Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quit Smoking....???

****Not For Minors***

Let me start with the disclaimer....

**Cigarette Smoking is injurious to Health**

Many of you guys know that I am on verge of committing Suicide...killing myself smoking..and many of you were really concerned about it...So last night I thought...why I smoke...
the answers were too quick to come...
  • I don't have any gf no one is to stop me from smoking
  • I don't have any other work to do so I smoke...

So I thought let's weigh it against the reason to quit..
  • 500 Million of people are below poverty line not getting enough food to eat...and I waste Rs 100 everyday on smoking a stick which comes at 5 a if I get to save Rs 3000 from one month ..I can use it for charity... 
  • Cigarette gives cancer...
The reason to quit were stronger....but then I switched on my TV and saw that  Al Zawahri ...The Al-qaida no.2 is in Pakistan...and Pakistani army has been given nod to control American Pilotless drones... So I'm gonna die anyways either in terrorist attack by Zawahri or by stupid pakistani army who can't differentiate between Taliban and cancer is gonna be come ...

But the real reason ...why I decided against quitting finally is that my brother-in-law is in the Cigarette production of the brand I smoke...and since he is not a smoker...somebody has to take his if everyone starts thinking like me ...he can be jobless ...U kno recession and this Ramadoss have hit ciggys real Ramadoss has banned smoking in offices and recession fired the rest who dared to smoke in office with all others ...

So dropping the idea .... I am not gonna quit smoking... :P
****Btw the pics are from my new NOKIA 5310 Music Express....:P***

PS: I have reduced a lot...and may be I will stop ...real soon... :)

Love n carez


  1. lolz..bro it's your life ,do what you want..that is how I live..but just think bout your friends,parents who will be deprived a few yrs. of your the end you have to take a call!!

  2. written funnily without eliminating the serious notes. aha! i liked that.

    good that u hv reduced it a lot. hope to read a post soon whr u will say that now i hv quit smoking. :)

  3. well when you are in such a mood, nothing anyone says will make u quit. i mean just LOOK at the extra lame excuses you've listed out.. why bother even talking bout quitting when u arent planning to??? if you werent dd, id say "wadda loser"...

    ps- id NEVER marry a man who smokes.

  4. yes, quitting smoking is i have witnessed with some of my mates.

  5. Smokers... they ALWAYS have reasons on why not to stop smoking!!!! :P

  6. rahul

    hahahah... I kno buddy..beleive me..the post was exact the same happened with me that night...only if CIA had not been so active in finding Zawahri..I would have stopped smoking :P


  7. Preeti...

    InshaAllah..jis din meri shadi hoyegi..U will find me in no smoking zone :P

  8. Harani..
    Don't get angry :-|

    it is the state of mind I projected of every even the lamest excuses they can use to continue smoking...

    PS:I have decided to quit smoking after marriage...seriously... :P

  9. abhishek...

    yeah I don't agree....I have quit smoking 7 times :P


  10. Dhanya :P

    AS i is all American policy of war against terrorism that stopped me from smoking...otherwise u wud have seen a complete non smking me..blame the americans :P

  11. Too much! So much of justification not to quit smoking! Instead how about you start jogging/ working out every day! That way, you'll realize how weak your lungs have become! Hopefully, you'll quit smoking then! (Don't quit jogging!) :P

    And your brother will survive. Not to worry! There'll be a lot many more people in the world to help him!

  12. I was all ready to is just american policy and our health minister Ramadoss to be blaimed...

    I kno my lung's capacity has decreased... but still u kno i trekked 7 kms in my last trip....

    PS: I have reduced from 20 to 6.. I guess I will stop soon..but I see no reason to do that....yeah jogging ..hope I don't quit it fst... :P

  13. allahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! jis din apki shaadi hogi uss din se in cigrt companio ka kya hoga!!! unka to diwalia nikal jayga. :D

  14. are smokers kya charity kare.. Khud ke paas kya hai...hamare hoth sukhte hai cig fuk fuk ke.. Duniya ke hooth sukhte hai mar jaoge bol bol ke... Par unhe kaun samjhaye ki kabhi kabhi apne ko marte huy hi ehsaas hota hai ki hum abhi zinda hai... Shayad us din chodo jis din dil se man kare.. Par kaha mana kar pauge aise dost ko jo thodi si hamare jaise logo ki zindagi to zaroor le leta hai... But jo apne pas bach gayi use aasan bana jata hai... Bada bhai na bante hue mat kehna mai bhi chod do.. Bas aaram se comment pad ke kash marna.. Mai train me hu... Is post ko padh ke chala AC ke bahar... Darwaze par fukne ka aanand hi kuch aur hai........ Samby.

  15. preeti

    I guess if I marry a ciggy baron's daughter ....I may drop the idea of quitting altogether...

  16. samby...
    main tujhe nhi kahoonga chhodne coz abhi tu jis job mein hai wo tujhe khud hi chhudwa degi...

    aur bata kya haal hai...kabhi koi mail shail bhi drop kiya kar...

    aur tera number bhi nhi haalchal pata karooo

  17. happen to stumble upon your blog. Interesting post.

    I've given up on the idea of giving up smoking.

  18. thanx J

    will appreciate if u keep dropping by....


    No I do have hope left..I fink it will be my 9th time if I quit smoking... :P see..If i have quit should not be too :P

  19. so are you getting married tomorrow?? or at least next month?

  20. not in next two years...

    I do have to open an option for that time u will be big enough to take the decision :P


    wen is ur premed resultcoming????

  21. i hope u quit soon!!u dont need to do it for anybody but for urself.

  22. yeap! I kno.. but see if this year UPA replaces RAMADOSS...I may quit smoking :P

  23. I loike smoking too. but m nt addicted.

  24. lol@ ramadoss...

    no deta hu.. naya lene do yaha pe.

  25. nidhi :D

    who's addicted here. ???

    atleast me not .... i can quit anytime ..see already count is 9 times :D


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