Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Birthday - The timeline :D

I am loving this time-line thingy..Last time I published a post on Time-line ( Valentine day ) ex-gf dumped me..if u r wondering how can an ex-gf dump me...U  came to right place..coz no one can better answer than me...and the answer is ..

"It is complicated...once I understand myself then I will make u understand :D lol..."

The above context was necessary to its effects can all be seen in the time-line... and after reading don't call me an emotional I know, I am, already.  :D

Time line : Events and my state of mind, on  B-day :)

28th March:

11:10 PM:  Still 50 minutes are there...God ! koi phone karega bhi ya nhi?...Last time I had to remind mom who was on her nth romantic escapade with dad..and completely forgot my birthday..and Dad..he has an emergency duty with his anti terrorist thingy..I don' think he will be awake..

11: 50 PM : Will Saraah call me... ? I guess I broke her heart..but was it my fault. that she forgot to call me on Valentine day as she promised ...while she was partying with her frnds ..getting roses and leaving me drinking alone in solitude...aneways..I will try to patch up if she least we can be  frnds... she will call..I know she is a sweetheart...

29th March ( My B-day) 

00:00AM: * The horrible ring tone and vibrations*..hello! kool it's mom and that too dot on 12 ..Hey ! didi's calling too at same time...oh both of them are didi is gonna get her diamond necklace soon :D....Dad! he is awake...oh no! he is sleep wishing me :D ..He and his terrorists both need to take a break :-D..

00:20 to 5:30 AM: "thank u" .."thank u" ..."thank u" "oh my thank u"...."thank u" "thank u...same to you..".
"oye! it ain't my birthday it is urs..."
I attended nearly 30 calls in between the time from my national and international frnds and the last son of gun forgot that it is not cozy evening here it is 5: 30 in the morning :D..and as he wished me birthday...I was so sleepy that I said, "Thank u and same to you..."

7:00 AM: My landlord's son came up with a self made bouquet of flowers to wish me was so sweet of him..

7 : 30 AM: My frnds here called me to play the cricket match ..they arranged to commemorate my birthday.

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM: I played three hours non stop..and that too after 3 years....and it was so cloudy and wonderfully refreshing time..,.yet it kept me limping throughtout the day of exhaustion..yet it was awesome feeling...we shouted ..cursed ..abused ...but in spirits...just like what we used to do ..on our kidhood days..

1:00 PM: I went to have lunch where few more wishes came..yet I was waiting for her call...and like that song... "Mujhe pyar hai tumse ki jab bhi koi ahaat ho to lage tum aaye" and like that cute girl in that video ..I was waiting for her call and with every ring ..I used to think it was she...but disappointed...yet the irony was that I couldn't be sad..coz the caller on the other side was wishing me birthday with his full spirits...

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM: I slept, I dreamt, I waited, I cried and yet I smiled on every call that came during that time.

6:30 PM - 8: 30 PM: I went to Assi Ghat, to attend the Aarti, it was an unearthly experience and I clicked few with my Sony-Cybershot and also made a video to share my experience with ya.  I had Tomato chat and of course a hell lot of ciggys..oh my ciggy get increased on such occasion near ghats :D

Some times collage forms when u have a shaky hand with an Night vision D-cam 
Aarti at Assi 
Tomato Chat at Assi

9:30 PM: I took my roomie, my landlord and his family to Aman's ..where I celebrated my birthday calmly...I needed to give my frnds a pardy too but I postponed it to some later date...
Raghu, Bhavna and Bhabhi ( Landlord's family)
Bhaiya( My landlord) and Yogendra ( My roomie )... 
Me ?? I m clicking the photo ..dumbos :P
11:00 PM: I lied down...tired and exhausted, happy and disappointed ..thinking what I had done wrong...why people have to hurt me on my was so sweet of all my dear frnds who called..many of them called me even when I never ever called them on their's ..but they were sweethearts....and I fell asleep thinking the about the day..only to get up the next morning with swollen eyes and with limping leg due to exhaustion of playing cricket...

So this was my Birthday time-line ..A kinnda simple day when my phone rang a lot.. :D..the video of aarti ..u can watch here :)...Last photo is gift from a. sweetheart..Smirti..and thanx to all my blogger frnds who made me so elated with thier wishes on my last post.... :)

Ganga Aarti at Assi Ghat, Varanasi


  1. happy bday mate......
    may God shower his choicest blessings on u.....n i cudnt stop laughing on reading this post it was kinda cute how u wrote abt the time line events heheheh

    have a rocking year ahead.....n enjoy!!!

  2. nice post bro..sarra din dairy lekar ghuum rahein the kya :P..awesome video..haven't been to varanasi guess I should!!

  3. naaiiiccceeee...!!!

    Someone really rocked on his birthday...but.....yes theres a but to it too... as its said Human beings are fools...they are always longing for what they dont get...Heylo...tada 'Reality Chek' .... I think you realised dere are soooo many who love you and made your day the bestest types and so bad of you to be sad about not getting dat one call (I knw its a bit sad) but heylo ...whta about those hundreds....Cheer Up...:)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! :D
    Birthdays are special! Glad u enjoyed urs.

  5. dude this is so cool.....this timeline idea.....i read it soo happily....:P:P

    one thing i want to say is that if i ever stop blogging any day, one blog i will never keep myself away from is yours!

    You Rawwwkkkk!!!

  6. oops! sorry i missed that.

    Wishing you a lovely year ahead.

  7. YOu had a rocking day I think !!

    This is so much better than my bday last year - ateast you dint sit your ass down at office all day n went home to a bucket of soaked clothes to wash n make your own dinner buzz the hell off.

    The arti pix are gr8 !
    Glad you had a nice time buddy.

  8. Princess

    thnak you for the wishes dear.... yeh idea main 24 se inspire hoke liya hai :P

    and god bless ya too :D

  9. Rahul...

    heheheh ..nahi yaar kinnda strong memory :P
    and about my guest...kabhi bhi aao ...

  10. Nidhi...

    haan yaar I said na I am a emotional cribbing ki aadat se majboor hoon...but yeah thankx to all those calls..they literally shoved out that particular thinking throughout the day :P

    and thankx for ur wish too...yeah accha din tha ..I will wait for ya bday time line :P

  11. Vanilla...

    yaar tum toh mast tarife karti ho..heheheh..i m so happy...and u made my day...but never ever leave blogging..i love reading don't stop blogging :)

    god bless ya

  12. Preeti...

    yaar tumhare inne lambe comment k bad yeh inni sa comment :P
    and wo bhi ek smile...but sumtimes smile do say a lot..hai na :P

    **btw tabiyat toh thik hai na ??

  13. rose...

    thankx for the wish..even if it is lil late :P

  14. Cindy...

    heheheh usse acchah toh din tha mera ..I m sure....this bday...will be all eventful for ya :P

    nahi toh I will make it eventful :P

  15. @ Day Dreamer

    My B'day's already gone. will cm next yr nw :)

  16. Bro I love ur Timeline so cute!

    Seems like u had a rocking one except for that one lil glitch. o well, dun be too sad abt it. It happened to me too, last year. 100s of ppl wished me but I was longing for this 1 call THAT NEVER CAME.

    Such is life. Like Nidhi said, we always long for what we dun hv...and in that process we forget all the good things we have. Look at ur landlord's lovely of those ppl to be with ya on ur special day. And all the ppl who wished u here on ur bday...u r LOVED bro! Regardless of who forgot to call u that day.

    *HUGZ* know that u r loved by me, alot more than u think u r. :)


  17. u copied my idea of timeline..i did the same thing on my birthday ...but i updated it as the day was goin :P....its good to see u had a real good time :)..


  18. Belated Bday Wishes, dude... God Bless You.

    The time line way of posting was well narrated.

  19. Hey YOU!!! I am late as always! I hope and pray you have many more returns of this day!!

    I am sorry I am late I am just not able to make my blog rounds since my surgery! I really really Wish you happiness in this next year!! I enjoyed looking at your cake! AWESOME!!

    I will be around more since I can see more!! Thanks for always stopping in and checking on me, It always makes me feel good and it is almost time for another chat, it has been too long!

    Love ya!

  20. Nidhi

    Awwww..aur tumne bulaya bhi nhi aone happy bday par :O


    it means I have to wait a long to get the timeline :P

  21. Sissy


    I kno I have to stop cribbing :P but believe me this is beond my control...though I don't show it on outside..but in blog I try to be u kno that I crib a lot....

    Awww..I understand how bad u must had felt.... :( but see this bday I will wish u.. :P..u will have one more call added to ya list...

    and abt being loved..I kno u love me a lot...and i don't need certification for that not even from ya :P but U can always send pressies ..u kno..just to consolidate my thinking ..khikhikhi :P

  22. hemu...

    that is my idea :x
    I never copied..u meany weanie :P..and yeah it was a good time I guess :P

  23. Prashant..

    thanx buddy... both for the wish and for liking the post..I have ur blog open in one will comment soon :)

  24. Nehya...

    yeah's been real long since I had a chat from feels like a void when I don't have our funny conversations to think about...I guess as soon as u get better..and sort the time zone prob...we will have a chat's been long since a update from ya..

    and it is okay for the late wish..u kno ..u wished and that means a lot to me :)

    take care of ya...
    love ya loads

  25. its no ones idea of abhishek in the ad i think :P...u r meany wenie :P...


  26. preeti :P

    vadde vadde log di vaddi vaddi baatein :P

  27. hemu

    abhishek also copied from me :P

    what an idea sir ji :P



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