mann garden garden ho gya..but mor wala mast tha..kal maine ek toh diya toh bechara standstill ho gya.... :D

  22. Cindy...

    that's what i tried to do for the fst time...sirf dimag band kar ke likhte raho....

    I did leave her alone ...wo orkut hi nhi chhorta usko :P postponed hai...ab nhi kar sakta .. :P

    aur paavbhaji.....sahi hai...tera hubby vadda khush naseeb hai :P

    orchid ek continental restaurant hai yaar...saala mast chooona laga uss din ektoh discount nhi diya upar se tax kaat diya :O

    son of gun kaisa sonovabich ko replace karta hai only starmovies knows...

    and wo tera samajhne k liye thi bhi nhi :P

    and hose godwo pocketmein kyahai...shittttt kaise saale ko National TV par dikha sakta hai koi

  23. cindy..........

    u won't change..... :D

    if she gets to understand na....tarpor dekhish ki kore tor :P

  24. sardar....

    fuck u double triple quadruple times :P

    hota nhi hai re..yeh dil bahut gandi cheez hai :)

  25. Lena....

    yeah kinndaa mood ..I am all in one nowadays :P

    Okie dokie..pic in the next post...for ya only :P

  26. Hemu...

    minor u ... :P

    I told u not to read...u will get spoilt :P

    hehehe pic in the next post... :P

    ohhh r u ???

  27. Rahul...

    heheheheh..thanx bro

    right u r.......fultoo mood freshning vent out post tha :P

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  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I agree to u on some...and I know Samby wasn't blogging fst not in open and after that not at all as he was in training .....

    he may have visited few then but it is all random.... with his reasons....

    and no one is branding all of us never had a single thing to complain against u....

    love n carez

  33. Aami ki korbo,tui bol !!

    Taar moton S-A-D-S-N mein aami dekhini !!
    Eyi posteyi taar example diye feleche ! Sob somoy ekta target khoje thake na ki ??

    LOL LOL LOL !!

  34. @ Keshi.. I haven't assumed.. You said so myself.. Anyway.. I am not going to say anything on this topic again.. just that you should know you aren't always right and people aren't always wrong.. Your older than me.. I dont need to tell you this.

  35. Ahh typo.. *yourself I meant.

  36. @ Sourish..

    lu** phek ke maaronga,tera poora khandaan ch** ke aayega. Chutiye jaise aa jate hai academy me.

    Bhosad pappu.. itne me hi fat gayi ?

    Lo yeh chutiyanandan officer ban ne aaye hai..

    Are alien se chude. . . .gaand par laat padegi to dhoop dhoop chillata dodega....... (Referring to koi mil gaya movie)

    yeh kya gadhe ki gand jaisi shakkal bana rakkhi hai.. abhi 2 round baki hai...

    Are yeh to sulemani gandu wali nasal ka hai.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Samby u bore me with ur sudden and baseless finger-pointing at me after all these months. u blew it. now get over it.


    Goodnight! :)


  39. @ Keshi...

    Don't give urself so much of importance ... Bah look who m talking too..

    Good luck :)

  40. battle ground :D

    ***opens up popcorn***

    come on sambyyyyyyyy

    come on sissyyyyyyyy


    u people are behaving like kids :P

  41. cindyyyyyyyyy


    tui o chana bhaja kha....aar moja ne :P


  42. samby...

    sulemani :O

    haaddd hai :P

    lol.....aisi galiyan sunke waha hansi nhi aati ground par :P

  43. ohhh btw...
    please don't delete comments...people will think I write and delete my increase the comment count

  44. **Don't give urself so much of importance ...

    same goes to u Samby! When all ur friends were looking for u, u didnt CARE for so many months. Now that ur in a mood to blog, dun just expect all the ppl to fall at ur feet. So many of ur friends kept asking ME where u were. I didnt know either. And the email u claim that u sent to me a 100yrs ago, only God knows wut ur talking abt.

    And u think Im someone who believes Im always RIGHT? Hell nah...Im WRONG most of the time. :) The fact that I believed in u and trusted in friends like u on the net itself shows how WRONG i can be :) Look at the way u come ard accusing me of being bossy n this n that in public, w.o. me hvn done anything to hurt u. The least u cud do was say 'Hey Im bak and its nice to see u all'. Instead it looks like u hv come back to attack me based on alot of wut u hv heard probably? Relax. Just cos I hv alot of blog comments dun throw mud on my face. Hust cos u cant maintain ur friendship with me, that doesnt mean it gives u the right to label me as a shallow person. I do hv a few great net friends who hv always been ard, regardless of my blog readership. they hvnt judges me based on that.

    Im not gonna sit here and argue with u over something u made up abt me. u r free to think anything abt me and say anything abt me too. Go ahead. Im not giving any self-imp to me either. u just lookafter urself. dun hurt ppl with words just cos u can. Im done. Enjoy blogging with the ppl u blend in with.

    Good luck to u too!


  45. Bro I hv the right to delete my comments :) I deleted them cos it didnt get the msg across the way it should hv. Instead Samby threw more stones at me. So no point keeping those comments.


  46. Bro no more from me on this. Im sorry I took ur space to speak to Samby.


  47. rights :O

    u r not gonna call human rights ..right ???


    take wateva space u need..but finish the battle and at least hear the other side

  48. and go to sleep sisssyyyyyyyyy....

    come back tomorrow fresh n fine..he is not gonna run away now :)

  49. @ Sourish.. yeah..hasi aati hai uske bad aur padti hai baba... mera pichwada looks like burger meat.. ;)

  50. ***same goes to u Samby! When all ur friends were looking for u, u didnt CARE for so many months.

    Contrary to that, I mailed em all.. like I did you.. and Ive been in regular touch on and off. Met them... talked to some of them over the fone. met quite a few.. all of them..except you.

    You say u've been aware of all my blogs.. you could have taken initiative and dropped a hi there instead of the restricted blog that i cannot access anymore ?? It works both ways.

    ****Now that ur in a mood to blog, dun just expect all the ppl to fall at ur feet.

    I am not.. expecting that.. cause I've been in contact with them.. they visited my blogs.. they haven't.. but that doesn't matter..we've been in touch..cause of of them had the courtesy to reply.. I dnt blame you that you dont reply.. its that if u dont reply then dont blame me for being the one that gives u vibes or whatever..

    And it was sourish's initiative to write that line on his blog. I have not made him do that..

    ***So many of ur friends kept asking ME where u were. I didnt know either. And the email u claim that u sent to me a 100yrs ago, only God knows wut ur talking abt.

    Yes atleast GOD knows. I sent all of those emails 100 years ago.. and sum replied that day.. sum replied after a month..some din.. but no one blames of not being in touch like you did...

    ***Instead it looks like u hv come back to attack me based on alot of wut u hv heard probably?

    I haven't heard anything.. But I saw your comment on this blog and replied to that..

    **** Relax. Just cos I hv alot of blog comments dun throw mud on my face.

    LOL.. there you go with your comments again.. If your remember.. cause I dont want to put up links here is that once before too when I commented on your blog that I mailed ya... you said that it might have got lost in the copius amounts u get.. even in the email u said that.. go check your blog.. and then say whoz lying..

    **doesnt mean it gives u the right to label me as a shallow person. I do hv a few great net friends who hv always been ard, regardless of my blog readership. they hvnt judges me based on that.

    Good for you that you have friends.. I have mine you have yours.. And similarly you don't have any right to go about declaring that I don't care!! Think that way..but if you publish that on a public medium.. expect a reply too.. you can have it all your way ma'am...

    Whatever.. I never said u cannot think whatever you want to.. go ahead.. free world..but when you write sumthing in public about me..I am going to react.. :).. So well that's all I gotta say.. Good luck to you.. Reply to this comment or not .. I am not going to reply.

    Good Luck with all you do.


  51. Sourish, I am so not a child... My mind exceeds way beyond my age. lol

    I know I owe you updates I am sorry.. I will get those to you and you stop hiding when I am online... or have I blocked you?? hahahahahah

    Be good okay!!


  52. Bro lol @human rights! The situation here calls for the UN I think! It's a crazy world.

    :) tnxx anyways n tata!


  53. Nehya :P

    chances are there of u blocking me :D

    so..see that explains why u can't see me or I see u :D

    but even if u have blocked me..u owe me the updates..

    Be good and stay good

    love n carez

  54. Sissy...

    I fink Chinese intervention could be good :P

  55. Samby....



    Papa bhi yehi kehte hai.... :P

    aur bata.....koi kudi shudi pati :P ??????

  56. Abe mera ek saal me hi ho gaya hai..unka to kya bolu ?

  57. LOL !

    Eita ki khali moja te jaaye ?
    I will call it fatafati..daarun...smth like that.

    Amar buku te ekhuni ki je thanda paye ekhni tui janina !


  58. tui ja bangla bol li that was more lol than anyother.... :P

    tui pagol hoye gechishh

    u r obsessed with .... :P


    sudhar ja
    achhi ladkiyan itni revengeful nhi hoti....

    tujhpar toh hit bhi nhi mar sakta..kiun ki mujhe revengeful ladkiyan bahut pasand hai :P


    so sudhar ja :P


  59. LOL !

    I knw...the last line was so screwed...I just said what came in to my mind.

    Use thoda arrange kar ke bata toh kaisa hoga ?

    I need to improve my bangla...I'm loosing the touch.

  60. U don't need to improve...phir main hasoonga kaise :P


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