Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reviving the old flame...

Not because I have ample of free time... that I do not have actually.... but I am feeling so guilty that my baby is lying here idle.. 

This is not the first blog break I took.. lately my blog has been more like a public platform to vent out my frustration...I still remember .. the first day I made this blog.. the purpose was to put on a comment on a blog that I searched out while surfing porn....Needless to say that blog imparted a huge impact in my life.. and I started writing..

There has been so many phases and so many affairs that this blog was made witness to... a phase of hopeless love.. a phase of betrayal .. a phase of PDA... and phases  of break up... apart from the phase of political awakening that I often do...

In between, there was a phase when I started earning from it.. made some 10,000 bucks from it too...but then like my usual self.. I got bored and I moved on...but now I am thinking of reviving this old flame..Sadly,  all the bloggers of my circle have moved away  or have stopped blogging altogether..Going to new blog and writing cheesy comments was never my forte..and I know if I don't do that.. I am not going to get any fan following... but then that is the beauty of writing a personal blog.. you just write whatever you like.. and you don't have to give a shit to who is reading it and who is not..
The blog is just for me to remember that these significant days were also there in my seemingly insignificant life....

Another last I read the 'My life story' by Arti di..this Saturday...The book is worth every penny spent on it.. I remember I recharged author's Airtel account to get the book :P .. but it was lying there for a long time.. 

Yes!! I know I am a moron.. but the purpose of buying that book was to support her new venture...but then thanks to Electricity department's load shedding.. I got time to dust the covers of the book...It was worth a read.. 111 pages.. 2 hours of complete bliss.. the book really made me spellbound ... It is written in such a lucid manner that I felt the story happening in front of me.. Believe me !! after reading it.. I was feeling so helpless that I am not able to help the character of the story as she is not real.....The struggle of a girl .. starting from betrayal to love and ending up in betrayal and love is simply awesome... However, the lack of vivid description of love making made me a little disappointed. Not because I love those scenes that I certainly do... but actually when some one reads a love story.. he need those to complete the feeling of reading love... The one character on which the whole story was revolving was not also used too well.. but then it is her first attempt and I am surely not making her compete with the likes of Eric Segal.... I hope, the  next time she comes up with a story.. she will keep these suggestions in her mind...

If you want you can buy the book .. You can visit her site... or buy directly from this link

Hmm!!! reading the post again.. I am feeling so alive.. this is my personal style.. it starts with something and ends up in something.. I guess I still haven't lost my touch...

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