Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rape and Capital punishment in India

For the last few days.. every channel in TV is fixed on one factor.. Rape and Molestation.. I just don't get it why in the name of heaven, these TV channels have to show an enactment of the scene..that is just gross and insulting....but the matter of molestation and Rape is needed to be addressed.. 

I don't know much about the psychology behind rape... but most of the time they victim and the rapist have a common connection..... The obsessive psychology of the person takes over and then he commits the social crime.. it normally occurs when they have a grudge on them or someone near them...

Most of the time it is family or frnds... I was made known of an instance that a girl was raped by her cousins and when she tried to speak against ..she was sold away... there are many instances of child abuse that occurs inside family with uncles and aunties touching young girls and boys inappropriately taking advantage of their innocence...and some time it moves up to sexual intercourse..as the kids don't know the things happening to them are not acceptable and thus they are form of rape even when they have a consent.. but most of the time it goes unreported or blocked off by the parents or solved within the family...

Another form is psychopathic.. where guy/guys pick up a girl for pleasure and then exploit her and then leave her..as she don't know their identity..no one is ever caught.. or the guys even when identified has some one sitting up on political ladder..that is the story behing most cases in India...and most of the time POLICE won't let you lodge the report as it will demolish their no crime record...

Obsession is the main cause.. followed by violent psychology both of them are mental problems.. women activists are fighting long for capital punishment.. that is the death sentence for rape..as many countries have this.. sometimes I feel India needs to have a capital punishment for this and a separate trial court where at least male lawyers don't ask the victim whether they enjoyed the session while they were being raped and which part they have been touch first so as to make the victim more traumatised and lesser witness worthy..

But the fact still remains..if India has capital punishment then most of the rape will result in murder of the girl.. as the girl who has been raped if gonna complain and they get a capital punishment why not remove the witness altogether.. and since there is no DNA database in India..so there is no chance to find a rapist among billion people...and then there is the false cases....where the girl plays victim to a consensual sex and convict someone whom they have grudge against...and this is not very unusual...just for info ... there is a clock of bruises which occurs during sex.. the if the bruises are in the women vagina in the region of 3 to 9 that is bottom half of the vagina if imagined as a clock then it is  consensual sex and when it is in the upper half then it is a rape... and this is the main thing medical analysts determine...but what about statuary rape.. that is rape of girls who haven't turned 18... if it is a consensual ..one can't convict sumone and give a capital punishment.. 

So we need to have a system ready so that women in India stay safe and secured... I hope people do pay hid to this issue sooner before it becomes too late

Sourish Karmakar


  1. First of all kudos to u for writing a post on such a sensitive topic. And yes i quite agree with u what u hav said. I dunno why is rape not taken as a serious crime in India...the sickest part is that the person who rapes a woman...who ruins her life forever is asked to pay a fine of some stupid amt! I wonder how wud tht help the victim in anyway.

  2. Thanks Ria..

    at least someone needed to shout it out loud...

    and the more sickest things is they are told to marry each other and case is solved..

    he violated her and now he will make her suffer throughout her life...

  3. and you know what there are many instances where the judgment was like... the rapist must marry the victim. this has even taken place in several of the rape cases. many a times the rapists themselves have asked the judge/society to let them marry their victims---> a punishment for them but a boon for the victims, you see.........

    well this was what i thought of writing as my comment but voila you have already echoed my feelings in the above comment. :)

  4. preeti
    There is nothing new when it comes to hatred for these morons... so I know we citizens believing in society will have the same view.. thanks a lot to voice urs..that's what counts...


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