Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Since all of them have got dere identies and need not like it to be disclosed ..so I will be posting abt dem wid dere nick..which i and dey kno.

And da fst one is Chakudi...aka VD..aka Beedi.
We fst met in a community..which is my favourite one and where I used to hit gals...(used to :O ..heheh.. nopes..still I hit gals dere..)where i found dis gal...a completely funny and hyper gal..say anything to her and da next reply comes don make it hard..m already high..seldom i found her to be saying dat she is not high..and trust me..I never found anytime dat she was high too..coz wateva u say to her, she will jus reply me high..and was never high on me...
She rejeccted my friend request..and it made me so angry dat I was like..oh i will kill dis gal..and wat dis gal said..hey we talk in community na..so y we need to add ourselves..and i really got freaked out..and I used to fite wid her in our common frnds scrap book and thx to orkut she had to add me up as to scrap me she needed to sign up words..lolz.
And dat time she was having a fite wid her sistah( yeah she has a bad habbit of making every now and den gal her sistah..achah hua maine usse sistah nahi banaya nahi toh she wud had even her bhabhi her sistah..hehehe)
Wen we jus started to talk..she said me dat she not gonna be online from next week..me was all like..y and sort of things..and she was like..no i will not come..and trust me she increased her orkutting and stay in messenger by quadrauple.hehehe afta dat and was neva off..but dat time we got to kno each oder very well..she was too arrogant dat she dint add me up in messenger. and den wen she added....we talked like hours or so..knowing eachoder well..she read my blog and got so confused dat who da hell is dis DD ..he is sum1 dere and sum1 else in real life thinkings..hehehe
(gal i am all like wat i do in orkutting :P)
So here is wat i feel for her :p
Chakudi da gal who hav a lil bit of gusssa..love to be teased coz she love to see her friends laughing ..and she acts like she is so annoyed..but in reality she is sweeter..much sweeter.she always cares about da ppl who are frind to her and even cant stay anytime widout tears if any frind scold her...and she manaofies a lot ...She loves tennis..love being called sania mirza..lol...she hates tv series REMIX( lol.hehehehe..she is damn crazy abt dis)..she is very understanding..even her life wen pass thru bad phases..u will neva see her sad..she jus say m high and and we kno if she is high means..dat she is loving to be teased.
She cares for me alot :)
Though nowadays a lil less..may be I ve started going outta sight much..coz i don come online much...so may be out of sight out of mind thing is dere
But gal my prayers are always wid you..be da gal u are like..and stay high all da time..coz I love to tease you.
luv n carez :)

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