Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks and India

I was thinking of posting some good thoughts but recent wikileaks forced me not to do so...though the much awaited Indian cables are yet awaited.. so I thought I should make you abreast of what's going on...

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit media organization that publishes submissions of otherwise unavailable documents from anonymous sources and leaks. Its website, launched in 2006, is run by The Sunshine Press.  It has got many awards and is believed to be run by Chinese dissidents and headed by JULIAN ASSANGE.

Now it is not wikipedia..it is wikileaks.. and believe me it has made the whole media up and running ....some doubts its authenticity but last night Hillary Clinton even when trying to hide her face actually proclaimed that contents are blatant and detrimental and against US policies and it is being treated as attack on US..that made all of us sure that whateva the things wikileaks are leaking are indeed true...

Now .. this is the reason which makes me laugh about women politicians.. India has a great share of them.. like Maneka Gandhi who made frog a prince ... Rabri Devi.. the great illiterate..and Sushma swaraj.. who I don't know why she said that she will go bald if Sonia Gandhi be the PM and after that we had to face Man-Mohan Singh.. who if whispers in night can be very well mistaken as a lady..and who is I don't know why again is going all pro American...So what was wrong with Sonia Gandhi...but that lady I really admire and her RTI is awesome...and truly deserves applause

Hillary said in July that India is a self appointed front runner of UN permanent Seat... and still I am waiting for India's reaction ..whcih I am sure Mr. Man-Mohan Singh will not deliver... She mocked at us...

Now see why she should not be in Politics...

1) She is a cry baby...who was when being defeated all over in Presidential primary was crying like a baby
2) She is not at all an eligible candidate for holding the post of Secretary of State... if she can't handle her husband..how she is supposed to handle US
3) She is gossiping girl who always love to bitch around.. what the hell she wanted to say India is a self appointed runner.. then why her President came running to India for jobs and said Jai Hind in the end..or he was just here to read Pancha tantra..the comic book...

There are like 5k cables of India still awaited to be released and US has already started damage control by consoling India that the talks they have with US embassy are actually rubbish...lol.. i don't know what they will say but a hefty donation to Indian politics will solve the things out like it never happened..like how Rajah paid and our education bill is still not passing as BJP wants a joint parliamentary probe..lol.. leave the probe to probing agencies.. how a corrupt MP will be ascertaining the fate of other MPs or may be BJP also wants a chunk of the deal Raja is offering to stay out of Jail....

Oh btw The comment about Sarkozy was awesome.. an Emperor withut clothes .. lol.. and Ahmedinijad .. Hitler...lol that's a great call sign...wait wat ..they said north korean Kim Jong II as flabby :D

Message for US diplomats...

First of all India is not self appointed.. it is the largest democracy and holds nearly 1/6th of world population.. so a world body needs to have India as permanent member...Secondly, rather than telling people ..how to run their democracy .. Mr. Obama should first put a leash on Ms. Hillary .. coz if she continues to bitch around against India.. she will defn not enjoy the Hillary Platter in her next visit to India...And grow a pair.. only the little girls bitch around...lol...and we all bitch around but don't use Made in Chine Firewalls and bitch bad about China... lol

I will update you all as soon as exposure against India is leaked.. but seriously.. this time US backstabbed us very badly...

Henry Stimson, a predecessor of Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State, once remarked that “Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail”. But I guess he forgot to mention a set of rules for Hillary Clinton.. the gossip cry babygirl :D

and I am happy that everyone can see what a two faced liar US is...thank you wikileaks...though I personally feel that is is much of interest to public than of public interest...

PS: Do not forget to buy a radiation detector as the talks clearly showed that Pakistan is distributing enriched uranium and spent fuels to insurgents and soon you will find urself in any radiation cloud origininating from any dirty bomb. Now where is Hillary.. !!! Oh ! I forgot she must be crying hiding under her bed...awwwww..

PPS: The pics are borrowed and bear the original link of the owners.. :)


  1. aah u seem to be really well informed abt this whole issue. I know it in bits n pieces so i dont think i shud be commenting on this issue. Never the less i liked the way u hav written this post.

  2. You guy seem to giv a proper answer to the “crying bitchy baby” and her dady..! But pls do update after you get to know about the Indian leaks. I’ll surely be waiting to acknowledge.

  3. Ria..
    I understand saying about politics needs a bit more info than daily news.. so won't blame you..but nice that you dropped by :)

  4. Anonymous..

    Yeah!! sure I m just waiting for the update.. but I guess US govt hackers are making things difficult for us to access the site..

  5. Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!

  6. А! Wirklich informativ Blogpost hier mein Freund. Ich wollte nur sagen, Kommentieren und halten Sie die Qualität der Arbeit. Ich habe deinen Blog gerade jetzt und bookmarked Ich komme wieder, um in Zukunft mehr mein Freund zu lesen! Auch gut zum Thema Farben geht es gut mit dem Blog in meiner bescheidenen Meinung gewählt:)

  7. Anonymous 2...

    Thank for liking the post.. as I am very weak in german.. but what I can read is that you have liked the post and bookmarked it.. thanks a lot for that

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  9. hello my italian frnd anony..

    I am not fluent with coding but my girlfrnd coded this webpage...

  10. "Women are funny politicians" is a blunt generalization... but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless. But I guess, men make funnier politicians, :p

  11. This was pretty provided that there are a lot of out there just waiting for the right.

  12. Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Somtimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information..

  13. ANONY1

    YEah Julian Assange is I guess waitng for the election to blow the Indian cables...

  14. Anony2

    Glad that you found what you intended to find.. :)

  15. This is such a wonderful useful resource that you are providing and you give it absent free of charge. I love seeing web sites that understand the value of providing a quality useful resource for free. It?s the old what goes around comes around program..

  16. Thank you very much Anony user.. I guess you will drop by more often :)


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