Monday, May 18, 2009

Another foody goody post

This weekend ...I was home-alone... TV was shouting election results and situation was I thought why not I cook my food today.... and I went to market to replenish my kitchen which is otherwise filled with veggie stuff as my flatmate is a veggie... are the few pics of my lunch from it's preparation to moments before it went all down my stomach...

For the veggie may be disturbing for ya....but for u guys...I am starting from a complete veggie pic....

This is Basmati rice.....completely steamy hot

Food without Salad ..I can't imagine... :P

Now the actual thing starts.......

Raw mutton kept for marination with spices and lemon drops ...

Cooking it with all the spices and stuffs...

a closer view.....

Cooked mutton......I 'm hungry again..yum yum

My lunch on Saturday....

It was all fun weekend...I had  a wonderful time..completely oblivious of all the things happening around ...just indulged completely in eating ...right they say.. The way to heart of a man goes right through his stomach...and yes!!! the mutton was all yum yum....and with basmati tasted awesome.....

So see...Single and a good cook....what say gals ?????
Hungry ????


PS: You are all invited..Plan a trip to Varanasi..... I will be ur host and I will cook for you....

Love and carez


  1. Im simply amazed. :) It does look delicious.

  2. Looks tempting! How's ur vegetarian cooking btw? I'm pre-dominantly a veggie... just hv some chicken occasionally.

    Post some pics of ur veg cooking & then we'll discuss further! ;-)

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwww......... dat looks "finger licking delicious"!!!

    me definately gonna hv mutton tomm.

    gals are u getting wat this evil guy waNts to tell by showing his cooking abilities??? :p ;) :D

  4. Coincidence indeed with the cooking.

    And the mutton looks deeelicious!!

  5. Kaddu

    veggie cooking.... :P

    I am good at almost all the indian veggie dishes....may be next saturday it will be all veggie veggie day...

  6. Preeti :D


    see ..that's why I cal them dumb...but dumb looks hot isn't :P

  7. J...

    yeah...that's what I felt...and u r invited for ur next night out here :P

  8. sissy :P


    come to india....this is nothing in comparison to what i can cook

  9. bro , how about some a recent convert to vegetarianism.
    Still, the mutton looks yumm!!!

  10. what ahppened to the world..are we gonna turn frm omnivorous to herbivorous :O


    rahul..I am complete non veggie guy..but i will defn find some use of veggie stuff this weekend :P

  11. yaya... i wish u all d luck. u will soon get a hottest dumb ever. :p ;)

    to the veggies.... "
    I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!"" .... hw is d quote DD ?:D

  12. preeti....

    thanx forthe wish

    tumhare munh mein chilli chicken :P
    ( kinna alternative to ghee shakkar)


    and what a nice quote.... aaj darwin jinda hota toh tujhse kitna khush hota :P

  13. Sahi hai... kal shaam ko hamara yehi plan hai ek dost ke ghar pe.. 3 log.. :D :D... foto dekh ke abhi se party shuru ho gayi lagta hai.... waise hamara dinner hai..

    Nokia le liya to bas foto lene ke bahane dhoonde ja rahe hau...

    dadi shave kar di hai.!!!... kya shudra image ban gaya hai university me ? hahaha.

  14. Yummmy !

    Guys who cook are a big yes to gals dude, so dontcha worry mate you wont be single for long !!!

    Mansher jhol aar of my fave foods !!!

    Look darn good. Lucky we made chicken curry n roti yesterday. So I aint droolin all that much.


  15. And i m planning to boose tonight as my dear fren is leaving the town for his new job. :(

  16. I came back to drool and I just cant help but faint!


  17. Am a non-veggie, and I love chicken (cooked in any form)
    People eat people up, so there's no harm in eating them, LOL =P
    Looks good dekh ke..mind sharing a slice, bhai?

  18. Vishu

    sahi hai ...aish kar...

    aur kya mast hairstyle hai....bachpan ki din yad aa mera aise hi baal katwa they :P

    and clean shaven....arre iss bar kisi ne bday par Mach3 gift kiya tha...mast cheez hai..

    and kuch kaho na kaho NOKIA is best...

  19. cindy....

    Tera munh mein biryani chicken.... :P
    atleast tu hi dhoondh de :D

    and chicken ...huh :P

    this saturday I m gonna cook chicken :P...but may be fish is gonna take its place...havn't made my mind yet :D

  20. Nidhi

    Awwwwwww.....chalo tumhare dukh I will boos today too :(

  21. sisyyy

    u r most invited..or at least invite me won't help drooling from that far :D

  22. Aayushi

    hehehehe right u r...dusro ki jindagi hell kar sakte hai log and jab baat chicken ko kashto se mukt karane ki...sab selfish ho jate hai :D


    and u r welcome sis..anytime :)

  23. Are nokia is the best..i learnt that the hard way.. i agree absolutely...

    MACH 3 beta... liya to tha pehle hero banke...par blade bahut mehnge hai.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. wo gifted hai...
    khatam hote hi I will come back to gillete presto :D


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