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I know many of you are thinking it is another cheap post about the details of the latest scandal that is rocking the news channels all over indeed is one.. but about our values getting cheaper and more cheaper...

This post is for all those guys and gals who is typing JNU, MMS and Scandal in their respective search engines..and are flocking here to find....

I just do not understand what's the fuss about it...
A girl watching porn with her freak boyfrnd who is not happy, to have a girl in his arms ,doing what none can do, at his own will, but he needs a camera to make him potent. Then also he doesn't stop... he continues to circulate it among his friends, porn market and internet...

Now tell me what is there to watch... the market and internet is flooded with porn of all varieties and tastes want lesbian... you have one.. even child pornography is easily available on net but why the hell you get aroused when you name that girl or you find where she lives...what is the psychology behind naming the girl and watching it for you own sexual arousal...

I am not against watching porn.. if you wanna release  your sexual energy and you need porn for that.. you should watch one but what's with the need to identify the girl.. watch the mms.. shag off ..get that porn off your comp... but you need to identify and recirculate..What's the fuss about watching a known girl  and defaming her more...that is just sick...

This MMS was in circulation for last 6 months.. but no one did hear a thing..even the fsiblog, debonair blog.. the main source of MMS are requesting to have a copy of that downloaded to their servers..even when I am a big collector didn't hear anything.. but now everyone damn fucked up is searching for it... many of you will land it up on this blog too and will cuss me when you will not find the video or the link to download.. but think about it.. it may be you and your wife next time in a hotel ..making news.. or you and your love making out and someone else watching and shagging off...because this country has gone worse....Now I feel like MMS abbreviates Desi porn...
Just turn the newspaper or internet site.. whole media is reporting rapes, scandals and MMS..21 year old raped there with a description...minor raped with description and detailed coverage.. and they do put those search words in their key that every damn freak who gets excited  watching someone else fuck flocks there and increase their rating or TRPs..every TV channel and newspaper is doing the same.. where is our values that we so proudly proclaim...where is the ethics that JNU boast about having Coed hostels for intermingling of opposite genders

No one knew about the MMS.. but our dear Media is circulating it like wild fire...and now I am sure within one month every damn PC will have this in their hard disc.. just like the DPS mms or Noida B School MMS.. and that is what India is becoming.. sex starved country who has started hunting within its own pack....

Media should take responsibility and try avoiding repeated telecast of the MMS.. coz they might be getting TRPs but that girl will be destroyed forever...I heard she got married.. now what happens to her ...every year thousands of MMS come up but I don't know any of them...but I know her.. and soon her family and friends will know....

There are certain Tips that you should follow if you wanna check if you wanna be safe from these freaks who are now everywhere starting from hotels to mall changing rooms..

The tips to prevent yourself from hidden cameras and subsequent masala scandals
  • Check for all electric power points in that room
  • Just a random check on place where one can hide camera like table top, computer table.. book shelf, clothe racks...
  • In changing rooms..just put a finger on the glass..if there is no gap between the finger and its image on mirror then understand that it is one side mirror with surely camera on the other side. Call the Police immediately and save people from troubles as putting a one way mirror is illegal in public places...
  • just kick you bf on his balls if he wanna film you in your intimate posture..
  • do not open your clothes in chat rooms video chats as maximum time it is recorded and streamed up to internet to freaks...
  • watch for the all the holes in the wall.
  • Watch for foreign things in the room teddy bears in positions close to you as if you are being filmed.
  • And the best way is -- Switch off the lights and make love.

and just behave in a civilized manner.. watch porn but do not defame here for your own kinky sexual pleasure...

PS: This is my 300th post and the fifth year of my blog.. time just flies..isn't so ???....happy birthday blogger daydreamer...

PPS: For the freaks.. the video is still not available in easy access torrents or stop searching for it.. and if you find it ..keep it with you.. Please do not circulate..

PPPS: This blog is an excellent example of search engine optimization SEO.. how you drag traffic to you blog writing adult contents


  1. hope all the jerks who would land on this post with the hope of watching the MMS would return back with good moral sense.

    these days people find extreme satisfaction by defaming others. sigh :( seriously i fail to understand that whats so with these cheap stuffs. and about our media..simply no's a irony..this whole thing called MEDIA.

    thanks for those tips.

    waise congrats on 300th and ye happy b'day..happy happy happpyyyy b'day to blogger DD

  2. why dnt u try this on you tube, you will find the video, if u havent seen it yet..if u are also one of den u can enjoy the "shame".....

  3. Preetilata...

    Thanks for the wishes...

    and I sincerely do hope he same that they come and they go but being a changed person..
    but I know the retards..they won't change...

  4. Anonymous
    I sincerely have no need to search porn in youtube.. what kind of freak does that... :D

  5. the tips were real helping, srisly need to wake up n stay aware

  6. Ppl should really get together and teach these media ppl a lesson specially india tv

  7. Why in the hell people look out for "Newtons Law of Gravitation" when they can only search for "Law of Gravitation".....??
    No one would have searched if Newton wouldnt have published it....
    Unfortunately the JNU mms looks more like a publication......
    However, I liked one of your comments:
    "just kick your bf on his balls if he wanna film you in your intimate posture"
    I will add to it:
    "where in the hell do you lose your brains when your legs get split apart...surely if you lose them tonight, tomorrow you will be a proud mom of a proud child"

  8. Some people make small mistakes and some big, but surely we all have made mistakes in our lives, this is how we learn, this is the way of nature of teaching us, but unfortunately the mistakes they have committed will cost them their life and leave them with the stigma of the lifetime, god help them..., What I feel is, A mistake is just a mistake its just our point of view otherwise those kids are still same, I don't know whatever they did was right or wrong, well in them, in media and around I see the glimpse of future and it looks very dark.

  9. there is a need of a change in the mentality of young boys and girls. the two in the video were bf and gf but then came the news of the girl getting married to her late sister's husband. and that was the time when the boy went out of his mind and did this stupid thing. i can't understand what kind of love was that? he should have thought about the girl, she was marrying a widower. he should have thought about the situation of the girl. she comes from bihar not from any metropolitan city where a girl can stand against these kind of circumstances. she was forced by her parents to marry him. think about the stupid guy, he had a girlfriend , he enjoyed his college life, he should have let her go. but now, what happened to him?? he is absconding. is there any future for him? come on guys we need a change. girls come and go, u shouldn't play with your career just for a girl. think about your parents. don't do anything stupid and fuck up with your future.
    and the media says there are sex rackets in jnu , professionals were involved in the making of the video!!! WTF?? where do they belong?? this is 21st century man.. any one can film a video with great picture quality using hi def cameras. haven't thy heard of a hi-definition camra?? fucking illiterates! they are playing with the prestige of the university. jnuites must take a stand and teach them a lesson.
    and a message to that genius person who snt the cd to the proctor," sir , almost entire campus knew about the incident, what made you to go and complaint to the proctor about the incident?
    if you had any problem you should have tried to find out a way to stop the circulation of the video. the say that they had problem with the boy. they say - wo ladka chowdai liye firta tha. OK .why didn't you intellectuals contacted him and made him understand what he was doing?
    now see what you have done , every newspaper,news channel has got a new fucking issue to play with. the way they misinterpret sucks!
    they are playing with the prestige of the university, in some way you are also responsible for this sir.
    these days if you tel s'body where you study , the first thing they do is they laugh and i hope you can guess their next question.
    think we have had enough of this and is a lesson for jnuites. girls beware! boys show some commonsense!

  10. @vineet..

    do circulate it among frnds :)

    @ Anonymous frnds..

    you all have strong points.. I hope people come and learn something...


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