Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Entrance policy for IIT JEE 2013

There was much Hullabaloo regarding the entrance examination for 2013. IIT-K, IIT-D, IITK-GP and soon to be IIT BHU was much against the new policy. However, the last word was spoken by Kapil Sibal only.!! Our beloved HRD minister has a tendency to wriggle his ministerial power into anything that starts with Indian.. and he succeeded in this venture too...

Before, I start slamming the new system.. I should tell you the salient features:
  1. There will be two entrance test... Main where all the candidates will have to appear and then there will be Advanced entrance for 1.5 lac student in order of merit. The Advance entrance test will be conducted as per AIEEE standard. No other state joint or AIEEE will be conducted.
  2. Now for entering into IITs, all the candidates will have to be in the top 20 % in their respective board that will be decided by individual board's aggregate performance. Even if they qualify advanced, failing this criterion will result in rejection.
  3. Only one form will be needed to be filled for appearing in the entrance examination and the admission to other colleges such Govt Engg. college and NITs will be via the merit score in the main examination.

Now, the slamming...

Point number 1 is valid enough as IITs need a better aptitude test but of the standard of AIEEE is simply ridiculous. First of all, I was always against this multiple choice system adopted by the recent entrance examinations. Now, the student will have to appear in two such system is completely absurd. I always maintained that without a thorough writing experience, one can not be judged on the basis of aptitude. However, already there are so many IITs that the system has already deteriorated.

But scoring in top 20% is little harsh for the student. When entrance examinations are based on aptitude and higher level of knowledge, the students get very little time to prepare for their respective board examination. The ICSE is known to give marks to students, CBSE is also walking on the same track for many recent years. However, the state boards are very tough. They still do not have infrastructure in most schools to get the student in top 20% and neither they give good marks to them. However, the slam is harder on the coaching institutes sprawling in India as we all know they give methodical training to students making them parrots instead of student. This top 20 % system will definitely hit them hard.

Let's see what happens next... but can I say...This new system Sucks ???? 

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