Saturday, November 18, 2006


This is a gift from my doll...and really the music is worth falling for and the simplicity of the lyrics is jus awesome.

Where a lover is exclaiming his love to his love..and he is so confused about it..but in every line..he utters da line dat matter da most
dat he loves her.


E' iniziato tutto per un tuo capriccio
Io non mi fidavo..era solo sesso
Ma il sesso e un'attitudine
Come l'arte in genere
E forse l'ho capito e sono qui
Scusa sai se provo a insistere
Divento insopportabile
Ma ti amo..ti amo..ti amo
Ci risiamo..vabe, e antico, ma ti amo..

It all started because of one of your whims
I didnt trust was only sex
But sex is an attitude
Like art in general
And maybe i understood it and so im here
Excuse me if i try to insist
I become so unbearable (i know)
But i love you.. i love you.. i love
Here we go again.. ye its old, but i love you

E scusa se ti amo e se ci conosciamo
Da due mesi o poco piu
E scusa se non parlo piano
Ma se non urlo muoio
Non so se sai che ti amo..
E scusami se rido, dall'imbarazzo cedo
Ti guardo fisso e tremo
All'idea di averti accanto
E sentirmi tuo soltanto
E sono qui che parlo emozionato..
e sono un imbranato!

And excuse me if i love you and if we've known each other
For two months or a bit more
And excuse me if i dont speak slowly
But if i don't shout i'll die
I don't know if you know that i love you
And excuse me if i laugh, i give in due to the embarassment
I stare at you and i shiver
At the idea of having you close to me
And feeling i am only yours
And i am here speaking out of excitment
And i am such a clumsy person!


Ciao..come stai?
Domanda inutile! Ma a me l'amore mi rende prevedibile
Parlo poco, lo so..e strano, guido piano
Sara il vento, sara il tempo, sara......fuoco!

Hi... how are you? Useless question!
['what a stupid question to ask!']
But love makes me so obvious
['makes my moves so obvious to foretell']
I don't speak much, i know.. it is strange,
i drive slowly
It might be the wind, might be the weather, might!

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