Thursday, March 26, 2009


There is a scheduled outage in blogspot won't be writing much but I don't have much of readers I guess will not be much affected :D..
There are five things right now running on my mind.......

1) The Gandhi boy spreading communal  hatred... Amazing...isn't..I thought good nature comes with genes...

2) Read an article about human cruelty where an underaged teen was raped and torched alive...some times I do think of my stand on death penalty for rapists...

3) Advani and Manmohan battle...true both were on their stands... as 1984 and the Godhra kand ...we know both of them and still we don't have any choices for the PM's post...I think time for the younger generation to step in..but Rahul is too politically immature...

4) Two lady professional..Saumya and Jigisha.. were killed in nation capital and the case ultimately  got solved..but  how safe are our loved ones ..if nation capital ain't safe for them...

 5) And last but not the closest blogmate is back to's been months that I commented sumfink naughty there as it is my safe heaven .. :P Welcome back Cindy :D ...


  1. dude you have loads of readers..and agree wid you on the Manmohan vs Advani front..thankx a lot for telling us about cindy's return to blogosphere!!

  2. I know about all these things n they have been on mind too..we really dnt have a choice when it comes to selecting a prime-ministrial candidate n like you said the younegr guys are too immature...hate BJP for its Hindutva agenda.

    I love your blog cz it has sucha varied interest horizon, I wish more ppl were more interested in whats happening in their nation, perhaps that would be the rea start of smth gud

    Its gr8 to be back buddy !

  3. all these things bothers me too a lot.

    politics are nothing but dirty games. rahul is immature and see what happened with varun though he is not at all fit for politics n so is so many others. :p

    women safety? i wonder will that happen ever? when our very own shiela dixit said it was adventurous on soumya's part to be out of home so late at night.

    random random random thoughts running in my mind. :p

  4. Rahul...

    don't go with the bloglist..wo toh meri reading list hai :P...
    and u r welcome and i think cindy is also happy knowing that u kno that she is back :)

    and manmohan vs advani is hilarious .... :D

  5. Cindy bhindy

    fst of all ... welcome back :)

    now look at the irony ..we don't have choices and still we call it world's largest democracy :D...pata hai ?? even if they loose the election they will be PM..coz they will win the stupid RAJYA SABHA :P
    that I call mockery of democracy :D

    and younger guys ..ram ram..they are all like free radicals in chemistry..they just kno to react ..when and where is above their head :D and BJP and U kno RSS chief himself said we havn't broken the bavri Masjid :D

    and thank thank u for sweet and nice comment.. I was missing them for long ..did ya read the song I wrote below the post ??? I will love its feedback from ya

  6. preeti..

    it shud bother u coz u r a good citizen and govt is ur resposibility too and I m glad that u r so aware of this :)

    varun..don't make me laugh..his alleged speech was like rikhshawala discussing the communal god and still they give him the ticket and look at his excuse..this was me but voice is not lip reading is all wriong too ?? :D
    we shud let the court decide... :D

    somebody shud tell Ms shiela Dixit that reporters and journalists have adventurous written on their is govt's responsibility to ensure safety in capital...

    I loved ur random thoughts :)

  7. "Free Radical" - gyan ka sahi !!!

    I read that song you wrote..was awesome !! I'l wait for it to be composed, but not sure I'd like to hear you sing...a sureshot good voice sounds better,eh ?


  8. Cindy

    logo ko baar baar yaad dilata hoon ki i m doing phd in life sciences :P


    and song...mujh hi se ssunna hoyega chahe kitna besura hi kiun na ho...tu meri frnd hai and yeh teri duty hai..achhe bure samay mein dost k sath rehna :D
    count it as a bad time :P

  9. Cool!

    Hey you guessed right.. I have changed mind.. not shutting down my blog.. :p

  10. Sahi hai..Gandhi boy pata nahi apna muuh hi kyu kholta hai..

    Aur it was loathesome to watch advani vs manmohan and PC Vs Modi...saale tu tu main main ka game khelne ke ilwaawa kuch aata bhi hai inko??

    Chalo mummy aa gayi, running off...will come back later....and hello?? Readers hain abhi idhar...kya bolta hai!!! Grrrr

  11. lol what an appropriate comparison. :p

    but the problem is somewhere this hate speech has n will definitely be successful. u and i know that this kind of hate speeches will not affect us but the thing dats bothering me is that it has n will dfntly affct sm sect of ppl( in fact a large no of). communal differences will broader and hatred will surely rise up and thats really really sad n bad.

  12. It doesnt matter how many readers u hv...what matters is that u hv ur passion for writing. :)


  13. Darshan....

    kool buddy :D

    In my is not for shutting down ...its for pouring urself out..without the fear of getting judged :)

  14. smriti :O

    abhi bhi mummy teri pitai karti hai :O


    koi nhi time se aao...aur masti karo...

    and gandhi boy...hehehehe chhoro uski baat matlab gandhi na hua toh haua ho gya...apne naam par kalank hai

  15. preeti..

    I understand the situation u r referring too and I once said in one political blog...that stop saying get awareness in blogs coz those who blog are aware need to reach to crores of people living in poverty.. coz they are the people who decide the course of our democracy with as minimum as a hundred rupee note as bribe and if it is about their god... they do it for free....

    this is our is for the politicians by the politicians and of the politicians :D

  16. Sissy...

    I think i still have some passion left :P
    at least I guess so :D

  17. Abbey oh...mummy pitai nahi karti...unko doc nein heavy stuff uthaane se mana kiya office se jab aati hain, unka lapton aur baaki ka samaan car se laana hota hai...tu kabhi idhar aa to samjhaati hoon..meri maa ki habit hai, chalta firta office bane rehne ki :) :P

  18. ruk main kabhi HYD ka plan banaoo toh i will defn come to ur place....and aunti ka laptop uthane mein i will help u...par tu mujhe ghumayegi na apne f1 par city ????


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