Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wikileaks - A terrorist organisation and Indian millitary strategies

Yeah!!! This is what morning news at BBC told... Senior Leaders and Senator New York Rep. Peter King, rating Republican on the home Homeland Safety Committee  are trying to declare WIKILEAKS as a foreign terrorist organisation ..

In his interview in a BBC talk show, he mentioned clearly that he and other senators are trying to declare wikileaks as a Foreign Terrorist Organizaton. So that US can seize their assets world wide and put a stop to the embarassment and security threat they are causing...

In the meanwhile, Ecquador offered asylum to Assange, as US govt are pressuring and routing for his arrest and prosecution. Funny thing is when Peter King was asked that if they are planning to assassinate the Mr. Assange for his role as head of a terrorist organization, he was not in denial rather he told that they are just trying to freeze their assets.

Now My question is , US is saying that we defend democracy and whole of their diplomats throughout have their own idea of ruling the world, Is Wikileaks doing wrong??
Now my answer is NO they are not, as you can't say something and mean another thing when it comes to international policy as we Indian were very hopeful to have a strong relationship with world's most powerful democracy...but I guess it is a long way....

But declaring wikileaks as terrorist organization will be worse for freedom of speech but surely they are walking on a thinedge.. coz what I feel is they are actually anti US rather than pro people, making US a tyrant ruler like what other terrorist organization of middle east call them to be.. but they are exposing the truth too.. so I guess it is a borderline thing.. and I just hope we get to see what they talk about India..

In a very recent update... Guardian reported that

"It is the collective judgment of the mission that India would likely encounter very mixed results. Indian forces could have significant problems consolidating initial gains due to logistical difficulties and slow reinforcement," read an American cable.

It could trigger the world's first use of nuclear weapons since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"Indian leaders no doubt realise that, although 'Cold Start' is designed to punish Pakistan in a limited manner without triggering a nuclear response, they cannot be sure whether Pakistani leaders will in fact refrain from such a response."
Now what is Cold Start ????
"The Indian Army's 'Cold Start' doctrine is a mixture of myth and reality. It has never been and may never be put to use on a battlefield because of substantial and serious resource constraints, but it is a developed operational attack plan announced in 2004 and intended to be taken off the shelf and implemented within a 72-hour period during a crisis. Cold Start is not a plan for a comprehensive invasion and occupation of Pakistan. Instead, it calls for a rapid, time and distance-limited penetration into Pakistani territory with the goal of quickly punishing Pakistan, possibly in response to a Pakistan-linked terrorist attack in India, without threatening the survival of the Pakistani state or provoking a nuclear response"," said the US cable, dated February 16 and signed off by Roemer

Now you know with reference to India's nuclear arsenal be a deterrent and no first use policy, they are afraid that we will blow ourselves in Nuclear war.... and thank you US for letting people know that we are slow on reinforcements and spying our  milliatary strategies..

I am still waiting for the cables from Indian embassy of US...but I do have a strong hope that it won't be worse as few of the leaks also told India as a powerful democracy in relation to its policy with middle east.

Ps: Now you know US spies are deep set in us...and Indian startegies now you should learn where not to hide ur millitary plans...


  1. the way you write on the serious yet sensitive issues are a treat to read. i envy you and at the same time so proud of you.

    US cant push the things under the carpet all the time. some leaks here and there will always be there.

    No country is dear to America. It will always bend towards the sides from where maximum profits are expected.


  2. Reading a story on current affairs that actually is an individual's voice by a bloggers after a long time. The narration is terrific.

    That said.

    The only thing America cares about it itself. I guess anybody with half a peanut of brain can see that. The fact that it thinks of the wikileaks as a terrorist agenda goes to show they just parade around as being a democratic nation. While true blue jingoists are all they are.

    Pointing fingers at India is just another scheme in their agenda.

  3. I so totally agree with Cindy! Yes this is something that we all know, that US is a bloody selfish country and they only think abt themselves, and all they like to do is to think of new ways to control the world.

    Its stupid on their part to think that way coz this is not possible as someone somewhere will raise their head and they can't stop that from happening.

    Lol@US calling Wikileaks a terrorist agenda!!

  4. Preetilata..

    thank you for being proud of me.. lately I haven't heard anyone say that.. :)

    ABOUT US..
    I am just waiting for a full report of Indian ambassy talks which I am sure will revela a lot.. but I am afraid.. if they are gonna reveal our millitary strategies...

  5. Cindy..

    Welcome back... and thank you for liking the narration.. and I hope you did pardon my grammar here before saying it terrific.. :D

    Calling wikileaks a terrorist organisation is actually showing the world what a stubborn tyrant behavior they can show.. and I really don't see why Hillary is still holding the post...

  6. Ria...

    I agree with you.. so did Karl Marx and Lenin.. if you gonna cut the freedom and talk about other nation like they are some commodity is actually the reason they can't breath air with ease inside their homeland too... I hope they understand it fast... :)


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