Friday, October 27, 2006

Those Who Are More Real Than My Real Friends

I was thinking for a long time..dat i shud write sumthing about my virtual friends.
Virtual friends: As the term goes by I dont met dem in person..and we spend hours together wid each oder..Of course via Net. :P ... Virtual friends As da name goes..I dont kno wat dey think of me wat dey feel of dey really miss me when they are offline (of course no 1 can miss me when dey are online..coz m online 24 hours a but dey can avoid me...thx to yahoo msngr..invisi mode and oops I jus realised dat's y ppl don add me in Gtalk..coz it has no invisi in dere real life sitting in a canteen..sipping a cup of coffee or tea...biting his or her food during the breakfast or lunch time..or dinner..I kno 1 frnd who I think..whenever she bites she thinks about whether dis emotional DD (jerk) had ate or not :)...OOPS DD means not didi it's Day Dreamer, mine orkut nick a few days back. I dont kno whether dey remember me when dey got to bed, after da whole day, and think about da choirs..whether dey feel da urge to to talk to me whenver dey come online..Itz all a bit fussy....coz my life revolve rounds dose virtual friends...
May be i m da biggest jerk in real life or may be da biggest I stay quite most of da time..yeah sumtime silently say a comment wid a double meaning...and dose who understands laughs wid da deeper meaning..and dose who dont or pretend dat dey don understand, laughs too..So I hav a image of a funny boy..who is famous for his mischievious But no1 knows me dere too.. wat I think..wat i feel..wat I wants..
dey are real friends..who believes in reality...dat is is born alone and will go back think of ur own..and care only in da time of need.
But I care for all my real frnds and virtual frnds..really speakin...I dreamt about doing orkutting when I was away for a while..and sumtimes during post hours in sleep if i get any ..when m alive in dis real yet da virtua about wat dey are doing.. wat wud dey hav talked..wat are dey thinking..hhehhehehe.....dat's called net addiction...

First I thot I write about all da frnds I made in a single general post..but den i thot dat wud be very much unjustified..coz every1 needs a unique description about dem and every1 has got different characteristics ( dis word was a spell test in my kid hood and was a matter of great prestige..if any1 spell it correct)...So da next few days..I will be posting about my frnds in virtual life....wat dey mean to me and wat I feel for dem..and of course da fst one is a very sweet friend of mine..who is my blog admirer..and she is waiting for it too...
So gal dis post is dedicated to u.. ;)

My life revolves round and round and round dis net..and god knoes wat will happen when dis net will die ..
may be I would be dead man walking.. again.
luv n carez

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  1. dont know much bout frdship but al i know is a faceles,nameles frd who accepts u the way u r without judging you yet sumtimes just listenng to ur problems if cant solve them is much better than the so calld 'real life frd' who shrugs off saying i understand u but dont actually bother.
    may u find some1 who wud b ur frd in true sense.


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