Tuesday, June 10, 2008

*Fck the Dck*

Few days back two of my juniors barged into my room coz they were refused hostel accommodation due to their previous track records...

So......I told them "Then stay in my room" and within seconds they accommodated themselves fully and I was thrown outta my room :P...then I arranged another room for them..so that at least I can sleep in my bed..near my comp ...lol

Then it started...they all knew my previous habits of taking joints...coz then I had a few puff with them..so the session of loads of joints and booze started....and of course we had arranged for loads of chicks in my room..but not the whole..only leg pieces :P... Seven nights they were in..and I was neck deep in alcohol..some day I paid and someday they paid..and of course there were more than loads of cigarettes butts in my infamous ash glass...and then series of funny incidents happened...

One day we decided to puff joints via a bomb..it's a makeshift arrangement with working principle of 'Hukkah' with the use of plastic bottle ...and it's more effective than the Hukkah itself..so they made it in my room wen I was in the department and called me in room urgently at 2 o'clock ..I rushed home..and found the bomb ready..

As I was sure my supervisor won't come..so I puffed it real hard... just wen I was in state of euphoria traveling in utopia .. "Symphony of mozart" started playing in distant..and it grew closer to me..and then I was shaken up

"Bhaiyaaaaa! fone......."

**Fck the dck**
(new phrase.. courtesy Cindy :P... just insert 'u' in the desired positions :D)..

It was my supervisor on the line..he talked for a minute..of which i gathered none except..

"Come to dep now..its urgent"

I was so high that I started laughing and fell back in my bed..only to be put back on my feet by them..

"Bhaiya..go to dep...aapki toh aaj maar li jayegi "

They had naughty grin on their face..('maar li jayegi' is a term we often use...to say.. "man sumone gonna screw ur ass" )

I struggled out of the door..took a long breath..took out my bike and drove to department..but I did put a centrefresh in it and then I got a line to mind it in future ..

" Never take mint after the joint"

Man ..I got real high..I went inside the supervisor's chamber.. Had a fifteen minute talk..of which I gathered only one thing...

"u don't seem well..go to ur hostel now"

and I went back :P without even saying thanks :P

In the evening..I had a tuition to take..and I was lying on my bed with a feeling that an elephant is also sitting on me.. I took one more dep breath gathered my strength and moved for his house...where I don't know wat I taught him..all I remember I was sleeping on the couch..Glad..I was not in for a film shoot..otherwise I sure wud had been a victim of the casting couch :P
But I did made out one thing in conclusion..

"Never ever teach.. wen u r too high" :P

Then I got a call..

" Abe! This is saturday...don't forget ..today is the booze day"

**fck the dck twice thrice**

I was not in position to drink..but all I said,

"Wait till 9"

Then we went to 'Indra'...I took a 'Half' of Imperial Blue .. gulped in...and came back home ..
Only the god knows..how the hell I managed to drive back...
Then I retired to bed at 12:45 nite..

**Thump Thump**

"Wake up Bhaiya"

"Ganja aapke room mein rakha hai"

**now fck the dck twice thrice hundred time..till the duck dies**

The weed was in my room and they wanted to smoke now...So we smoked again...and got high in seconds...


**holy shit!**

**Where's the dck to fck**

I found myself shouting...

" I m not fcking going anywhere ..I am too high..I won't have tea now..."

"Bhaiya..this is my last nite..can u do this to me?"

And unable to find the duck any more..I struggled and swayed to my bike..went to Lanka..where I found myself in a shirt ...

"Fck!!! where is my pant"..

I was there in my briefs only.. I tried hard to remember about the pants..and all I cud remember..I dint wore any ... :P but no one questioned much.. Thanks to god..I came back..dropped to bed..and switched off the fone...

Slept at 5...and woke up at 12 ..had lunch ..slept and woke up at 9...

And from that day...My whole biological clock sleeping time is shifted to 5 in the morning ... and I only kno...how in the name of hell.. I come to department at 8...

So do remember ...if u find my duck..U kno where to mail her to me :P

Doncha :P???


  1. gawwwwwwd fuckin duckin n all LOL!

    Wut r ya doin to urself my bro????


  2. Baap re baap!
    You need to be in rehab!

  3. hehehehheeh

    nuffin jus wanted to get high and feel the world from there :P

  4. Sneha...

    heheh welcome back...

    bolo tumhare clinic par kab aana hai :P

  5. Cindy

    hehhehe find me An Alcoholic Anonymous.. :P

    waise I m not a regular drinker..jus that I can drink well and smoke everything...

  6. y every1s so surprised..did i ever said m an angel... :-|

  7. Sourish!! You sure you were not in Vegas with me that night? LOL!! Not smoking but drinking?

    After Vegas I needed an AA meeting.

    Dont hurt yourself and forgetting your britches(pants) are a NO NO!! lol

    I am glad I come to check on you!!!!

  8. goddamn, u turned to full time bewda :))

  9. stay away from booze, but i m not rt one to say it

  10. Nehya

    I fink i will need one AA..but I kno myself..last 3 nites it was all dry...so i fink m not dat habituated...also I don't like anefink except neat whiskey...nd it doesnt make ane habit :P

    m not drink n smoke like dat ever... :P

    loved u here..u lifted my spirits :P

  11. ashu..
    7 din ppl were amazed by my capacity to smoke n drink :P
    but me bevda no no :P
    i don do bevdapana..i m normally very sober after drinking full in control..sirf wo pant reh gyi thi :P

    and koi nhi daroo peena koi gunaah toh nhi :P
    so drink n enjoi
    4 din ki jindagani kal ho ya na ho :)

  12. ok this is seriously weird. but your a pot head now. repent soon or suffer forever.

    and I dont like to eat ducks. LOL.

  13. Gp :)

    wat's there to repent....
    I havent taken a single peg or single dose since the D-day...just that D-day was above than normal level...but logically one half is 6 pegs..and I don think 6 peg a day is that harmful..though I assure you that..I won't do it again..so it will be kind of repentence:P

    yeah... don't eat the duck jus mail her to me:P

  14. wat is wrong with u....not good mate....tsk tsk

  15. My bro is becoming quite 'expensive' these fays...

    its ok..this sis can wait..


  16. anvita...
    nuffin is wrong ...jus now i understood how to live the life happily :P

  17. sissy

    me poor..working hard to fetch money so no time :-|

    but I always check on ya...really :)

  18. o gawd I didnt mean my blog.

    nevermind. :(


  19. oopchhyyyyyy

    waddya mean :-s

    don make me konphuzed :((

  20. kitni duckwa ko fuckwa karoge bhayya..
    itna joint aur daruu.. ayyashi hai

  21. capacity bad gai aapki lagta hai .. chalo aao dilli .. kissi din competitionwa ho jaye

  22. hehehe sinha aur shakti the room par :P
    aur kya expect karoge :P
    chal abki baar delhi ...toh hotel ki jagah tere ghar par aata hoon :P

  23. Hi,

    dropped in here through Princess Mia s blog. You are quite carefree and bindas types dude..

    Good blog. i would be pleased to add you up.



  24. buzz
    I m so glad that u like my attitude... :)
    thanks for honoring me :)

  25. Checking on ya! have a great vacation!!!!


  26. You like it you do it and you enjoy it...thats all I will say ;)

  27. okay bhaiya...evry1 said it to u u shldnt do it....since all said it i wont say it...

    bt yeah one thng...

    mereko bhi chahiye

    i wanna get hight wid all d ganja.. joints n wateva else thr is...:D

    help me bhaiya :D

  28. post is hilarious...

    but am worried about u...

    good that u are home now.

    Sourish...stop boozing and all other nonsense that u do!!!!!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I've heard about McCallen, Johnnie Walker BL, JD, Chivas, Maker's Mark and Macallan before but Imperial Blue??

  31. Hey you!! I hope you are doing well.. Having a great time on your vacation, I was just coming by to say hello to you!!


  32. Checking in on you again!!!!

    Hope you have a great time!!


  33. WTF Bro dun u hv Internet at home? :( Where d u live, Andaman Islands? LOL!


  34. Dude, its the 30th..! Kab wapas aa raha hai ?!!!

    Miss ya.

  35. Nehya

    dat was so shweet of ya..
    I had a wonderful vacation will defn make u abreast of it soon..but will have to stay offline for a while due to some serious issues...though will keep on dropping..

    love n carez

  36. Sissy...

    it is in a dock...not on island :P

    and my dad hates net..so no net in home :(

    how are u ?????

  37. Ceedy...
    hehehe...if one enjoys it..one shud enjoy it :P

  38. Asha


    tereko bhi joint maarni hai :O

    :O :O

    achhe betuu log yeh sab nhi karte ..hai na..

    love ya loads:)

  39. anjuli di :P

    heehehehe bahut naja aaya tha uss din


    yeh 24 hours daant ti kiun rehti ho aap :(

    thoda sa hi toh piya tha :|

  40. Diva

    hehehhe it is an indian brand of malt whiskey..

    and it is tastier though not like johnny walker but tastier if u compare their prices too :P

  41. Cindy :P

    aa toh gya yaar ...par abhi bahut saari alag alag tension hai .....uske sath hostel ka net bhi gya hua hai :P

    so mushkil se hi login ho paonga kuchh din :(

  42. omg look who's back!!! yeyyyyyyyyyy WB bro I so missed ya! I was so happy to see ur comments today. :) btw guess what..last nite I dreamt of ya!!! That u were bak!!!!!!!!


  43. yippiieeeee

    I was in dreams ..

    *dances around*

    so how many pastries and choklates u gave me in ur dream....I missed ya bday but i won't leave my cake :P

    happy bday sissyyy ....

  44. Thankgod the DD is back ! All the masala was outta blogdom man !!!!!!
    So nice to see you !!!

  45. cindy...

    wapas toh aaya hoon ...par life mein inni turmoils ho gyi hai ki ab toh mai bhi thak gya hoon yaar :(

  46. been to an enginerring colg..been there and done that...enjoy ueself..ther's no point in lecturing..one day you will know when u had enough!!!

    nice blog!!!

  47. thx rahul

    waise btw mujhe toh lag raha hai ki meri capacity badh rahi hai har din :P

  48. dude ur capacity is growing, but liver's isn't :P!!!

  49. bhai liver toh regenerating hai :P so koi chinta nhi :P


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