Monday, May 11, 2009

Running fast in my head

There are loads of things to post ...but you know it is all Yada Yada.... so not much to say actually

Thanx a lot to all the sweethearts who commented on the previous post for the positivity and thanx a lot to other guys who didn't commented too....

There are few things worth mentioning that is major part of my thinking nowadays

1) Nehya's father's demise ...It was really very hard for me...Happening to her ..also made it more I can never guess how hard it is to be with out dad an nor I wanna know...and knowing her to be all daddy's girl is too shocking.....just wanted to remind her that I will be there for her...I guess she knows :)
...loads of love to her..muaaaaaaaah

2) Preetilata's Birthday....I knew her birthday was on 8th....yet I missed wishing her birthday ...I guess she is very angry ..though I prewished her on Lena's blog..and I am sure the amount of wish ..she got that day...she must be forgiving me showing her generosity's  ...and also for the fact no on gonna be wishing her today except me ... :P

3) Dad's on Election duty.... Very few of u know that Dad is in Special forces...and now he is assigned to protect the election in Naxalite region... and I am literally scared for him....

4) Mom's home alone: Mom is home alone...though I tried to bring her to me...but she is not over the trauma of her accident that she met on her return from my place...and know how she is afraid of ghosts and the is very hard for me to think her living alone in the house...

5) I was in Baliya last week attending a marriage and trip was excellent....I will be posting it out very soon...

5) There is gonna be a new beginning in my life....and I am all in gears for that..I hope this thing materializes as it is gonna shape up my entire future...and I sincerely praying to God for it....Do pray for me.....

Oh!! btw the above Cybershot pic of Sunrise at Assi Ghat in Varanasi  .... proof of the fact that I am not sleeping nowadays... :D... ( The girl holding the camera ..clicking me from the boat Elena and she is from Ukraine...and yesss she was hot...we had a chat for few minutes before her BF sensed danger and hurriedly intervened and took her back to their hotel :P ...oh !! did I mentioned she gave me her hotel nummer.. ??? )

PS: Sorry for not being regular in your blogs....You know na ...there are so many things going right now in my life....All I need is your support and prayers....I hope as soon as life gets set..I will be back on.. like before....till then try not to forget me...
Love and carez


  1. Me first again :)

    well you have all my wishes for the change... the pic is real beautiful... so there do seem to be certain things going on in your life.. and since youre noticing them.. i guess youre getting over it.. :)
    good luck

  2. :D

    Whatta a feel-good post for a monday ! Though I am not having any monday blues today, courtsy tons of sleep last night, and half the day is already gone..I feel rejuvinated as I read this.

    I give Ne all my prayers, and I knw she'll be well. She's a wonderful human being.

    Happy Bday to Preeti !

    Dont worry for your Dad, in times like this the last thing he needs is negative energy like fear coming out from his loved ones. He's a brave soul, be the son of a man like him loony !!

    Talk to your mum as much as you can. If she doesnt wanna come, you should do everything you can to make her feel good.

    And finally, I hope you dint eat too much chhagol. I knw what you're gonna post about it. Pix of the dishes. LOL.

    The pic is lovely. I am surprised it didnt dawn on the gori mem's bf to take her into the hotel the moment they lay theit eyes on you !! Couldnt he see it coming ?!


  3. harini...

    a very nice way to know the fact that i m getting over...yeah ..I seriously thought if she don;t want to come in my life..why i am forcing her to will make my life no less hell..if she don;t love me..she don;t deserve me..if she is fine I will try to be fine too....

    and thanx for the luck...

  4. Who will say you have not been regular in reading other blogs? It's clearly visible in this lovely post how you are constantly in tough with all :)

    Eveyone has a life apart from blogging. So it's okay :)

  5. Cindy bhindi :P

    fst of all ..very thankful that u liked the post..actually it was nothing in comparison to what i felt in ur blog today....

    talking both abt the post and the second not to publish comment :D

    being worried for dad is normal na...papa hai tension toh hoti hai..though I am in constant touch with him...and pray for his safety too...

    and mom I said wo thodi didi fan un dono mein baatein hoti hai..I calll every night to check up on her....

    hehehehhe..eating ka toh pata nhi but I drank a lot that day....and I don't remember drinking water... :D
    I will write was a memorable trip...

    hehhehe...and Elena...hehehe..I guess that proves sab teri tarah nahi hote :P


  6. Darshan...
    thankx for acknowledging that...i agree blogging k alwava bhi jindagi hoti hai but I guess it was not the fact of my life not very long ago...but I guess man changes with time :)

  7. dd,
    yep you got that right!!

    i love the knight riders too!! but only cos it has shah rukh !!! :P

  8. Arrey wah mere sher! She gave her number and all huh ? She sounds really committed to her bf.. hehheh

  9. harini...

    Knight rider k recent performances se mujhe unka logo chipkane mein bhi sharam aa rahi hai :P

  10. Dhanya...
    thanku thank u :P

    committed ka toh pata nhi ..par banda charming toh hai na :P hehehehe..

    btw main apne baare mein bol raha hoon :P

  11. 1st of all my prayers for nehya n her dad.

    dad is posted in a scary area but tum darr jaoge to dad ko bura lagega na. n @ mom, tlk to her. :)
    but i understnd ki tension to hoti hi hai.

    now abt my b'day, yes i was very very angry. but so happy ki aaj bhi i am getting b'day wishes. hehehe thnx for that. but as u dint wish me on my b'day so now i need gift. yes u heard it correct... i need a gift.

    n i want this photo of sunrise as my budday gift. so bhej do jaldi se. :p

    i hope u understood by this, how much i lovvvvvvvved d pic. :) its such a beautiful shot.
    but now put ur hands away from it coz its now mine. yes i shamelessly claim it as mine. :)

    happy to knw @ the new beginning. all my wishes n prayers r with u. :)

  12. Preeeti...

    thanx for the acknowledgment..u see it is very hard to find a boat at that time and that too just straight to the line of view is another tough task ..and wo bhi subah uthk lena is another rarity least for me :P


    chalo tumhare liye yeh pic kurbaan ...I will be sending u the original pic of it and forfeiting all the claims :P

    now u can claim it urs...heheheehhehe

    love and carez

  13. You shud change ur name from "DayDreamer" to "UniversalFlirt"! :-D

    Btw, you've just recd an award! Hope it lightens ur mood! :-)

    And yes, I like ur spirit... her loss not urs, right! :-D

    Oh and I want that pic for my desktop! :-D Love the shades of the sky & the water! I have a thing abt sunrises & sunsets... my dad is fed up of seeing "laal/peele" wallpapers on my dekstop! :-p LOL! That's what he calls them! He he!

  14. Universal flirt :P


    My ex gf will be very happy..she will now say to herself..look I was saved ..thank god I dumped him :P

    and award ..ahan...kaha kaha...ruko aata hoon collectne :P

    my dad stopped telling me long back..I guess he might now be liking those babes who found a place on my desktop....

    and thanx for acknowledging my photography skill..I love sunrises too..but seldom see it..I am kinnda nocturnal creature..sun actually burns me up.. :P
    btw check ur mail box :)

  15. sourish, my reply is thr in ur mail box.:)

    @kaddu, ye pic ab meri ho gayi hai ji with all claims. :p

  16. lovely pic, and preetu should share it with me :| because me loves it too and me had a bday... ummm... 2 months ago :D

    my good wishes are always with you whatever might be happening in your life :)

  17. preeti....

    read and replied....

    hehehehehe ...

    wo pic tumhari ho gyi... :D

  18. Lena

    thanx for the wishes...and I loved ur website....
    I can send u another one just like it...not this coz it is now preeti's and u have to sort the rights and transfer from her only...



  19. lol

    I fink shahrukh mus be feeling happy to find at least one fan intact :P

  20. lol thats cos im NOT a cricet person :)

    AND, im dying to watch rab ne bana di ..

  21. abhi tak nhi dekha :O

    maine toh kabka dekh shahrukh will be sad...


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