Sunday, March 29, 2009

My double Century...

It is my 200th post...It's been over three years here and it seems just a few days.... I guess this is what called passion of writing.... I had this post in mind for few weeks but damn I was so busy that I wasn't able to hit my 200 faster so I thought it to coincide with today...Yeah!! today is special for me...some of u kno..some of u don't and some of u don't care...but today is special for me nonetheless :D..but since I am off on Sundays ..I scheduled this post on Thursday..and now it is Saturday and I am still editing it so that it can be flawless tomorrow..means today :D ...Ahh! Neva mind :D... As Steve and Preeti said.. blog is for keeping memories that we might otherwise forget ..this lake of my dreams is all about my quest for becoming a better person...and for keeping my beautiful memories...about some lovely people who were so much in my life and now only their memories are there...and since I am having a severe memory loss probs ( Ohh! not like Ghazini :D) ...I don't want them to be under the dust cover of  my oblivion..

This blog was my soul mate for long..I used to brag..I used to cry and I used to laugh here and time changed ..I came with interaction of all those people whom I found to be so good at wat they do and that inspired me a lot...I had seen the happy days..the sad days...the show off days in Bloggerville...and believe me each moment here had wonderful effect on my life...and I made some beautiful relations with some beautiful souls...

So I thought why not mark this day as the special award day with my recognition of their special talent...a part of their overall persona...

So came up with five categories....and the sequence is random....

1) Honesty:

a) Rahul : This guy is just awesome...if u look at his sketches will amaze u truly and so is the social message associated with it...He is there with me for quite a long now...and now he blogs quite regular...

b) Kashmira : A long way she had crossed from her post on tomatoes grown in her garden to some truly touching posts on today's reality... she is high on my list of admiration...

2) Philosopher: 

a) Keshi: She is a blogger who sometimes really keep me astonished with her posts..the struggle she did...the sincerity she shows and the themes she touches..everything is wonderful and so is her interaction with the blogmates...I know she is facing some personal issues with bloggerville..but I think these days will she is not only a beautiful soul and a philosopher inside....but also a fighter.

b) Meghna: Just go thorough her blog and tell me u believe she is just 14...? Only one thing that tells her age is the innocence with which she touches the social issues...this kid is just awesome and she truly suits this category....

c) Ceedy: He is a matured writer and needs no introduction and the way he thinks is just so awesome... just go through his God Inc.

d) Steve: He was my inspiration and he deserves the award and believe me u need to jus go through his blog to kno what is the true essence of blogging...even if he says that it is all about farts and poops :D

3) Poets :

Not really my domain to judge them ...but I do write sumtimes ...jus go through my tags and u will find some...but these fellows ...are just amazingly awesome in it...

a) Pallavini : Even if I am all naughty in her comment section .. I was never gone untouched with her words and the way she describes love just lovely...but thing is she is also as flowing as the flow of her poetries...and since I kno her quite well..she ain't that sophisticated too...she is much of a sweetheart.... and if u r committed for 10 years u ought to be one....and sumtimes she just says...dekh main unni smart nhi hoon...and I just love that moment of her simplicity and sincerity....a tough to find in new-age girls..and we are think-alike buddies...we sometimes come up with such weird thinking and that too surprises both of us equally....:D

b) Preetilata : She is another wonderful poet and she has got diversity in her god I never thought poetry  have so many varieties and believe me she is goddess in all .... but recently I discovered a new side of her...yeah! she is quite a responsible citizen too...that's amazing...and she I m sure will continue to surprise me more... :)

c) Aayushi: She is another 14...and she is goddess of dark poetries....the lines she writes are so gothic that even the damned-most soul will feel the crude pain in them...she will defn go deep and long....

d) Mystic Rose: I havn't got her name yet but she writes beautiful ..every word is so carefully measured...and so wonderfully makes me go all ga ga over her posts.... jus go thorough her blog and you will out..and she is not only good in words but also in sense...

e) Lena : Though she is writing less now due to her job stress but she is a wonderful writer and poetess...and I kno u all kno her well..

f) Arti: She is professional in it and Wateva I say will be just drops in ocean..just go thorough her newly published book..and you will know about her...

g) Pooja: She writes seldom but when she writes u will feel the flow of beauty thorough them...and she is not afraid of experimenting and improving..

4) Crazy :

a) Abhishek: What he writes is just a fraction what he is... :D ..I know him personally ...and  we nicked him Sardar for some of  his unexplainable actions :P ( No fun for any is just we say to him..)..but as a blogger he is quite matured and handsome too :D...but he is a mechanical engineer and that negates every quality of his to have a girl fan-followings around :P

b) Chan and Ne : Yeah ! I know they are both hopelessly romantic :P but believe me they are crazier than that too :D...I kno Ne quite too well and Chan I am getting to kno ...
but both being blonde ...satisfies the sufficient condition for this award.... :P and if u don't believe me just go through their blog and see the 100 truth post Chan wrote.. :D  and for Ne ...U need to go through our conversations which I can't make public as it will expose me too :P..after all ..she calls me a blonde for a reason of course..: D..though she is on a ON and OFF course...

c) Anjuli : She is crazy... :D ...just read a few posts of her and u will find all the emotions that exist in the world.. in them...and her motivational her quest of love with A B C D  and all god ..when I fst read her..I was all confused...who is who and whom she is actually missing ....I won't say much as didi will kill me  for this :P..but she is socially responsible too...the way she worked in tandem with some people after Mumbai Blast was just awesome :)

d) Princess Mia: The way she describes her chocolate fantasies :P...u can't give her any other award  :P.. u need to go through them... u will kno :D..and now on Saturday..I just found her celebrating her own blog's birthday and that too belated :D... but she is a sweetheart... :P

5) Cute:

a)Smriti : She is adorable...heheheh one of my sincere reader and a vivid wirter and her love for F1 and Kimi is world famous :P ..she is the writer who writes about everything jus like me but the cuteness factor is above all the persons I kno in bloggerville :)..and the way she handles the theme of post is simply cute :P

b) Hemanth: I kno u all know him and all are infected with his cuteness :P..the way he dedicates the posts to his frnds and the beauty behind them is truly remarkable..

c) Niddzi: Drunk with her thoughts and u will find just yourself in her...she is the picture of todays girl and their beautiful thoughts..

d) Nidhi: She is cute..both by her appearances and her writings. I once read how wonderful she is in showing the way without confusing other people :P lol ...I am just speechless :P

e) Valencia : Nowadays she is busy in her school but jus go through her blog and and u will find what I am talking about...she comes up with such funny things ...and love..I won't comment much as I am so scared of her :P

f) Cécile's: She is just so cute and her mmjs were just so awesome..and she adores me so much..I hope she gets her French fries fast :P.... I kno sissy ...French fries aren't French..u told me that already :P..

e) Ananya: She is my lil sis ..though on and off from blogging...she is among the only few who had shared a writing space in my blog.

f) Darshan: Ohh he is a newcomer! and he is quite serious..but sumhow after reading his 100 tag..I find him lil cute :P ..i don kno why..but he is :P

So all the awardeed do collect ur award.. and keep it as a token of my appreciation..OHH! and feel free to distribute them to ur blogger frnds....but keep the criteria in ur mind.. and same goes for the cake below :)

Ohhh !!!  defn need to mention now ..Today is special because it is my birthday too :P and I am now 26 :P....means more than a quarter century old :P...khikhikhi pray for me and I love you all for bearing me so long...Muaaahhhh.. and a flying kiss for my sweetheart..who I guess will not call me today at 12 ...

Now Cindy see..How can I ruin the look on ya face.. knowing my bday is today showing you this post that day :D... ab bol mujhe Kamina :P ??


  1. yep m 1st m 1st. :D

    congrats. :)

    now m gonna read it :p

  2. Hi,

    First of all a big congratulations for completing 200 beautiful posts in ur lake of dreams. For some it may be just another number of posts but for some 50, 100, 200 and so on.. it means a lot. A month or two back I completed my 50th post and I was so immensely happy so I can imagine how happy you must be. :) I took more than a year to complete my 50th :p it actually doesn’t matter how many posts u write and how much time u take to reach those miles stones. But it is the passion with which we writer, the honesty in whatever we write and how true to ourselves we are, matters the most. The long time you took to complete 200 also shows that u write post out of love and passion for it and not just to increase the number of your posts. :D

    “This lake of my dreams is all about my quest for becoming a better person...” I loved this one a lot coz I can relate to it. Knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly my white window is also helping me in my quest to become a better person each day apart from keeping my memories alive. :)

    Today is special for u but do I know why?;) yes I am really happy that u hv coincided both together. It really feels great to do something we love on our special days.

    About the awards. Wowwwwwwww all of them are fabulous. N ye ye my name is there.yippieeeeee. :D Thanks a lot sourish. I am immensely happy. I won’t act modest here but would reveal my true feelings and yes I am on cloud 9 and I refuse to jump down on earth for quite sometime. :p it feels so great to be there on cloud 9 ;)

    Congrats to all the award winners. And lena would be shocked to see her name there on the list of poet award. I keep on telling her that she is a poet too but she disagrees to me all the time. but who listens to her after all u and I disagree to her :p

    Waise isn’t ur blog ur soul mate anymore? But at least it must be one of ur best friends as it is helping in ur quest to become a better person. :)

    Long live to ur “lake of dreams”. It not only reflects the dreams, stories, pain, happiness of urs but of so many others also. Keep blogging coz of ur insightful post u help others also to grow. See in a sense u r doing a great social work also so don’t chuck out this responsibility ever. :p

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh bahut kuch likh diya maine. Now I better stop. Hope tumhere b’day k din maine tumhe paka nahi diya.

    N yep I know the reason. ;)

    Wish u a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy b’day sourish da :)
    May u be happy always.
    Take care and enjoy

    Ps. Just like u, I tried to make my comment as flawless as possible but I am a goddess of typos also. So just ignore them :p

  3. Itnaaaaa laaaammmbaaaaa post.....itna bekkaar hai kya....mera thoda kaam outsource karu kya:D:D

    Very very happy bdayyyyyy......god bless u sourieieieie....

    Thnks for putting me under the cute categoryyyyyy:D:D:D i am still laughing at the fact that ur scared of commenting lol...hahaha

    Aaj kya special haan??? I want to read soon what what u did....

    Hope u have a great year ahead...have a blast.....take care....keep writng.....:)

    Ps- thodi si busy re.....hopefully will catch yaa soon:)

  4. Preeti :P

    wow ur fst..... and that too with such a long comment :P

    my goodness.... :D

    Number of post never really mattered for me...but sumhow this 200 after such an on and off situation..really mattered a lot.... and since it was my b'day ..I thought why don't I coincide both th ocassion together :P

    Blog is sumthing which changed my helped my gf to completely dump me and it helped me get some beautiful soul in my I did help me to change my lifestyle for good and better person or not but I got ride of addiction of orkut and got an immense knowledge of internet as a tool :)

    About the award :)
    Lena do deserve it and so do u ...I am so happy that u are happy with the award and believe me ths award was very special for me for several reasons....may be fst it is not my domain and secondly u inspired me to write sumfink rhythmical in mine...

    and i will do keep it in my mind... to be reflective in my that lake of my dreams continues to bring happiness and changes in everyone's life...

    and tumne bilkul nhi pakaya ..believe me..I myself is on cloud 9 :D

    and ur comment was flawless too...or may be I was so absorbed in reading that I din't noticed any :D

    thanx for the wish :)

  5. vanilla...

    arre not that vella took me three days to write the post...and phir award designing and all..but agar tu outsource karna chhati hai toh i don't mind..I will defn squeez them in my schedule :D

    thanx for the wish :) and will defn come up with a post on my B-Day... :D

    and don't worry I understand..studies to get a priority in my life I expect it to be in urs too :) time miley araam se aao :)

  6. awww... thank you sooooo much for the award, and yup, preetu is right, i never concidered myself as a poet, so this recognition is so much important to me.. :) :)

    and you know, preetu is indeed my soulsister, so whatever she said regarding your blog and you i join it because i feel the very same :)

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sourish! May all your dreams come true :)

    PS: Unlike Preetu I am nothing like the goddess of typos :D

  7. Lena

    thanx so much for the wish and thanks for the appreciation ....

    it is so good to have a soulsister like preeti... and I second preeti on ur being a wonderful writer and poet...

    heheh and typoz.. I don't mind them..coz if I start minding it will take me year to write a flawless post :P

  8. Tu kamina hai ! Ab khush ? Bata nahi sakta tha ?!

    Well, on trynna-be-good note, you completed 200 so soon ! I have been on blog since like 4 yrs n I did 100 a just few posts back.

    Congratulations are in order anyway. Like I told you, whats special about your blog is talks on topics brought out from all the walks of life.

    Fever ho rakha hai n I'm at office, aur type nahi kiya ja raha, you knw I mean well anyday right ?

    TC buddy. Have a gr8 day. God bless you.

  9. Aila!! I'm late :O :(

    Sabse pehle Smriti "Himmesh" Srivastava will sing:

    Happy Birthday tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    Badhiya awards diye hai sabko...200 th post to itna bada event tha....Kisi ko telecast rights bhi dena tha na :( :( Main hi le leti :(

    Achha achha ab no ulta smileys :)

    The best thing about this post is all the wonderful new bloggers we come to know. Yeh Bloggerville bhi ajeeb hai na?? Kisi ko dekhe bina hi dil ka rishta jud jaata hai...aah aish aunty ka gaana yaad aa raha hai : "Dil ka rishta bada hi pyyyaaaaaaraaaa hai..." :P :P

    Aur batao thakur kaa kiye ho happee buddee pe??? Main hoti to apan daaru maarte....due to hai hi (mujhe bukhaar hua to tune promise kiya tha na!!!) :P :P

    Aur kya bey...26 saal ka ho gaya...sab 26 ho rahe hain... 2 and 6 tonty chhicks :P :P (Mera nephew bolta hai aise!! :P)

    Masssst lamba post tha...bilkul bhi neend nahi aayi :D :P serious....chashme ke bina screen ke saamne baithi hoon (wo kya hai na, face pack lagaaya hua hai to ...uspar chashma to laga nahi sakti na!! :P)

    Badhiya hai...likhte raho...aur bhagwaan kare tumhaara 500wa post, meri 26th birthday tak ho jaaye....1000wa bhi chaleha :P

    Hugs ji Hugs >:D<

  10. Aur haan...Kimi ka career khatam hota nazar aa raha hai...lagta hai yeh saal uska aakhri saal hai F1 mein...par main aaj bhi Kimi se be-intehaan mohabbat karti hoon...jee haaan!! :D :D :D

    Par race badhiya thi na?? Mazaa aa gaya ji :) :) :)

    Kimi, Hamilton Alonso ko goli maaro..naye bando ka time aa gaya hai ;) F1 mein yaar :P :P Season achha rahega :)

    Par haan I am still faithful to Kimi...koi doubt mat rakhna :P

  11. Cindy

    oye tereko bukhaar :O

    kis virus ki himmat hui ki meri frnd par najar ki jaan le lo... get well soon re....

    and tu aaj toh leave le hi sakti thi...kya kaam karne chali aayi :O.. take care of u..and chicken soup kha lena betuuu... it will drfn help in fever...

  12. Smriti...

    latoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P
    yeh tha tera intezaar..nbday bhi belated wish..chhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tujh se yeh ummid nhi thi...jaa teri daroo cancel :P


    haan tonty six ho gya... and so socha ki vadda post likh kar facial karne wale chasmullo ko pareshan karooo :D
    dekh kitna visionary hoon :P
    waise really some bloggers are scuh sweethearts :)

    aur bday par bhi ek post pakka likhoonga..actually camera se upload nhi kiya photos sare...that's why...

  13. Kimi ka toh mat hi puch...main khud hairan tha uska rsult dekh kar and so with Alonso...

    par mind blowing race tha means start itna jabardat hoga I never thought :P

    and I guess tera pyar usse humesha milta reh :P bechare ko podium toh milna se raha :P


  14. Happy 200th bro!

    WOW u sure hv the greatest heart dun ya? Cos u gave out so many compliments and so many awards to all ur fav ppl here. LOVELY! ty from the bottom of my torn n tattered heart ;-)

    *HUGZ* u r beautiful!


  15. U forgot to read the whole post sissy :P
    as U forgot to wish me bday too :P
    neva mind...

    thanx a lot for accepting award and u r a beautiful soul..I don't kno abt myself..and ur heart will heal..I kno that for sure...

  16. Hey thank you very much!!

    And a very happy birthday to you!!


    Late lateef hone ke liye maafee

    Aur haan race badhiya thi...kisko padi hai Kimi aur Alonso aur Hamilton kya kar rahe hain :P :P

  18. haii re....kya zamana hai...bhala koi apni choti behna ko philosopher bolta hai?? ROFL!!!
    Notheless u r the first first first human who said that...baaki sab toh kehte hain....beta tu badi kab hogi? LOL!
    even my frndz...aapke alawa sab mere mein abhi tak bachpana hi dekhte hain :)

    Love u bro....n sorry to b late....u class shuru ho rahah hai....n after all....ab aapki behen badi bhi hor ahi hai....9th mein aa gayi na :)

  19. happy budday dear.....ur my brother too na?
    COnfused abt the relation!! ya mein uski bua hui? ROFL!!

    Happy birthday baby....I'll give u a gift soon

    Till that time....bear with a sweet :hug:

  20. Bro Many many happy returns of the day...and thankx a lot for the award ..waise I am also vying for the crazy one:P..sorry for being late was out of town !!

    YOu have fun bro.. and do let us know how you celebrated!!!

  21. Thank you!!! I am NOT crazy but... Well come to think of it I am.. Thank you so much Sourish!!

    And yes you are one of my favorite blondes!!


  22. :) Happy Birthday...will be back later to check it out....

  23. That was a very sweet thing to do, :) Thank you for mentioning me as well. And Im quite certain it took a lot of effort to pin each down to a category. And hey, you havent read my philosophical posts.

    Congratulations on your 200 posts. (I dont even know how many I have on mine.) You are enjoying the trip, and may it always be fun.

    Thanks again.

  24. I am truly honored. I thought perhaps I was getting an award for being the most gaseous blogger, or telling the worst jokes or something. Thank you and congratulations on your 200th post!

  25. :( I missed ur b'day...

    Happy belated birthday!!!! :)

    mail me ur no. I had to format my simcard so all nos are gone...

    and thanks for the award dusht! main crazy hoon!!!! :(

    koi na, pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai :)

  26. happy birthday dreamer n congrats on yur 200th post .....

    thanks to u that am infected...'day dreaming' u see :)

    n thanks a million for that award.....n haaha n i neva thought i cud grab an award just for my chocolate fantasies ehhehehe....who...yur the bestest heheheh

    lokking forward for many post hundreads here...keep it coming bro....

  27. Congratulations Sourish! 200 posts is quite a lot! :)

    And my tomatoes are just as dear to me as the serious posts I write. You gotta award them too :P

  28. o shit twas ur bday and I missed it!!!! *bangs her head against the wall*

    Im soooo v sorry bro, cos I was in a hurry on that day, so I must hv missed the last bit of this post!


    Hope u had a great day!

    Wut pressies did ya get? :)


  29. Darshan....

    Bhai inna calculated response :D

    don be scared coz i called ya cute :D

    I m still straight and my longing for women is still strong :D


    just kidding...:D

  30. Smriti...........


    that was so wonderfully cutely sweet of u.... :)

    I m so honored and I m so happy....


  31. Meghna :P

    sweety pie.... tum chhoti hi achhi ho coz tumhare thoughts ek dum pure hai... badi ho jaogi toh hum jaise gande mat ho jana :)

    and I understand bachha...that u r busy with new classes..tumhari umar mein toh I was all in books :P

    and 9 is a big class :D

  32. Meghna

    and ka nhi ..bhai ka bday blog k liye gift nhi bhai k liye gift dhoondna :D

    and blog ki tum bua ho..rofl...and still u say I shudn't be calling u A philosopher :P..MERI ITNE COMPLEX BLOG KI BUA :p


  33. rahul....

    u ain't crazy....uske liye jo criteria complete karne hai..U are far from that as even ur craziness is always associated with a social message :D...

    and thanx for the wish...

    and I understand bro...recession and it is ok... :)

  34. NE....

    u buzy bee...u missed to wish me bday :O

    U r welcome...I hope sooner u will be shifted towards some sensible awards too :)

  35. Ceedy bhai...

    thanx for the wish..and

    u r so welcome again and again :)

  36. Mystic Rose...

    Yeah! it was indeed very tough and I selected the category in accordance with the best of all traits the blogger I m sure u must be writing philosophy better but ur poetries are still best and beautiful..

    btw u have 163 posts on ur prime blog :D
    and i hope u will sure be completing ur double century soon

  37. Steve...


    Yeah one category at a time...I will make sure to have a gaseous blogger award category next time :D

  38. Anjuli di...

    ohhh!! I willl mail ya my nummer..or may be i will call u up in few days..abhi thoda balance ka locha hai.... :P

    and crazy toh aap ho :P and yaad hai aap pehle khud hi apne post par hasti thi..yeh toh aajkal aap kuch pareshan ho gyi ho toh u r not writing urself...Jab pareshani khatam hoyegi toh sab thik hoyega :P


  39. Princess ...

    hehehehe..don't blame me for the infection...U had it dormant ..only I helped it to surface up fast .... :D..

    and ur chocolate fantasy is my all time cudn't help designing an award to acknowledge that...

    thanx for the wishes and I will pray that u continue to reach such a landmark soon....

  40. Kash di...

    I will design one award for tomatoes soon :P

  41. Sissy......

    heheheh..I can understand... and thanx for the wish even if its belated...coz sweetness never follows timeline :D

    pressies :O
    no one gave me anything...everyone started asking wat u want...but how can i ask for pressies..m no kid anemore :|
    but still no pressies :(

  42. Happy wala belated birthday!
    And thank you for the award ...
    Crazy wala bhi chalta tha ;)

    Arti Di

  43. thank you didi....

    hehehe aap aur ki sabse sane most soul ho aap :P aapko award deta wo wala toh pitao ho jati blogger world mein meri :D

  44. @ Day Dreamer

    Hey....m bak

    n m really sooowwee for missing out your even I am late...I extend my all the best and wonderful..the fabulous...the craziest...wishes towards you and hope they find you in best of your spirits. :D

    "She is cute..both by her appearances and her writings. I once read how wonderful she is in showing the way without confusing other people :P lol ...I am just speechless"

    Thank you so much for your award...I am honored...and you have made my day...and when words dont reach me for my thank you speech...aahhh I would say I loved your post and its the most wonderful. Congrats for completing 200 a lot haan.. :).. Keep up the good work :)

  45. Nidhi

    it is okie dokie ain't a big at 26 that one has to wish me on that day or I otherwise throw tantrums :D

    * throwing tantrums*

    so late u r


    it is sweet that u wished and the winning hehhehe it ain't a miss world... :P but on other thoughts I think u shud practice one as god know wen u might win a miss world title..u r cute and beautiful :D

    thanks for acknowledging the award.
    enjoy ur day...

  46. Hey you ! I went home monday around 3 pm, cz the temp cme bk. Took a leave yesterday n bk to work today. Much better now.

    Whats up with you ? Log kinni achi achi cheeze bol rahe hain...phoole nahi sama raha hoga tu toh, malum hai mujhe !

    Chhagol !

  47. hadd hai ..jis din leave lena tha uss din maddam office gayi :D par thik hai jo tune next day off le liya... thoda sehat ka khyal rakha kar...abhi thik is good but still aaltoo phaaltu cheeze nhi khana..

    not much re...sirf partiyan de raha hoon and kha raha hoon...

    aur sun main achha ladka hoon and log meri tarif humesha hi karte hai..nuffin unusual samjhi :P

    and tui chhagol ...bhindi kahi ki :P

  48. not even 1? lol aww...I ish I was there, I'd hv got u something..not cos u want pressies but cos I wanna get u one! :)


  49. congrats on 200 mate....belated wishes sorry for that...not been around u know naa :P....but loved the award thanks soo much mate...


  50. Sisssyyy :P

    Oh I got that thing is wish :P

    and U really want me to get a pressie :O

    what about letting me stay at ya place if I come to australia for a vacation.... ???

  51. Hemanth

    ahhh it is okie dokie..bro..I understand work and commitment ...

    and thanx for the wish and the acknowledgment...and also for the post on me bday :P

  52. thanx so very much!!!

    so so so much....

    m more dan overwhelmed!!

  53. u r so so welcome :D

    I was feeling the same when i awarded ya :)


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