Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cruel girls Vs Innocent boys

This morning I was thinking about why we always blame males for the faults committed...and the females are always said the victim.... ????


Kareena dumped the puppy faced Shahid for better Saif

Katrina got sucessful and dumped Sallu

Aish got sucessful and dumped Sallu for Bachhan family

Aish Dumped Vivek as she was too hit for him

 Most of the girls dump their bf if they come in their success path

Bosses are sexually aroused by females for promotion and then lawsuits of harassment  follows

Girls dump boys if they are ugly

Girls dump boys if they are failures in life

Girls dump boys if they are immodest

Girls dump boys if they are not decent.

Oh my god!!! Boys never dumped girls for any of the above reasons...... they find them sexy and more lovable with the above reasons....see boys are so full of love and affection...


Who said boys are to be blamed.......??????

Man ...these girls disguises themselves so well..... :O

Open ur eyes world :D :D..ur always blaming the wrong species here :O

Grrrrrrr !!!!

Final Deduction

Girls are all Meany weanie ..... :-|

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PS: U know I so love hot hot girls are autoexempted from the post argument :P


  1. Sourish.. I don't know about the success and the dumping because that goes both ways if you read magazines..

    In real relationships that we see from day to day.. There are reasons behind a break up whether we (the outside) see them or not.. There are times that a break up is needed.

    Most of the time from a girls point of view I see it as men being asses, it builds up and then everything hits the fan and it is over.. I dunno men are not always bad... Girls are not always bad..

    But I think men do things that PISSES a girl off and then they are pissed and want no part of it anymore..

    I may sound confusing but I understand me so that must be something right there.


  2. other side will always agree when we say we have faults. But they wont if we say they have.

  3. How can it be generalised? There are always two sides of the same coin;)

  4. How can it be generalised? There are always two sides of the same coin;)

  5. Well, you can't compare your celebrity women to the average one.

    And there's always two sides to the coin. I've seen bitches and bastards alike.

  6. i dont want argue everyone said we have to see the coin's second side also...


  7. Thats cos the Blame game is very popualr among Humans..cos its so much more easier to put the blame on someone else than accept ur own faults.

    But its not always that men get the blame..there r women who hv to cop the blame in some religions, cultures etc.

    These r isolated incidents bro.


  8. Nehya..

    fst of all don't tell me to read....remember i am doing much more u want me to read :(
    oops magazine....

    Ohh!! Yeah

    I read playboy every month....I couldn't find any example there :P

    Break up is needed .... who decides not to give other any chance.... ???

    Btw I agree all girls are not girls are really good :P... (Just needed to mention so that hot gilrs don't presume me a gay :P )

    Yeap...I agree...but what can we do...they get pissed on every other action except on increasing their gifts and buttering :P

    and u understand urself :P that is so not confusing :D


    it was just a fun post sweetheart :D

    love n carez

  9. Samby :P

    Big part of being the fairer sex....they want to be proved fair all the time :D

  10. akanksha :P
    do do bar ek hi cheez :P

    I think by now even the isstupid coin got the point :P

  11. J
    every successful woman think herself no less than a celebrity and thus their behavioral pattern changes accordingly :P

    I have a fair share of knowing the bitches...and since i come from not so big city...bastards are very rare there....but bitches....these music Channels made them available all the time 24X7 anywhere....

  12. Hemu....

    what other side :P


    Don't be all mushy mushy blog frnds (read girl readers)are not gonna get impressed so easy :P

  13. Sissy :P

    I am not talking about the 18th century..I live in 21st and so I have to take these isolated girls in consideration too :P

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. ha ha my sympathies with the men!!especially men who cry fake once they r dumped!!too bad guys, u r bad at recognising women.
    Men go for complicated women and then cry when they get kicked in their a**.

    Moral: Be careful abt who u desire!!

  16. If u leave the super-ambitious women out of the scene (like the female boss in the movie 'Aitraaz'), the rest of them are pretty simple-minded. If u treat them right, they'll go against the entire world for u... but then u hv to treat them right first... & make the feel secure & cared for. Otherwise, u will be dumped!

  17. Bro Im not talking abt the 18th century either! Look many times do we hear abt MEN blaming WOMEN for all their insecurities and treating them awfully.

    eg: Middle Eastern countries. Dun u read the news? :)

    Its pretty big over there and yes its happening right now!


  18. Ria

    complicated women.... okie gimme an example of a simple woman.... LOL

    women are the most complicated species in the world....they even don't know what they want....

    they want attention ...u give them they will call it "blocking space" and mark u over possessive...


    what category u r ..compli or simple ??? :P

  19. Kaddu :P

    treat them right :P


    if u be their puppy and wag ur tail all the time...that's what they call treating them right...
    though exception lies....but fact still remains...they are the meany species :D

  20. Sissyyy

    Oh! I hear it all the time....the need for space and the break thing were invented by women only ...

    and middle who said they came with us in 21st century ..they are still trapped in 15th :D

  21. i am not trying to impress anyone....they are impressed already :P....


  22. bro come n ans my qn in my the comment section. tnxx!


  23. Sissy...


    and answering ques... :D

    okie dokie I m coming :P

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I think comments disable kiya hai on the latest post.. Is liye kya hua nahi poochunga.. take care..and get well soon.. :)

  26. 'u see i so love hot gals" baap re baap. openly flirting.

  27. Samby....

    kuchh khaas nhi hai re.... and comments mein wapas ladai nhi karwani thi disable kar diya..

  28. Are pehle jab dekha maine comment likhte hue.. to laga tha ki bike se gir gaye hoge ganja marke.. ya fir kuch aise chot lagi hogi...wo to bad me abhi kuch der pehle tab realize kiya ki kya panga hai...

  29. hehehehehehe

    dimag ka dahi ban gya tha yaar... :D

    aur ganje ki tension na le..main ganja peekar jyada control mein rehta hoon :D...

  30. wo toh usne bahut sa hata diya...nhi toh maine ek mare toh usne kam se kam 4 mare ..aur uffff hadd bc comment the :D

  31. i m simple thts why i hav a bf from the past 8 yrs!!at least he can vouch tht he understands me!! :P

  32. Ria

    ohh 8 years...

    one can also read as

    usko 8 saal lag gye simplicity samajhne mein :D


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