Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cooking me...

No No.. I am not cooking myself ...Nowadays ..most part of my time is being spent on cooking as my Mess is closed and my flatmate is on some self inflicted honeymoon life is indeed tough and I so now know mom kiun inna irritate ho jati hai jab papa kehte hai..
" aajke eta te moshla kom hoeyche ..." it means.. ismein aaj masala kam

last night I made egg curry , roti, chawal, Italian salad and believe me the food was awesome.. if you exclude the overcooked yeah yeah whatever :D

There are so many good news to share with you all.. but I guess I should wait for them to come to you..

Last day .. i was playing basketball with muhalle ke bachhes..and man !!! they beat me like 15-3 .. lol.. they were 7 on one side and we were 3 on others.. after all I am taller than them and older too.. that should be equivalent to 4 of them.. lol.. but it was fun.. practiced some tricks and sweated like shower... nice workout but I got the the feedback when I had to wash my utensils after cooking.. my back was paining like hell and I missed like 18 phone calls the whole night even when I keep my phone close to my ears... lol.. but it was good ...

Today I made french toasts.. packed some in lunch too :P...

Ohh!!! btw ..I m now a most talked about subject in  my locality.. courtesy to birthday of Preetilata..actually I made a card for her and was going to print that and met the husband of chatterbox neighbour auntie.. he thought I was going to print my marriage card.. ... so now everyone is wishing me for a happy marriage life ..hoping to get a hold of a card and free dinner I guess I disappointed them a lot... 

I am planning to comeback to blogging.. but it is tough .. and I really lost most of the interest ... but I guess I will have to regrow them again..

Love and carez

PS: if u need cooking tips .. u can always mail me.. apart for chapattis ..I can cook anything I have tasted..


  1. Okay the egg curry looks gorgeous but the french toast n the salad pix are not the pix of the ones you picked them off somewhere didnt you?

    And tell you what, ab toh apna card banane ki planning kar hi le. Budhha ho chala hai, aur kitne din bhagega?


  2. Both the pics are from somewhere else.. as My camera is full and m lazy to clean it up....
    but if u exclude the garnishing of the salad in the pic.. it was the same I made.. and youghurt k jagah dahi to Indianize the taste :P


    and about shadi.. hahahaha..kaun kise keh raha hai :D

  3. :D...some lessons i should take from the cooking guru :)...i will give a call for sure some day :)...

    and yeah i guessed it first that both were not ur pics :P....well they would come little untidy :P...

    and yeah i totally agree with cindy when is the shaadi and yes are u and preetz calling me :D...


  4. The egg curry looks delicious!! :P And well...any woman will b happy to have u, purely due to ur culinary skills. :P :D ;)

  5. Whoa! You can cook... *Impressed*... Those items you cooked look delicious :)

  6. Hemu..

    for cooking lessons u r always welcome ;)

  7. Ria...

    mera last 11-12 ex gf ko bhi batao yeh baat..

  8. Dhanya:P

    thank you thank you.. pics are taken from someplace else.. but believe me if camera was ok.. u wud have got a better view... :)


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